Which TV is better to buy

Today there are three types of televisions. The division proceeds according to the method of obtaining the image in the device. As it is easy to guess, the mentioned types of TVs: liquid crystal( LCD), LED( LED) and electron beam( CRT).Plasma panels - formerly expensive - today are only slightly ahead of liquid crystals, the range of proposals is chic. Let's see together which TV is better to buy.

TV health damage

Any household appliance emits positive ions, a cathode ray television was considered a record holder. Apparently, special studies were not conducted, but in the UK, doctors were engaged in analysis. The positive potential of the kinescope sucks the negative ions from the air. Their concentration after a short operating time was 550 units per cubic centimeter of air.

TV radiation per person

54 people from the computing area of ​​one company were involved in the scientific test. Most complained of headaches. Scientists investigated the situation for 8 weeks. And the workers were not told when additional ionizers were included to improve the atmosphere. This was done to eliminate the placebo effect. The experiments convincingly showed that when the ionizers were turned on, workers in a room with monitors on a cathode-ray tube:

  1. Much less complained about fatigue and nausea.
  2. Not experienced overt headaches.
  3. Kept working until the end of the working day.

Seeing this state of affairs, Samsung tried to release a SyncMaster 745MS TV, recharging the room with negative ions even when turned off. A breakthrough happened back in 2006, today we do not see such innovations on the market. According to reviews from the forums, the novelty cost a little. Meanwhile, cathode-ray tube televisions are cheaper than others today. It is easy to buy the device for the price of less than 3000 rubles.

Today there are no TVs with air ionizer on sale. From the foregoing, it is suggested that the cathode ray tube is harmful, exceeding the indicators inherent in plasma panels or liquid crystals. The first recommendation: try not to take a TV with a kinescope. Take the liquid crystal display at the price of 3500 rubles and stay healthy.

Built-in receiver

Built-in receivers of TVs

When it came to TV for 3,500 rubles, readers unwittingly wondered what the crumb could do? There is not even a receiver. To view digital television will need to buy more equipment. We do not consider it a big minus, Tricolor TV sells plates with external receivers. Please note that the connector for a SMART card is not visible on cheap TVs. To view paid content, you need to insert it into the receiver. Separately have to think about buying an antenna for the TV.

Recall that digital television comes today in three formats:

  1. Satellite DVB-S.
  2. Cable DVB-C.
  3. Terrestrial( ethereal) DBV-T.

To receive multiplexes, you need either a built-in receiver or an external one. This is a prefix, which in a number of cities is distributed to pensioners for free. If there is a DVB-T receiver inside the TV, it is permissible to buy an outdoor antenna for the TV, connect it to the socket and watch multiplex( free).Russia plans to fully switch to digital broadcasting by 2020.

TV modern with receiver

Consider that the broadcast standards today in two generations - the first and second - while maintaining backward compatibility. It is possible to catch DVB-T broadcasting on DVB-T2 receiver, on the contrary - it will not work. Do not buy old equipment that is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Receivers detect external input to the tulip( composite video) or HDMI.TV without at least one of these interfaces can not be called a good choice.

To summarize: if you want to watch digital broadcasting, take a TV with a "tulip" or HDMI.If possible, take a model with the desired card of the corresponding generation( cable, satellite, terrestrial broadcasting).It is easy to buy a TV tuner separately.

Interfaces of modern TVs

Technology is evolving, a myriad of interfaces. In particular, the "tulip" was originally considered the standard for video equipment. Not surprisingly, he later migrated to video recorders and televisions. We do not consider the standard to be the best: no analog interface is better than digital. Take care to get a TV with HDMI and know that a new replacement standard is coming.

What's on TV today:

  1. USB port for reading content from a flash drive.
  2. Component video for high quality image and sound transmission.
  3. A network port for communicating over the Internet with an update server and a home PC.

Stylish TV Interface

In some models, there are connectors for a microphone, headphones, etc. Today, expensive models are positioned as a multimedia home entertainment center. On the TV it is easy to review the Internet, play games, watch movies in any format. Selected instances contain an internal hard drive or external drive interface. It becomes possible to watch a movie in any capacity.

HDMI and Tulip( RCA) are considered necessary by the choice of interfaces. Without them it is difficult to match the equipment. For other features, relate them to your own tastes. Do not look at unnecessary, evaluating only the basic parameters of TVs.

TV diagonal

Price depends on the diagonal of the TV.The above models show a size of 15 - 18 inches. This is at the level of a small monitor. Before the guests do not boast, have to look alone from close range. The maximum resolution is now FullHD, although it is preparing to replace the standard, twice the specified one. The number of pixels on the screen is limited.

With the growth of the diagonal after a set limit, the pixel size begins to grow. Such a TV is possible to watch exclusively from afar. Manufacturers directly indicate in the instruction manual at what distance to sit. Advice to readers:

When choosing an incredibly expensive model with a large diagonal, ask what distance you will need to watch the program.

Suddenly it turns out that guests from the sofa will see hotel pixels instead of a single image. More expensive does not mean better. Act according to the TV manual, some reviews give different recommendations in a wide range of 3-5 diagonals.

Wall-mounted and ceiling mounted TV

TV mount bracket is not included, in addition, not the fact that the wall will stand. Do not forget that the VESA standards for the installation of televisions came from the west, where all standards are strictly maintained.

It is dangerous to install solid TVs on the wall or ceiling in case of suspected violated building standards. Bracket - thing is expensive, cheaper to put the TV on the table. If desired, it is possible to choose a non-standard option, to find fixtures for the ceiling. We do not recommend disrupting installation methods.

3D 3D technology on

TVs Today, two types of 3D viewing technology are called:

  1. Passive.
  2. Active.

Although partial advantages can be traced behind an active one, we recommend taking the first option instead of thinking. There is a big drawback behind active glasses - every 40 - 60 minutes you need to take a break. Without adult supervision, children will not be able to take breaks. Consequently, readers, choosing an active technology, unwillingly, can harm families. The fact will become an obvious advantage: as many viewers will see the passive picture as they can get points. It is more interesting to play games together. The same applies to watching movies.

By the way, individual televisions today are able to convert any film into three-dimensional. If there is no such option, connect the purchase to the personal computer, install a special program. A good TV is one that meets the needs of a person!

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