What to buy a TV stand

Today, television is no longer similar to the ancestors. The device is positioned as the center of home entertainment. So, according to the device being heralded: next to the subwoofer, center speaker sound system, home theater system, a DVD-player. Like all fit? Do not place the TV on! We offer think about buying a stand.

Types of supports for TV

First, the stand today produce different styles: the Empire or the baroque, classical solutions, modern and hi-tech. From the diversity of the eyes diverge.

TV Stand with shelves

TV Stand with shelves

What the TV stand to prefer? First it is necessary to measure the dimensions of already purchased equipment (home theater, DVD-Player, front speaker column). In conjunction with their search for a new TV stand. If these components have not yet purchased, we look at how not to be mistaken with the purchase of equipment.

Dimensions entertainment equipment under the TV stand

Acoustics in the TV stand

Let's start with the speakers. Owners of large TVs and want to listen to music in normal quality. As a professional speaker home theater Microlab A-6661 two columns were placed in the TV stand. Inside the structure under the plasma panel a plurality of shelves.

Returning to the columns described above:

  1. Center speaker (not to be confused with the front). Its dimensions are 75 x 300 x 83 mm. Any oblong recess (usually located in the upper part of the furniture) able to accommodate such column. For normal sound around the structure needed stock. The enclosure is the resonator.
  2. Especially the last point relates to the subwoofer (200 x 330 x 275 mm). It is put on the floor to line the viewer - the front left speaker, a third of the way from the rack and two-thirds - from the sofa. Many people do not pay attention to it and stick the subwoofer in the TV stand in any place.

We offer an elegant solution. Today, many TV stand is characterized by a large length - up to three meters. Scale models deliver hard, but the two-meter by TV dimensional look appropriate: the subwoofer is placed on the shelf to the left of center. As you can see considerable dimensions, so the lower shelf either side sections must be large to accommodate the low-frequency source.

Much depends on the appearance. The speaker cabinet becomes resonator wood is given a lot of attention, as opposed to plastic. If copies are used in expensive titanium dome and sound guides, the boards are taken as the least nutty. If we are to spend money, you need to have the good taste to choose a spectacular product. Proposed two further options:

  • find a mate - a person with good taste.
  • choose the model of the TV stand with sliding doors.

In the latter case, the sound quality will drop greatly. Low frequencies pass through the barrier with distortion, and the center speaker sound will be muffled. Not the best fun-filled family entertainment. Here are the dimensions of the columns, for example, for a Swen IHOO T100U:

  1. Subwoofer - 200 x 410 x 350 mm.
  2. Central column - 400 x 140 x 150 mm.
Stand for TV and speaker system

Stand for TV and speaker system

This is significantly different from the previous model. Consequently, the size of speakers are selected according to already purchased stand. There are versions with integrated acoustics. From them we should not expect too much.

DVD-player and TV stand

Comparing DVD-Player (expensive, cheap, reading Blu-Ray and stumbling on a pig), it is clear that most are not portable device has a width of 430 mm and the height and depth vary greatly on the model. This means that the device exists under any shelf. It can cost dearly. To navigate, go on Yandex-market and set the options you want the TV stand.

For example, you need a DVD-player no larger than 430 x 120 x 200 mm, reading Blu-Ray discs. Pushes the required parameters in the search and find a list of equipment from 27 models cost from 3,000 rubles. To enter data, click the link at the bottom of all the parameters of the right column. On the next page, set the type DVD-player - Blu-Ray, below find inscriptions Width, Height and Depth, specify the desired number.

Here is the list of equipment already purchased beforehand TV stand. The alternative is this:

  • To look on Yandex-market favorite, a DVD player.
  • To assess their size.
  • Select the minimum size shelves TV stand.
Stand for TV and home theater

Stand for TV and home theater

Home theater and TV stand

All kinds of stands dedicated to a particular use. Sometimes shelves and niches there - procto parallelepiped steering polished boards. Such an option is suitable when using an external receiver, speakers, DVD-players, home theater systems. The shelf under the TV and video game console is removed, so as not to drag up and down.

Home theaters are often the center of uniting all of the equipment: speakers are connected here, DVD-player, too, computer and game console mentioned above. It is clear that the best key assembly is positioned in the center. Let's look at a typical size home theaters.

There are no rigid standards, like the built-in appliances. On Yandex-market is not possible to sort by size model. Often the size of the main unit (and the home theater comes with the speakers) are omitted. This creates an inconvenience. Let's try to find at least some method:

  1. Sometimes the sizes are placed inside the item card. For example, 360 x 60.5 x 299 mm.
  2. The instructions also all given, but it's a long way to go.

Today there are no search services home theater size. Choose the equipment, and then the TV stand. So you do not miss. Prior to the acquisition of home theater you need to understand the size of the speakers and the main unit, and then should buy the TV stand.

Types of supports for TV

So much time is given size as pad attaches composition decorative appearance. If the dimensions of the equipment exceeds the capacity of the furniture, the point in the last few: put everything on the floor. Now, about the design.

Notice how in the sale of expensive stands, not suitable for placement of the speakers. Some are made of expensive wood, doors are closed. The idea of ​​manufacturer is clear: close the maximum technology for decorative elements, the rear finish of hardboard rich holes for wiring and ventilation equipment.

There are stands on wheels or legs, but they do not fit the subwoofer. Therefore, the need at hand ready to leaf size, a consultant to not sell the goods, useless in terms of equipment placement.

In our opinion, the product looks interesting in the picture below. This product is available on the website http://rayskiyepodarki.ru/ as a stand for the TV Old England. Please note: the subwoofer will fit underneath. In the presence of two good cover for game console and home theater in the center, although it is not clear where to put the center speaker.

Stand for TV "Old England"

Stand for TV "Old England"

Going through the stand of the stand, the readers will be sure to find the right set of shelves is not easy. The cornerstone comes not design. Minor matters, still stand either with wheels. The main thing - capacity!

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