Light gray kitchen-living room in a minimalist style

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Our kitchen set is a mixture of styles - minimalism, Scandinavian and neoclassical. The combination has a right to exist, the main thing is that the strict lines of the facades, clear geometry, the absence of everything superfluous and bright spots have remained unchanged.

Made in the company  Orange cat,
G. Vologda

Light gray kitchen-living room

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The white-gray headset impresses many with its purity and freedom, the feeling of free space. Light-colored furniture made the room even larger and more spacious.

White and gray interior

The interior has a clear division into zones (storage cabinets, a large worktop and a peninsula bar). The living room is separated from the kitchen by a peninsula side panel and a different color and flooring material.

Peninsula bar

The kitchen is quite large, but everything is very convenient and ergonomic. The lighting is multi-level and rich, highlighting each area of ​​the room in its own way.

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Tiled apron (honeycomb)

A thick and massive white artificial stone countertop emphasizes the fundamentality and solidity of the structure.

White artificial stone countertop

The open central wall without wall cabinets is decorated with tiles in the form of regular hexagons (honeycombs), which are completed by a glass hood. The tile at the same time, as it were, merges with a monochromatic wall, erasing the boundaries and becoming unobtrusive from several meters. And close up, the wall panel looks completely different, more expressive. But at the same time, the tile protects the wall well from all negative influences that may occur on the countertop.

Light gray kitchen-living room without wall cabinets

Pencil case-columns for household appliances are conveniently located on the left side of the headset, and they contain a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave oven. The mezzanines above the main cabinets were made of glass, with a French binding. Thus, a certain accent appeared in the monolithic deaf row of facades, diluting the solid monochrome.

Pencil case with household appliances

Light gray facades are made of MDF with enamel on top. They successfully embodied the desire for natural materials, because such surfaces are not much different from natural solid wood.

Light gray kitchen-living room

Blum fittings directly affect the functionality of the entire headset. Convenience, practicality and comfort - we have all this thanks to the Austrian brand. Household appliances - German Bosch.

Blum fittings

Laconic, but at the same time presentable interior may well be homely and comfortable. And our kitchen has proven it 100%.

Do you know what a kitchen apron is?

Kitchen cabinet facades


Apron hanging on a hook next to the sink


Wall between the bottom edge of the wall cabinets and the worktop


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