Connecting the tablet to the TV

It happens that the parents are gone, I want to play. Requires connecting the tablet to the TV more will. Boxes at home are very different. One method will not do. Let's take a look at how to connect the TV to the tablet in order to enjoy Vice City, a plasma screen that flaunts a diagonal, and stop nuzzling the monitor. One problem: touch control, can you play gropingly? But the picture of a five-day screen will stop, great! Try, hit the girl with her legs, as in a cadet joke. The chip is simple, you can watch the crowd, invite friends, enjoy. Some TVs allow double play mode through 3D glasses, two people use one screen, each draws a picture. Just a class: computer games bring together!

What are the TVs, how to connect the tablet

Modern TVs: HDMI port

Children sit, scratch their noses gadgets. Android devices allow a whole crowd of kids to play one game together. Special protocols released. Clearly, in Diabolo on a wireless grid you will not play much. One danger: the work of protocols Bluetooth, WiFi is accompanied by a fairly powerful radiation. Although the transmitters are normalized by watts, doctors are on their lap working laptops, they will be advised to keep the tablets. Harmful reproductive function.

Another thing is to get the cords together on one TV.Of course, 20 people at the same time can not participate in the action, sometimes watching fun. The easiest option: a new TV, digital, have built-in HDMI-connectors. Transmits high definition video. The tablet is often equipped with a miniHDMI output used for the connection. You need a special cable. It is known, in the stall you can take HDMI - HDMI, unfastening 200 rubles. There is no chance that there will be a mini, and you will have to pay the same amount for the adapter. A small keyring that simply converts one interface to another, miniHDMI to HDMI.Electrically compatible, just changing the shape of the connector.

One side needs a tablet. On the other hand, an HDMI-to-HDMI cable is connected. The speed does not decrease. Sometimes you have to clean the adapter. According to Wikipedia, the Apple tablet is equipped with an internal bus for converting a proprietary multimedia data structure to a standard one. The method of connecting via HDMI can be considered generally accepted.

Here it is worth noting: on the TV there is a source setting:

  1. Satellite receiver.
  2. Digital Tuner.
  3. Common antenna input.
  4. HDMI.
  5. DisplayPort.

Remote, TV equipped with a select button. Should be set to HDMI.Setup is complete. However, there is another case: a home cinema is installed in the apartment. It would be wiser to connect through it. In a powerful multimedia center, there are inputs / outputs for taste and color; the source of the image is selected like that of a TV.It will be possible to listen to sound chic, speakers Sound Around better sad stereo. As for the conversion, can perform TV, home theater.

Old-fashioned TVs with a composite video connector.

A tulip in many TVs will allow you to connect a VCR.The interface history is 70 years old. In the 40s it was proposed to connect a phonograph to the amplifier through the connector. Such a venerable age has predetermined the use of 3RCA by many devices - a tribute to standardization. To connect the tablet to the TV through the port, you need a special converter. The device is designed specifically for:

  1. Game Consoles.
  2. HD players.
  3. Camcorder.
  4. DVD players.

Another thing, you will need a cable. As in the previous case, there is an HDMI input on the converter case. The price of the issue ranges around 2000 rubles, a chance to think about connecting the tablet to an ordinary monitor, where HDMI input is often present. To set up throw, the computer display is a device that displays the input given.

TVs with video input VGA

Often on TVs, monitors we see the characteristic blue( on TVs sometimes black) VGA connector through which the connection is made. The advantage is obvious: even the old monitors will appreciate the presence of the entrance. The connector has 15 pins, on the TV or monitor there will be no input for an old COM mouse, any other protocol that allows you to confuse VGA.Carefully count the contacts, do not try to solve the problem by force, if the plug does not go.

How to connect the tablet to the TV via VGA?They sell a special adapter( HDMI 19M to VGA 15 F, from miniHDMI to VGA.We suppose there is a chip inside that converts a digital multimedia signal to analog. Please note that if HDMI transmits audio, video, after converting the music of the game will be lost. Take care separately; find a converter that works on stereo besides the image.

The converter case package has been supplemented with jack 3.5 output. We believe that you can connect speakers here using the line input interface by purchasing a cable. In the bag is a USB cable, it is clear that you can connect, but the method of binding to the tablet, difficult to describe. Let the readers decide the question, the more interesting the process! Upset one thing: the lack of prices nearby, copy from the site photo, complementing the review.

On TVs, the VGA input is often labeled ANALOG RGB.Connect the converter or use an extension cable. Plus the solution is named: the old monitor, including those equipped with a cathode ray tube, will give an image. Quality will decline.

An old TV with a SCART connector

In the cottage there is only an old TV, the back wall is equipped with two entrances:

  • Antenna coaxial 75 Ohm.
  • SCART.

SCART?Philips invention, the French tried to protect the domestic market from the flow of imported products. Mostly, countries of the East. The following measures were taken:

  1. In the city of Poitiers, a customs control point was established for imported foreign products.
  2. They put to work on checking 9 clerks.
  3. Introduced the requirement of the mandatory presence of the SCART connector in the video equipment.

The Saracen invasion was repulsed; the onslaught of the eastern brothers was powerless to the French to compensate with cunning. First, the Germans began to resent, the clerks were unable to process applications, and secondly, the Japanese began to build European factories, sweetening the equipment with local components. As a result, the restrictions were removed, the SCART connector of the TVs remained. How to connect a TV and tablet? Firstly, one of the main drawbacks of the interface was a heavy cable. SCART is designed as an all-in-one device. It turned out cumbersome. For example, RCA uses only three lines.

If there is a converter from miniHDMI to RCA, like the one described above, it is logical to buy a detachable SCART plug, to solder the desired interface with your own hands. The layout is given in literature, in addition we will make a couple of Wikipedia screenshots,, allowing readers to perform the necessary operations! For transmission, terminals 20, 6 and 2 will be required. Using channels, the signal from the miniHDMI to RCA converter will be transmitted to the TV.You can watch the game on the big diagonal. Notice that the sound comes bundled in contrast with VGA.

You can not say, you can find the correct pinout. Including S-Video interface. It turns out, SCART is really universal, entirely analog. Digital interfaces, deprived of the help of active chips, are completely incompatible. Connecting the TV to the tablet is possible, find the converter. In SCART there are no component signals( not to be confused with a composite) connector. The pinout shown in the picture will allow you to join an old box to play around. We do not recommend to sit down, the cathode-ray tube damages eyes( liquid crystals, plasma is relatively safe).

Antenna Connector? The signal is planted on the carrier, supplied with sync pulses. To go through, to carry out the connection of the tablet to the TV, we will recommend categorically.

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