Full description of the raspberry variety Gusar


Raspberry is one of the most popular plantsas in professional horticultural plots, and in cottages for amateurs.

All the hybrid varieties of raspberry originated from raspberry.Homeland of raspberries is Asia, and in Russia this berry became widespread in the 12th century.

From the 17th century to this day new varieties and varieties of raspberries are being hatched. There is a multicolored raspberry: red, yellow, black. There is a raspberry remontant, large-bodied, frost-resistant.

In this article, let's talk about a variety of raspberries with an intriguing name "Hussar".


Table of contents

  • A bit of history and description
  • Advantages and disadvantages of raspberry Gusar
  • Correct landing
  • Care of the repair grade
  • Reproduction
  • Diseases and pests
    • Stem raspberry fly
    • Raspberry beetle
    • Esophageal gall midges
  • Reviews of gardeners

A bit of history and description

The deduction of the grade Hussar was carried out by our compatriot, a Bryansk breeder named Kazakov. Repaired raspberries are his merit.

In addition, he produced different varieties of this berry: large-fruited, resistant to pests and diseases, unpretentious varieties of this all-favorite berries.

If you pay attention only to the name of the variety, you can immediately understand thatsuch a raspberry has many advantages and admirers, since the word "hussar" speaks for itself.

And indeed it is. This variety has become very popular in the central part of Russia.

Variety of raspberry Gusar is bred by breeder Kazakov

Advantages and disadvantages of raspberry Gusar

Thisit is customary to refer to "golden" raspberry varieties. It is considered a worthy adornment of country plots throughout the country.

What are theadvantages of this variety:

  1. The berries are quite large, bright red.
  2. They taste very pleasant, sweet, a lot of fragrant flesh.
  3. They grow well, they are tall and strong, reaching a length of 2 meters in length.
  4. There are few spikes on the stem, they are located at the bottom of the plant, so you can pick berries and take care of raspberry bushes without risk of injury.
  5. Stems and leaves are a little reddish in color, covered with a barely noticeable waxy layer, so the leaves are protected against drying out and other harmful environmental influences.
  6. This variety has an increased drought resistance, so this raspberries can be planted even in the hottest areas, drought will not affect the quality and quantity of the crop.
  7. As a rule, with proper care, you can collect a large crop of raspberries.
  8. All berries ripen in almost one month.
  9. Berries are universal in their application. They can be eaten both raw and cooked and cooked for the winter in the idea of ​​jam, compotes, jelly and jam.
Raspberry variety Husar has many advantages

Disadvantages of the raspberry variety Gusar:

  1. The berries are very soft, not dense, sothey can not be stored for too long.
  2. Because of the softness of berries, they can not be transported, otherwise the whole crop will spoil.
  3. Raspberry of this class requires careful careand a large area under its landing.
  4. Although the grade is considered frost-resistant, butyou need to protect the root system of shrubs, otherwise after the onset of cold weather the rhizome will suffer and the raspberry will die.

Correct landing

Before buying raspberry seedlings, you need to think about where it will have to be planted.The place should be moderately shaded and moderately sunnyprotected from gusts of strong wind.

If the site was safely chosen, then before planting raspberries it should be brought to a proper appearance, namely, cleanly remove all the weed grass and uproot the old stumps, if any.

If necessaryThe soil for raspberry planting is preferably fertilized with manure.

Raspberry variety Gusar has a high growth, so you need to take care of how, for what and where it will be carried out its garter.

If all of the above points have been implemented, it is time to prepare the ground for raspberry planting.

Ground for raspberry raspberry should be prepared for a month and a half before planting seedlings. This applies to both the spring and autumn periods.

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When the seedlings are found and ready for planting, thenyou need to dig a ditch for raspberry, the depth of which should be 30-35 cm, and the width - 40-50 cm.

You need to plant raspberries on a warm, but not too sunny day. After the landing was completed,it is desirable to carry out abundant watering, and places around the rhizomes of the plant need a little fertilizer.

