Modern gray and black kitchen with hob under the window

The main colors in our modern kitchen are gray and black. All facades are deaf, without a single decorative element and bright details. But how beautiful and original it turned out!

Made in the company  Richhof kitchens,
G. St. Petersburg

Modern gray and black kitchen

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Several interesting solutions are embodied in the interior, which made it unique and admirable. First, there is the black glass row of the upper facades. It was glass that turned the kitchen into an elegant and stylish one, creating a feeling of spaciousness, airiness and lightness.

Facades MDF gray slate

The facades at the top are made of 4 mm glass in a black aluminum profile. On the back wall of the glass shelves, a recessed lighting was installed. Transparent surfaces are instantly transformed, they seem to be of a different color (light brown) and it is safe to say that we have got a chameleon kitchen.

Illumination of glass facades

Glass is easy to clean, fungus will not start on it, it does not care about temperature drops, humidity and drops of fat. A black aluminum frame holds the entire structure firmly.

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Glass fronts in black aluminum profile

Another interesting point is the hob under the window. It is located quite far from the window, so the glass is not contaminated due to the wide window sill. Now we have a natural natural extract next to us, and cooking has become not boring at all. There were no special difficulties when connecting the electrical appliance, except that they installed an outlet in the bottom row.

Hob under the window

The furniture case is made of laminated chipboard Egger, 16mm thick, graphite black. The fronts at the bottom are MDF with matt enamel (slate gray, RAL 7015) and integrated handles. The noble gray fits perfectly into the modern interior.

Modern gray and black kitchen

Corner set with a window in the middle. It is framed on both sides by two tall cabinets - a pencil case for household appliances and a built-in refrigerator. The project price was 400 thousand. rubles (without table top). There was even a place for a dishwasher.

Corner set with a window

TSS Cleaf wall panel with beautiful wood texture. This is a high-density chipboard with a plastic coating imitating valuable wood species. Wood brought the warmth he needed to the black and gray interior.

Wall panel TSS Cleaf

Hinges and drawers from the Austrian brand Blum. The cabinet for household appliances opens with a Push-to-Open system.

Blum fittings

White plastic table-top. It harmonizes well with the plinth, enlivening dark surfaces.

Facades MDF gray slate

Comfortable and beautiful - our kitchen causes only delight and the desire to be on it all the time!

What does it mean to arrange furniture according to feng shui?

The stove (the main element of the kitchen) should not be in the corner


Refusal from mirrors and height differences


Harmony of balance, pacifying shades, purity


Put the refrigerator next to the TV)))


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