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Open any book about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition or ways to lose those extra pounds, and you will certainly find there mention of celery. This plant is not just useful. Some of its properties, for example, negative caloric content, the ability to replace salt in food, to excrete radiation from the body, are truly unique. Therefore, the use of celery is becoming more popular in various industries. And in ancient times, it was even thought that the plant brings happiness

Composition and calorie content of celery

Celery is a dietary product related to vegetable crops, having a rather low calorie content of 13 kcal per 100 grams of product. But for processing this amount the human body will need to spend up to 25 kcal. Due to this feature, called "negative calorie even a small norm of celery per day will allow to maintain harmony.

Nutritional value is primarily carbohydrates, dietary fiber, followed by proteins, and fat in the composition of the vegetable is very small. The chemical composition of the product allows you to apply dishes from culture to food, and also use it to improve health. Its main part is:

  • microelements (sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium);
  • vitamins (groups B, K, A, E);
  • essential oils;
  • carotene;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • asparagine;
  • a nicotinic acid;
  • tyrosine and others.

Combining all that is contained in celery, you can talk about the need for its use in food for increase the protective, supporting forces of the body, the fullness of internal systems with useful substances, connections.

Useful properties of the plant

In addition to dietary properties, culture is characterized by a number of other positive differences. It is advised to use it for young people to maintain immunity, work capacity, good mood. But especially noticeable is the benefits of celery for the human body at an older age. The general advantages of this representative of the flora are the following functions:

  • anti-inflammatory (due to contained polysaccharides);
  • Supporting youth (antioxidants in the composition protect the cellular tissue from damage, malignant neoplasms);
  • purifying (pectins help to eliminate toxins from the body, radioactive compounds, nicotine, alcohol, narcotic substances);
  • supporting the immunity (the juice of the plant, connected with honey, contains the optimal vitamin dosage);
  • normalizing metabolism (proteins, fatty acids of the product are easily digestible, celery for the stomach, intestine is very useful);
  • (the components of the vegetable are toned, act as an aphrodisiac for men and women).

Also, the vegetable has a positive effect on strengthening the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure, cholesterol, hemoglobin in the blood. Differences in what useful celery, how to use it depends on the type of plant, the features of the composition of its parts.

Types of celery

The species and variety of the vegetable representative totals about 17 representatives. The main difference is the severity of one of the parts of the plant: the root, stems or leaves. The most common is the stem (petiolate), most often grown by truck farmers. In addition, a root variety is used, as well as leaf celery, useful properties of which are used in cooking, folk medicine.

Steble celery

This variety of plant, which is also called petiolate, is distinguished by the presence of large juicy stems. Petioles have a rather pleasant light taste, aroma, they are eaten almost any way. The most common stem representative is used in salads, as well as in soups, second courses.

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The benefits and harm of petioled celery, as well as the peculiarities of growing, have long been appreciated by gardeners, culinary experts, and simple consumers. He is uninformed for cultivation on a garden plot or in pots on a windowsill. Nutritional value is determined by a large amount of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and also very useful for women of folic acid. Stem celery for the stomach was applied even by our distant ancestors.

Buy stems of the plant can be on the market or in a supermarket. And to determine the quality, ripeness of the product, it is advised to break one of the stems with a sharp movement. At the ripe good vegetable, breaking is accompanied by an audible crunch.

Leaf celery

The leaf variety does not have massive roots or stems, it is represented by a copious crown of green shoot. Celery greens, useful properties are contained in leaves, in cooking is used as a fragrant spice. In the form of seasoning add to salads, side dishes, soups, in its raw form the leaves are an excellent decoration for ready-made dishes.

Smokers or those who abandoned this addiction and wants to withdraw nicotine from the body, it is advised to use the leaves for food. Studying how useful celery leaves are for this category of people, it is determined that they effectively remove toxins, slags, protect from the threat of oncology.

This species is not as popular as the stem, but its value for gardeners lies in early ripening, abundant yields. People who experience frequent nervous overexertion, it is desirable to eat celery more often. Leaves, the use of which try to make a daily habit, will lower the level of stress hormones, normalize pressure, expand the vessels.

Root celery

The root of the plant has a round or oblong shape, is rather massive, has a sweet bitter taste, a rich aroma. Like other varieties, it is used for cooking salads fresh, also dried, marinated, added to the soup, is considered a delicious side dish to fish or meat dishes. A feature of its use in cooking is the opportunity with a much greater benefit of replacing salt.

Among the interesting facts from the past, the tradition is to give the newlyweds dishes, where they use celery. The roots of the plant strengthen, treat the male potency. And he advises women to maintain a beautiful figure, improve the condition of nails, hair, skin. There is a positive effect of food from root varieties on mindfulness, vision, memory in adults and children.


All year round you can buy plant roots in shops, supermarkets. In this case, heavier fruits are selected having a flat surface without a large number of depressions. In addition, a dried celery root is prepared, the use of which is very convenient and useful.

Application of celery in cooking

Since vegetable culture is common on all continents (except Antarctica), it is used almost in all cuisines of the world. Such popularity is caused not only by the unique use of the plant for the organism, but also by the pleasant taste, the aroma of vegetable culture. And the housewives, cooks appreciate the possibility of using it in any form: cheese, stews, fried, baked, steamed, as a seasoning and others.

When deciding how to use celery in cooking, the fact of maximum preservation of nutrients in raw stems, leaves, and plant roots is taken into account. Fresh stems are used as a salad ingredient, ground in the form of a side dish to meat dishes, can serve as the basis and preparation for various snacks.