Buy seedlings in nurseries, not with hands

A few practical tips:

  1. To buy raspberry seedlings of Gusar variety is desirable in special nurseries, and not with the hands, this move will help minimize the possibility of deception.
  2. The best fertilizer for raspberries islitter and wood ash.
  3. The maximum yield can be obtained when the raspberry is planted in loamy or sandy loamy soil.
  4. When choosing the soil, it is necessary to observe the "golden mean that is,The soil should not be too moist and too dry. On the heights, raspberries are also not recommended.

Care of the repair grade

Raspberry is a culture thatneeds constant pruning. In times of its active growth, that is, in May and in the summer months, it will often be cut, namely - monthly.

Pruning is carried out using a special pruner.Crop only side branches about 1 meter, the tops do not get touched. Cut must be a clear and sharp movement, so as not to shred branches.

This procedure serves to strengthen the roots and stems of raspberries, so that the energy of the plant is not wasted on the growth and nutrition of additional branches.

The soil under the raspberry bushes also need to be cultivated from time to time, namely to remove weeds and loosen it, while you can not touch the roots of raspberries.

Raspberry is a plant thatloves moisture, so in the summer hot months do not need to deny her more frequent watering, than usual.

But do not overdo it,too abundant watering can lead to the fact that the roots of raspberries will rotand the plant will die.



Raspberry is a culture thatwell propagated by cuttings. For this purpose, young shoots are also suitable.

How to understand that cuttings are suitable for reproduction? Each stalk must be carefully examined, it should be at least 3 cm in length, on the stem should be at least 3 leaves.

Propagate raspberries followed by cuttings

In order for the cuttings to take root, they are collected in small bundles, placed in containers with humus and peat, and after a couple of weeks the sprouts must start up their own roots.

After the roots have appeared, they can be safely planted in the ground.


Diseases and pests

Although the raspberry Gusar is considered the least susceptible to the disease variety, it is still necessary to monitor the health of the plant. What can threaten him?

Stem raspberry fly

A stalk fly can easily appear on the leaves of a plant. It's suchA pest that lays its larvae right on the leaves, and when small insects grow up, they begin to gnaw thin and delicate stems that have not yet become covered with bark. This leads to the fact that the plant withers and dies.

How to get rid of it?You can collect the larvae by hand, but this occupation is contentious and dreary, it is extremely useless, because you will not be able to inspect every berry and every leaflet.

Stem raspberry fly ruins plants

Therefore it is necessaryask in the horticultural store a solution from the stem moth, prepare it as required by the instruction and sprinkle raspberries. Then you can forget about such a pest.

Raspberry beetle

Athis pest hunts for leaves and buds. If there are holes on the leaves, then there is no doubt that the tree was attacked by this very beetle.

For prevention of this pestit will not be superfluous to sprinkle some chemical, but in general it is better to weed grass as often as possible under a raspberry. This will protect both the raspberries and other planting in the summer cottage from the pest.

Esophageal gall midges

It is such a pest that lives in the upper layers of the soil and is activated in the onset of spring. Thispest killer, it can be detected by numerous cracks and damage to the bark of the plant.

Unfortunately, if a bush of raspberries attacked this beetle, then it will not be possible to get rid of it with the help of chemistry, beetles quickly attack others plants, so without hesitation, you need to remove the damaged bush along with the roots and throw away as far as possible from the dacha sites.

In this case, it is better to sacrifice one bush, weeks to lose the entire planting.

Reviews of gardeners

Lian, 8 years old, Moscow: "I've been planting raspberries for years. Gusar variety is unpretentious in its content, it is easy to take care of, but personally the taste of berries seemed sour, but in general, I recommend this variety to gardeners and gardeners. "

Vitaliy, 40, Vyazma: "I planted this raspberries on the recommendation of my neighbors. It is easy to take care of, the berries are delicious and large, the harvest is good. Children are delighted. "

Zlata, 55, Moscow: "Madly the taste of berries, gives two crops per season, enough and just eat and make preparations for the winter."

In general, reviews about the raspberry variety Hussar are good, so it is worth trying to grow on your site, this delicacy will become his real decoration.

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