Fragrant flowers for the garden - choice, advice, recommendations, photo

I'm sure most summer residents are trying to create at least a small area where fragrant flowers for the garden will not only delight the views, but will also captivate with its fragrance. Close your eyes and imagine a paradise where everything blooms and smells with a variety of flavors, birds sing and butterflies flutter.

  • Fragrant flowers for the garden
  • Phloxes
  • Mattiola's night violet
  • Roses
  • Sweet pea
  • Reseda fragrant
  • Peony
  • Fragrant tobacco
  • Lily of the valley
  • Mirabilis
  • Alissum
  • Iberis
  • The Royal Lily

Each flower in its own way is unique and noteworthy, some of us prefer the aesthetic component, and then the selection of plants is carried out with an eye on their external qualities. And there are among us such florists, for whom the aroma of the flower is the most important criterion. Such a summer resident, for example, can sow a plain and modest-looking mantiotole all garden paths with both sides, and then enjoy her enchanting fragrance with the onset of the evening and feel happy. Everyone, as they say, has his own, and in this article I would like to consider flowers and plants that smell as beautiful as they look.

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Fragrant flowers for the garden

Plants and flowers with a pronounced pleasant smell not only rejoice our sense of smell, but also can repel insect pests. When choosing garden dwellers, two nuances should be considered: the more representatives of one variety will be planted in one place - the more clearly you will feel their fragrance. Also it is worthwhile to know that flowers with the same name may look very similar, but do not have the expected flavor. For example, tulips - a variety of their varieties are numbered in hundreds, but not all of them have a strong flavor.


The same can be said about individual varieties of roses, peonies, sweet peas (many years do not smell). Also it is necessary to consider, that some fragrant flowers open all potential with the onset of the evening. As soon as twilight falls on the garden, they begin to smell particularly brightly. Night violet (matthiol), an enoter, also called "Night Candle mirabilis (night beauty), brugmansia (it is poisonous), moonlight moon.

So, let's take a closer look at the fragrant flowers for the garden:

Alissum and phloxes
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These pyshnotsvetuschie perennials are unpretentious, require minimal care. Bushes of phlox are of average size, inflorescences can be white, pink, lilac, red, bluish tinge. Depending on the variety, they blossom from May to late autumn. The aroma of phlox is sweet, reminiscent of the smell of honey, on the sunniest days these flowers exude a fragrance especially strongly. The plant likes lighted areas, rarely - penumbra.

Phloxes, photo:

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Mattiola's night violet

These annual fragrant flowers for the garden do not attract attention, since they do not have the bright beauty of other garden inhabitants. If you look at Mattiolo more closely, it becomes clear that modest little lilac flowers are also adorable in their own way. The amazing, uncharacteristic aroma of this flower fully reveals itself with the onset of the evening and continues to delight our sense of smell all night long. Night violet grows well in the sunlit areas, and it is not frightened by the penumbra. It is not recommended to grow in the shade, otherwise the stems will stretch upward, and there will be very few flowers. Blossoms Mattiol in the middle of summer and continues to please us until September.

Mattiola, photo:


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It is impossible not to mention the recognized queen of the garden - the rose. The variety of varieties, colors, shades of aromas of this luxurious flower is amazing. Individual varieties of roses can have a pronounced musky flavor, honey, fruit, citrus, fresh herbaceous. It's hard to imagine a garden of aromas without roses, which, with their long flowering, can transform even the most modest cottage area.

The most fragrant varieties are: "Schutters Gold" ("Sutter's Gold golden-yellow buds), "Tiffany" ("cream-colored flowers"), "Alexander Pushkin" (other name "Prince Jardiniere white rose with a gentle pink center), "Mr. Lincoln" ("Mr. Lincoln a flower of a rich red color, with a strong aroma), "Chrysler Imperial crimson buds, "Blue Perfum soft-lilac rose, "Westerland "Duftrausch "Papa" Meilland ».

This list can be continued for a very long time, but based on long-term observations of gardeners, the following versions were voiced:

  • roses of darker shades are more often fragrant than buds of light;
  • roses of golden, yellow and orange colors often have a fruity aroma;
  • buds with a large number of petals produce a more saturated smell than the little-rose roses.

Fragrant flowers for the garden - English roses (most of their varieties), especially Claire Austin ("Claire Austin creamy white multi-cheek buds), Lady Emma Hamilton ("Emma Hamilton flowers of a rich orange color with a fruity aroma), "Generous gardener "(" The Generous Gardener white and pink buds) Jubilee Celebration dark pink flowers with saturated flavor).

Roses, photo:

Lady Emma Hamilton (Lady Emma Hamilton)
A generous gardener (The Generous Gardener)
Celebrating the anniversary (Jubilee Celebration)
Chrysler Imperial (Chrysler Imperial)
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Sweet pea

The name of this weaving plant speaks for itself, its aroma is delicate, gentle, but very distinct. If you are going to plant this fragrant garden flower at your dacha, then you should know that not all of its varieties have a pleasant smell. There are also those who do not smell at all, but outwardly look very much like their fragrant fellow. Small "curly" flowers fragrant peas can be pink, dark blue, yellow, white, dark red, bicolour. Also there are such varieties, in which the flowers reach 5-6 cm in diameter. And peas can effectively and quickly "drape" the fence, the pergola or the wall of the building, because in itself is a liana. This plant prefers sunlit places. There are dwarf varieties for flowerbeds, and there are two-meter long vines. The most fragrant varieties of peas are early.


