Corner gray kitchen with a wall without wall cabinets

As a young family, we have chosen a modern monochrome kitchen, as it best suits our wishes: minimalism, laconicism and simplicity. We have a small child and you don't have to worry that he will somehow get to the contents of the cabinets (the cut-in handles will not let him do this).

Made in the company  Kashira Yard,
G. Podolsk

Gray minimalistic kitchen

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Today, no one needs to be convinced of the benefits of split-level cabinets. Firstly, such furniture creates an interesting geometric effect and simple cabinets without decor look much more advantageous.

Facades from MDF with soft-touch coating

Secondly, the correct organization of the space allows you to use the internal contents of the headset with minimal effort. In the upper gray mezzanines, we placed things that are not required every day, and under them there is a drying rack for dishes, shelves for cereals and spices, etc.

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Illumination in the upper tier

The interior color is white and gray. Such a discreet palette looks very elegant. We have already bought a large two-section gray refrigerator earlier and now it fits very harmoniously into the overall picture. The color of the facades is matched to him.

Gray minimalistic kitchen

A tall gray pencil case starts from the floor, goes all the way to the top, and goes into a small gray row of cabinets to the opposite wall. Another interesting geometric effect is the white center of the furniture.

On the one hand, we have white cabinets, and on the other, only a light wall. There are no wall cabinets on it, but the overall picture gives the impression of a continuation of each other. A monolithic row of cabinets is interrupted only by a small open shelf, where the microwave fits perfectly.

Facades from MDF with soft-touch coating

 The size of the headset is 160 * 270 cm, the height of the cabinets is 280 cm. The facades are made of MDF 18 mm thick, on top there is a laminated PVC film with a velor effect. A special feature of our interior is the integrated handle in the supermatt laminated facade with Soft Touch effect.

Illumination in the upper tier

Accessories of Russian production and the Austrian company Blum. The Niagara Oak worktop and wall panel comes with wood pore embossing. The shade is in perfect harmony with the floor covering. The matt wood made the interior cheerful, reviving the facades in cold tones.

What does it mean to arrange furniture according to feng shui?

The stove (the main element of the kitchen) should not be in the corner


Refusal from mirrors and height differences


Harmony of balance, pacifying shades, purity


Put the refrigerator next to the TV)))


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