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Leaves and roots are often used as seasoning for all kinds of dishes. To do this, they are very crushed or dried, which greatly prolongs the storage time of the product. Dried celery, the application of which is very convenient in the first place, serves an excellent flavor, aromatic an addition to sauces, soups, garnishes, meat, fish, it is often used for pickling and pickling cucumbers, eggplant, courgettes.

To keep the fresh petioles longer, they are placed in cold water and in this form in the refrigerator.

You can pamper yourself in the winter, making pickled celery. The benefits and harms with this method of cooking are almost completely preserved. Most often, root varieties are selected for cooking, but mistresses also use leaf and stem marinated snacks.

Celery Drinks

A variation of how to use the celery root in cooking for therapeutic purposes or to maintain youth, health, prevention of many diseases is the daily use of tea and juice from vegetable. They are good diuretics, most often these drinks are used for:

  • control of body weight;
  • cleansing the body of harmful substances;
  • fighting with bloating, constipation.

Tea made from celery will be an effective addition to a cleansing diet. Drink it is advised in the morning on an empty stomach, in a cold or warm form. Optimal use - courses for 2-3 weeks and a break in a month.

A tea beverage is prepared as follows:

  • stems are washed, finely chopped;
  • a liter of water is brought to a boil;
  • 3-4 shredded cuttings are placed in boiling water, the fire decreases;
  • tea is boiled for 5-10 minutes;
  • the liquid is removed from the fire, cooled down, infused for 10-15 minutes.

To enhance the benefits and effectiveness of tea, add lemon, ginger, sugar to taste.

Fresh juice preserves all the benefits and harm of celery stalk, its preparation, use does not cause special difficulties and time costs. If you have a juicer, the whole process takes a few minutes, you just need to place the cleaned stems in the chopping bowl. Nutritionists are advised to drink juice before meals in the morning on an empty stomach (100 grams of juice) or 2-3 large spoons 3 times a day. To diversify the taste of the drink, you can make cocktails with the addition of other greens, vegetables, fruits.

Use of celery in cosmetology

Cosmetologists, answering questions about whether celery is useful for women, note its positive effect on the skin, nails, hair. To improve the condition of horny and hairy parts, the vegetable is often used in the form of food or drinks. To visually tighten, cleanse the skin, restore her youth, smoothness, even shade, prepare lotions for wipes and masks.

For all skin types, a cleansing tonic is used, prepared by pouring the chopped vegetable cuttings with boiling water, infusion for 3-4 hours, and decanting. Useful for beauty dried celery root, the use of which as a scrub will help to renew the upper epidermis, remove the pollution. Fresh juice is a gauze compress, which is superimposed on a clean face for 15-20 minutes.

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A mask of celery for dry, normal skin is prepared from ground stems of the plant, chopped oatmeal, cream, vegetable oil. With oily and combined skin surface, the stem juice is mixed with bean flour, chamomile. Remove fatigue, puffiness will help a mixture of green vegetables, cottage cheese, honey, jojoba oil. Clear the problematic dermis can mask, which includes plant juice, clay, aloe juice.

From the seeds of the plant is preparing the essential oil of celery, the application of which contributes to the improvement of work kidney, liver, elimination of toxins, reduce swelling, temperature, inflammation, calming the nervous system.

Application of celery in folk medicine

For the treatment of the body by folk methods, all species diversity of the plant is used. Prepared infusions, decoctions, juices, lotions from dried roots, leaves, stems. Celery in folk medicine is used to combat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary system, allergic reactions.

For women, the vegetable is useful for health and beauty, men use it to improve potency, prevent prostatitis, adenoma, reduce excess weight. The plant is allowed to apply even to children of small age, it improves appetite, sleep, intestinal motility.

Tincture of celery is prepared by pouring the crushed root (2-3 large spoons) with water (200 ml), settling for 2-3 hours. You can insist rhizome on vodka, alcohol, in this form it is used as an additive to cocktails. Infusion is effective for allergies, insomnia, rheumatism, gout.

With gastritis, peptic ulcer, a decoction of celery is drunk. The benefits and harms of such a drink are almost identical to fresh juice. 20 grams of crushed root mixed with boiling water, cooked over medium heat for 5-7 minutes, infused for 9-10 hours. The daily norm of the broth is 2 large spoons 3 times a day. There are cases of treatment of frostbite at home using a decoction from the culture. To do this, 250 grams of dried product is boiled for 10 minutes in water, cooled, frozen areas are immersed in it. Further, the damaged skin is processed with goose fat throughout the week.

Often, in popular recipes, dried celery is used, the beneficial properties of which are removed from rhizomes and leaves. In this form, the vegetable can be stored for a long time. At the same time, a large percentage of important vitamins and trace elements are retained. Mixing the juice of the vegetable with the vinegar and salt get a remedy for the lotions. It effectively heals wounds, relieves skin irritations, heals purulent inflammations.

Celery: to whom is contraindicated

The categories of people who do not want any celery products are:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • having kidney stones;
  • suffering from epilepsy;
  • suffering from varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.

The damage of celery to the body can be the intolerance of certain substances in the plant. In rare cases, essential oils can cause allergies or bowel disturbances. To avoid the negative effects of constituents, it is advisable to start using at minimum dosages. Discontinue use if the condition worsens.

Considering all areas where celery is used, it can be argued that it is in great demand and popularity. Its benefits are many times greater than the possibility of negative consequences. In addition, the vegetable is delicious and aromatic. Its nutritional, cosmetic, medicinal properties and characteristics are rightfully estimated by women, men and even children.

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