Peas sweet, photos of flowers:

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Reseda fragrant

Another garden representative, an annual, not very special decorative, but this plant is revered for its amazing aroma. Reseda is unpretentious, loves sunny areas, blooms from early summer to October, spreading around the fragrance. The bush grows up to 40 cm in height, the flowers are usually white-yellow, greenish. To date, the efforts of breeders have resulted in more vivid varieties of reseda - saturated red ("Goliath"), pink-red ("Ruby"), yellow-red ("Mashet"), reddish-green ("The Red Monarch"). Especially strongly fragrant flowers resids smell with the onset of the evening.

Reseda, photo:

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With their intoxicating aroma perennials peonies can make a serious competition to the rose, of course, we are talking about their fragrant varieties. Peonies blossom from the end of spring until the end of June, the main peak of fragrance is reached in the morning. This flower loves the sun and good watering (without overmoistening). The aroma of peonies can be heard even from a distance, this quality is inherent in the varieties "Eden's Perfume" (reminiscent of the fragrance of a damask rose), "Mikado" (peony Japanese type), "Cora Stubbs" (one of the most fragrant representatives), "Amalie Olson" (huge white buds with captivating aroma), "Myrtle Gentry" (large white and pink buds), "Vogue" (very beautiful, like pearly buds of white-cream and white-pink hue).

Fragrant flowers for the garden - peonies, photo:

White-pink peony - an aroma to the whole garden (photo by Anna Nepetrovskaya from Novokubansk of the Krasnodar Territory)

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Fragrant tobacco

This plant-one-year-old prefers group plantings, while its aroma is especially active in the evening. Flowers can be not only white (the most fragrant kind), but also yellow, pink, raspberry, red, light green. The plant feels comfortable in the penumbra and in the bright sun, it gives flowers from July to October. Also, gardeners note a particularly fragrant variety of sweet-smelling tobacco - Forest Tobacco, which reaches heights, m.

Tobacco sweet - flowers, photo:

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Lily of the valley

I also want to mention the perennial lily of the valley, and let the time of its flowering fleetingly, this beautiful tender flower is the personification of spring. The white bells of the lily of the valley exude a truly unforgettable aroma, which is incomparable to any other. The plant is unpretentious, grows well in the shade, its flowering lasts an average of 2-3 weeks.

Aromatic flowers of lily of the valley, photo:

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Another name for it is "The Night Beauty because this fragrant annual grows closer to the evening and does not cover its buds during the whole night. Flowers from mirabilis can be of a variety of shades, and even on one plant! It blooms in July and continues to give color until the onset of the first cold. The night beauty is unpretentious, thermophilic and tolerates a drought well. It does not matter which place to grow: in the shade or under the rays of the bright sun. Can reach, m height.

Mirabilis, photo:

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Honey and meadow herbs are fragrant with fragrant flowers of the alissum. This annual blooms with the arrival of summer and continues to bloom until late autumn. The plant is low (about 20 cm), actively expanding in breadth, forming a "rug". Alyssum is unpretentious, reproduces independently (samosevom), usually florets of white or gentle-lilac shade.

Alissum, photo:

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These fragrant flowers for the garden look great in the design of the Alpine hills. The duration of flowering in an Iberis annual is about one month, but its exquisite aroma will remain in your memory for a long time. Summer residents are most often planted on the site bitter Iberis (whose flowers are white) and umbrella iberis (flowers of white, lilac, pink hue). The plant prefers sunny places and infrequent watering. Another name for the Iberian is the wall.

Iberis, photo:

Photo by Lydia Martynova (St. Belorechensk, Krasnodar Territory)

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The Royal Lily

Most lilies have a strong and pleasant aroma, but the "Lilium Regale" grade stands out against all of its counterparts. The fragrance of the royal lily can spread several meters, so that you can feel it from afar. It resembles an expensive floral perfume - sweet, with a slightly puffy tinge and balsamic blotches. Luxury tubular buds reach 15 cm length and the same width. In the full-bloom phase, the diameter of the flower can be 23-25 ​​cm. A fragrant garden flower Lilium Regale blooms for about 2 weeks, during which the whole plant is covered abundantly with white buds. This lily loves sunny, sheltered areas (next you can plant another plant that will protect it), as well as drained soil.

Lilium Regale, photo:

In addition to the plants described above, there are hundreds, even thousands of different fragrant cultures. Many of them are not only pleasant for our sense of smell, but also useful for health, like, for example, the cat of Fassin. His fragrant leaves can be brewed into tea, and gentle-lilac fragrant flowers can make the company to other bright floral representatives of your garden.

Kotovnik Fassena, photo:

Scented therapeutic lavender, in addition to all known individual fragrance, boasts a modest beauty of spicate inflorescences of a bluish-lilac shade.

Heliotrope has an amazing aroma of vanilla with grape notes, and outwardly it looks very attractive.

The moon-flower is unpretentious, with its huge white flowers it will decorate your garden and fill it with a delicate pleasant smell with the arrival of the evening.

Be sure to find a place on the site for spring hyacinths, they blossom one of the very first, and to their fragrance no one remains indifferent.

Daffodils, irises, medinitsa, geranium, cloves - all of them will bring their fragrant "contribution" to the design and olfactory perception of your garden. If the territory allows, put a lilac or jasmine somewhere near the fence.

Fragrant plants for the garden, too, should not be ignored. Peppermint, lemon balm, sage, fennel, thyme, tarragon will not only give off spicy scents, but will also be useful for culinary affairs, cooking new spicy dishes.

Irises, daffodils, photos:

Photo by Anna Nepetrovskaya (St. Novokubansk, Krasnodar Territory)

Of course, it is recommended to calculate the season and the flowering time of the selected plants in advance. Make out everything in such a way that some fragrant flowers for the garden are replaced by others, then the whole season you will enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

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