Gas cut-off in an apartment building: procedure in the absence of gas supply

A sudden gas cutoff occurs rarely in apartment buildings, but the issue is still relevant today. When this happens, the problem is very stressful for the tenants. After all, everyone has some household chores, including: cooking, heating water, etc. People start to worry about not knowing the situation. They are interested in the questions of why there is no gas supply, how to act in such a situation.

If you have no gas in your house, you can find out the reason for the shutdown by calling 104 or 112. The dispatcher of the gas supplying organization will answer all questions, you will even find out what time there will be no blue fuel at your address. But this is relevant in the case when planned work is being carried out in your house, but if the reason is different, then you will need to take other measures. Let's figure out together how to act in a given situation.

The content of the article:

  • Is it legal to turn off the gas?
  • Situations when they can turn off the gas
    • Option number 1 - for debts
    • Option number 2 - without warning
    • Option number 3 - on request
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  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Is it legal to turn off the gas?

From a legal point of view, gas supply to all subscribers living in apartment buildings or their own buildings is supplied after conclusion of the contract between stakeholders. On the one hand, it is a subscriber, on the other, a company supplying gas.

Gas service workers

Gas is supplied to homes by specialized gas supply organizations that are subsidiaries in the regions of PJSC Gazprom, workers of these farms and serve the population in the event of gas leaks, they are also authorized to stop the supply of natural resources debtors

The basis for the legal regulation of the supply of gas fuel is a number of decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation, which take into account the basic conditions for the supply of blue fuel, the facts of regulating the cost of gas, stipulates social principles regarding guarantees of gas supply to the population and takes into account preferential conditions.

A resident of an apartment building is obliged to pay for a natural resource, and the company must, in turn, provide a round-the-clock supply of natural fuel.

All this is stated in the following regulations:

  • PP No. 549 dated July 21, 2008where communal and domestic needs are regulated, taking into account certain conditions of domestic consumers;
  • Federal Law No. 69adopted on 31.03.1999 “On gas supply in the Russian Federation”;
  • PP on the rules for the supply of natural resources No. 162 dated 5.02.1998.

Therefore, companies supplying gas to houses and apartments are fully responsible for turning off natural gas in an apartment building or private household. Is it always legal to turn off natural gas without warning - only lawyers can answer this question. Organizations have the right to turn off the gas supply in some cases, when it concerns certain reasons.

These reasons are discussed in detail in Government Decree No. 410adopted on May 14, 2013, it describes measures to ensure the safety of citizens who have in-house and in-house gas equipment. The owner, in case of non-compliance with safety measures, may lose the supply of natural gas on legal terms.

The apartment is cold, no gas

In a situation where the gas supply is cut off for a certain period of time, the gas service is obliged to inform consumers for what reason and for how long the gas supply will be absent.

Residents of high-rise buildings are notified in writing, advertisements are posted at the entrance to the entrance or announced on local radio or television.

The reasons why it is legal to disconnect the gas supply:

  1. When the user of the service has not made an emergency maintenance contract with the gas company. Or he was engaged in independently installing and repairing various gas equipment.
  2. If faults are found in the ventilation mechanism or chimneys.
  3. In emergency situations, if it is impossible to eliminate the local gas leak, then the gas supply to the whole house or block is turned off.
  4. The client does not pay for gas for more than three months. Gas companies are also cut off for other reasons, when the subscriber violates the terms of the supply contract.
  5. They can turn off the gas if the resident of the apartment does not provide data on the amount of gas consumed, and does not let the inspectors in to check the condition of the gas equipment.
  6. Stop supplying a natural resource when the customer does not comply rules for the operation of gas equipment or uses prohibited gas appliances.

Unscheduled fuel is turned off when there are breakdowns of an intra-house nature, emergency situations in the gas communications themselves.

In such situations, repairmen are primarily concerned with people's lives. Therefore, residents need to wait until specialists fix the problems.

Situations when they can turn off the gas

When the consumer and the gas supply company do not have a gas supply agreement, Gazprom has the right to turn off the supply of the resource both in the apartment and in the house.

 Lack of gas supply

According to the legislation, residents can be sanctioned, starting with the process of imposing fines, and ending with the cessation of fuel supply, but in a certain order

Consider the question of how they turn off natural gas for non-payment in an apartment or in a house. In almost all cases, the disconnection from the gas system is carried out according to the same scheme in the established sequence.

