Growing seedlings of cucumbers in the home


When to plant this crop in the open ground? To answer this question, gardeners take into account the weather features and the sowing calendar. In the first case, you can understand at what time you can safely land in the soil, and with the help of the second one selects the most suitable date for performing such an event.


Table of contents

  • When you can plant cucumbers at home
  • Which days is the correct landing possible?
  • Preparation of seeds of cucumbers for sowing
  • Rules of growing seedlings at home
  • The main reasons why seeds of cucumbers do not germinate
  • What to do if cucumbers do not come up

When you can plant cucumbers at home

This is best done at a time when the soil warms up to fourteen to fifteen degrees of heat. Here it is necessary to take into account that if the temperature is kept at the minimum value, the vegetable will almost not grow. Simply put, the beds should be warmed even better. Otherwise, the plant will be exposed to growth only in the daytime, under the sun's rays.And on cool nights the process will be suspended.

It is quite natural that many people take the decision to land for landing with great care. More experienced gardeners prefer to trust their own experience. So, with the establishment of fifteen degrees of heat in the earth, you can safely proceed to planting, because in the spring the thermal regime will only increase, which will give favorable conditions for growth.

In the middle regions of our country, the soil composition in the greenhouse warms up by mid-May. At this time, it is possible to land without much risk, and there is always the possibility to arrange additional heating. To this end, a manure spreading hay or sawdust is laid on the half meter depth of the beds.A simpler version is to wrap up the beds with a polyethylene film.

You can somewhat accelerate the receipt of the harvest, without waiting for the May period.

Seedlings are pre-grown for this purpose. For planting seeds for seedlings, time is determined simply - from mid-May the three-week period is counted. This time will be enough to get perfectly formed sprouts.This method of determining the planting is good if it is planned to use the greenhouse for further growth.Seedlings, designed for open ground, it is recommended to sow in the first days of May.

Planting of cucumbers occurs in May

Which days is the correct landing possible?

The time for sowing can be divided into three periods:

    • early.For landing in the open ground it is necessary to wait for the fifth of June. But if the soil is warm enough, and the climate in your area is warm, then sowing can be done in the period from the fifteenth to the twenty-fifth of May.
    • average.This crop is performed in June, until about the tenth day. Any cucumber varieties are suitable for it. The first crops can be harvested with the onset of August;
    • late.For this period it is recommended to sow varieties intended for pickling. The advantage of this crop is that fresh cucumbers will please you before the frost.
Cucumbers planted at a lower temperature either stop in growth or die completely.
The time of sowing of cucumbers is divided into three periods

The lunar calendar of this year determined the following days for planting:

month favorable days conditional-favorable days
March 1, 6 - 7, 29 - 31 4 - 5
April 9 - 10, 27 - 28 12
May 26 - 27 2 - 3
June 8 - 9 3 - 4

Preparation of seeds of cucumbers for sowing

This procedure is mandatory for execution at home. To make the seeds swell, they should be placed in water at room temperature for ten to twelve hours, replacing it several times. Many gardeners are advised to warm up a few months before planting.Before sowing, the seeds are disinfected with manganese solution and additionally treated with a growth enhancing preparation.

Before sowing seeds of cucumbers are disinfected

Rules of growing seedlings at home

For this purpose it is recommended to use peat pots, paper or plastic cups, cassettes.

Seedlings do not tolerate transplantation, for this reason, picking should be excluded.

To create ideal conditions, the soil is best made of garden or turf ground, adding humus or sawdust. Prepared seeds are planted a couple of pieces in each container to a depth of about one and a half centimeters.Pots are put on a pallet, sprayed with water, covered with a film or a piece of glass, put in a warm place.

For cultivation of seedlings of cucumbers suited land

To ensure that the sprouts are not stretched too much, the temperature regime in the room for several days should be within twenty degrees of heat. Then it is allowed to increase by three to four degrees. It is also necessary to completely eliminate drafts that are contraindicated in seedlings.

Seedlings are transferred to well-lit places, on overcast days, additional doryovering is organized.

Watering is carried out every two days, for which use rain or boiled water.Before transplanting the seedlings into the ground, they begin to harden it, opening the window or taking the containers out onto the street for several hours.

If necessary, seedlings can be fed using complex mineral formulations. But it is necessary to watch, that the solution did not fall on the sprouts themselves.


The main reasons why seeds of cucumbers do not germinate

The most common are the following:

  • low temperature regime of the ground;
  • a greater depth, on which the seeds were embedded;
  • The land is heavy and dense enough;
  • dryness of soil;
  • strong waterlogging;
  • use of numerous methods of seed preparation for sowing;
  • violation of storage conditions of the seed.
Cucumbers do not grow on too dry ground

What to do if cucumbers do not come up

If you did everything right and avoided the basic mistakes mentioned above, but the cucumber seeds still did not please you with their good germination for two weeks, they are best reseeded. It should also be remembered that cucumbers respond well to soil fertilized with organic.It is advisable to add a certain amount of humus with a new preparation to the natural soil.

Naturally, everything seems simple and understandable. But everything can happen, and if you do not get on an auspicious day - do not panic. You can save plants by covering them with special material or polyethylene. Remember that the dates given here for sowing are not final - in each region they are corrected by the peculiarities of the climatic conditions. Therefore, your own growing experience should not be discounted!

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