Light neoclassical straight kitchen with marble backsplash

We chose a neoclassical milky coffee set, as these are my favorite shades. The interior turned out to be light and pleasant, without any intrusiveness. The abundance of windows and sunlight transforms the room and the furniture changes before our eyes. The kitchen is warm and sunny, even when it's cloudy and sad outside.

Made in the company  MebelLuna,
G. Moscow

Dairy-coffee non-classical cuisine

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The size of the room is 3700 * 6000 mm. The kitchen with an area of ​​22 meters, the dining area and the suite are located at some distance, without interfering with each other and movement. The furniture cost us 220 thousand. turnkey rubles (without equipment).

Facades from MDF, Royal Wood

The body is made of laminated chipboard, facades - MDF, top - Royal Wood light, bottom - Royal Wood coffee. Both types of surfaces with a barely expressed pattern of wood. Modern materials are very practical, so the question of soiling did not bother us - all dirt is washed off quickly and easily.

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Pencil case for household appliances

The facades are light coffee, warm, calm and peaceful, with a Salerno cutter. A beautiful deep frame lent elegance to the wardrobes.

The length of the furniture row is 3600 mm. It was possible to place all the necessary household appliances on an almost 4-meter headset. A two-door gray refrigerator sits side by side, perpendicular to the furniture. Another curbstone near the window. Its color very well matched the basic tone of the interior.

Blum hinges and guides

The height of the lower pedestals is 720 mm, the upper ones are 1000 mm. The 38mm gray plastic table top comes with a marble effect and the same wall panel. The furniture center contrasts with the more neutral warm surfaces of the cabinets. But this contrast is not flashy, both materials set off each other, creating a color tandem that is pleasing to the eye.

Gray marbled countertop

Blum hinges and guides, all with door closers. Door opening is quick, easy and trouble-free. We did not save on fittings, because low-quality systems can spoil the impression of the most beautiful facades.

Blum hinges and guides

The upper modules are equipped with white frosted glasses. Their function is to visually unload solid sections and designate the furniture center, which is the hood.

Dairy-coffee non-classical cuisine

Sink made of artificial stone to match the countertop. On the opposite edge of the headset, near the window, there is a pencil case for household appliances.

Pencil case for household appliances

Our kitchen looks sophisticated yet soft. Beige shades create a mood, the stone cools the room - all this has developed into an interesting unobtrusive interior.

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