Option number 1 - for debts

If a tenant has a debt for two or three months for gas supply, then the company already has the right to start taking measures to gas supply interruption. Moreover, there is no question of the amount of debt in the legislation.

The sequence of actions of the gas supplier in this situation is as follows:

  • the first thing the supplier does is notify the debtor about the upcoming gas supply cutoff. The letter indicates the planned date of sealing, the reason for the suspension of the fuel supply;
  • Gorgaz employees are required to send a second petition in 20 days, remind that the company can cut off gas supply if the tenant does not pay debts;
  • when the consumer also ignored this notification, then the specialists go to the site. The pipe is cut and sealed.

After the end of the technical work, the workers of the gas sector write a copy of the act. One copy remains with them, the other is given to an unscrupulous payer. The service company notifies the gas suppliers about the event in a day.

The Gazprom brigade is working

If the residents have a debt for gas supply, the gas supply will be restored only after the debtor pays the accumulated amount for the fuel used

If such a situation occurs, the tenant is obliged to reimburse all his debts to restore the fuel supply. And not only that: he will have to pay the cost of cutting and tapping into the gas system, fines and other penalties.

After the subscriber pays the receipts for disconnecting and connecting to the gas system, he has the right to reconnect to the gas pipeline.

It will take three days to restore gas supply. One day, experts check whether everything is in order in an apartment with gas equipment, it takes two days to connect to the gas supply.

Option number 2 - without warning

If there is a gas leak, then gas workers can urgently turn off the tap for the entire apartment building. After all, this poses a danger to all residents of a high-rise building. This is the only reason it is allowed to turn off the gas supply.

Gas equipment check

When carrying out all kinds of planned repair work, gas supply organizations can cover the gas for no more than four hours per month.

In other situations, such as: debts, the inability to check all gas appliances, because as the owner the apartment was not at home at that time, the company has no right to cut off the apartment or house from the gas supply without notifications.

And if this happens, each subscriber needs to know that when the gas is cut off without warning, the consumer has the legal right to contact lawyers. In some cases, after litigation, gas companies not only connect the gas supply for free, but also reimburse moral and material costs.

If maintenance is delayed, then for hours of gas absence in excess of the norm, the amount of payment for natural fuel by subscribers is reduced by 0.15 percent.

Illegal gas cutoff

Disconnection of gas supply without warning also takes place. They stop supplying the resource when they find all kinds of malfunctions in the gas supply system

So, the tenants have no debts, and there is no gas in the house, and no one knows the reason for this.

Then do the following:

  1. Check all the taps in the apartment, they must be closed so that an emergency does not happen when the fuel supply is resumed.
  2. Notify your neighbors about the natural gas cutoff, let them also close their valves in the apartment and check the gas appliances.
  3. Contact the gas emergency organization on 104. Notify the operators of the problem.
  4. You can also ask the management company why there is no gas supply in the house.

You can find out the reason for the shutdown of natural gas in an apartment or an apartment building, by calling the dispatcher by phone to the gas service: 104 from a mobile or 112.

When emergency situations arise, the repairmen must eliminate them within one day, and the fuel supply is restored within 48 hours.

Option number 3 - on request

In Resolution No. 549, paragraph 51 states that the user of gas resources can refuse fossil fuels on their own initiative. After all, there are all sorts of situations in life.

Repairmen plugged gas pipe

To refuse from gas supply, it is necessary to pay all debts for consumed fuel, as well as cover all costs associated with disconnecting from the gas main

The most common reason for refusal from centralized gas supply is the replacement of a gas stove with an electric one. In this case, the gas supplying organization must be provided with receipts confirming the absence debts from the subscriber, the tenant also pays all costs associated with cutting the gas pipe in apartment.

After that, an equipment shutdown act is drawn up, which, together with a written statement, must be taken by the consumer to the territorial division of Gazprom LLC.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video posted below will allow a better disclosure of the topic of cutting off the gas supply to debtors. In the video, you can see an example of improper operation of gas appliances:

Gas supply systems must always be in good working order, which is why sometimes, for the safety of users of natural resources, preventive maintenance and repair work is carried out.

For the responsible work of gas service specialists and the supply of gas to apartments and houses, it is necessary to pay subscribers on time. When this does not happen, violators are punished. Therefore, do not allow gas debts and you will not have any special problems with gas supply.

Below in the block, please write about what problems you encountered in this question and how you solved them. Your valuable recommendations will help other visitors of our portal to resolve similar issues.

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