Diy bar counter for the kitchen: step by step instructions

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Types of bar counters
Everyone wants a cozy place at home where they can sit with friends. And the best part is the kitchen, and more specifically the large worktop. We spoke with dozens of builders and professionals and put together our best ideas for the perfect DIY home bar counter

Bar counter in a small kitchen

Bar table, or a functional kitchen cabinet

A. Its standard height is 110 cm, higher than the table in the kitchen. Bar stools are easier to find if you stick to that height.

B. The plumb line should be at least 20 cm.But be careful: some stools are several centimeters higher or, conversely, shorter.

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Bar counter shape
V. The bar on top should have a locker, a table, and a wide molding; bar molding serves three main purposes:
  • It holds back spilled drinks and prevents them from falling on their knees.
  • It provides a comfortable armrest and allows you to sit properly.
  • Most importantly, it makes your bar look more formal.
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This is a nice feature, but not a necessity for a bar table.

G. The minimum distance of the stool from the bar is 60 cm. Otherwise, you will feel cramped and your hand will rest on the tabletop.

D. The rail bottom should be 17 to 25 cm from the floor. Metal railings (usually brass) are expensive, so many people use a simple cornice for the bar counter.

To build a bar, use these standard rules and dimensions and the drawing below.

Diy bar counter

Some vendors sell plugs that are easy to install with your own hands, but can look cumbersome. The best solution is to run the molding about 1.5 cm past the trailing edge of the panel from above. Then glue the ends of the blocks, cut from wood, with a similar pattern. Hold the blocks in place for about a minute. After the glue is completely dry, rinse and add the weirs.

Do-it-yourself budget bar counter

With the molding, you get a large working surface area. To avoid this, pre-treat the end surfaces with a sealant that partially fills the pores. A couple of ounces of polyurethane mixed with a couple of tablespoons of solvent (water or white spirit, depending on the type of polyurethane) works very well for this. If you smear the seals with silicone, then your bar is safe.

Bar counter made of drawers

So which material is more suitable for the countertop, and what will your hand not be afraid of? Most of the "bars" are very complex in structure. For ordinary worktops, two types of wood are suitable. The bottom layer is plywood. The top can be tiles, hard woods, metal-plastic or even stone.

Prices range from $ 10 to $ 40 per linear meter depending on the type of wood and width. Most vendors supply tables up to 1.8 meters in length, however some offer up to 2 meters in length. The width varies from 50 to 120 cm, and the thickness is up to 15 cm.

Bar counter

Of course, at home, you can cut a table according to a drawing, but still ordering a finished countertop for your home will greatly facilitate your efforts.

Drawing of a bar counter for a home 

Before you start, you need to study in detail the drawing of how to make a bar counter.

Bar counter drawing
Bar counter drawing
  • Prepare material.
  • Prepare the tool.
  • Prepare drawingbefore you start cutting wood.
Diy bar counter

Necessary tools for the countertop

Purchase the necessary tools and materials for the project before you start. This way, you will save time and hassle.

Required tools for this project

  • Air compressor,
  • Stapler,
  • Construction foam,
  • Clamps,
  • Drill,
  • Jigsaw,
  • Level,
  • Miter saw,
  • Protective glasses,
  • Wood glue.
Interesting bar counter ideas

Necessary materials

Varieties of kitchen racks
Avoid last-minute travel for materials. It is better to prepare them in advance.
  • 2 x 4 chipboard sheet,
  • 3 x 4 plywood sheet,
  • Molding,
  • Beer tap (set),
  • Construction glue,
  • Drywall,
  • Insulation foam,
  • Wooden products for decoration,
  • Paint and varnish,
  • Stone or wood base.


How to equip a rack
Prefabricated countertops in a variety of different wood types are available at most woodworking shops. They can be obtained for as little as $ 100 for 2.5 meters of material. Most designs are pre-shaped to fit the top pillar, so for installation just requires a hammer, nails, light sanding and varnish to keep the rack in line with the rest parts of the kitchen.


Don't count on a home refrigerator for your bar. If you are going to drink mostly beer, consider making your own keg refrigerator. If you need to keep bottled beers, chilled wines, or cold cocktails, you can use the mini-fridge under the bar for temperature controlled drinks. This is the most effective way to keep your drinks cold.

Bar counter on the street


Few people like a basement with only a few flickering fluorescent lights. And the bar doesn't have to be dark and dusty. The right lighting helps to lift the mood and tune in the right way.

LED strip kits are an easy and affordable way to give your bar an interesting glow. Flexible light strips are available in several colors and can be cut to lengths up to 5 cm. Many of the flexible strips come with adhesive tape, making it easy to stick them exactly where you need them. Installing fixtures underneath bar cabinets or top panels gives the area a unique, sophisticated lighting experience.

Another bonus from LEDs is their efficiency. Reduced electricity costs.

Bar counter for home

Useful Tips

Counter in the kitchen
If you're filling your bar with a wide variety of spirits, try the hidden shelves that, like a gallery, have different bottles. If the drink at your home bar is mostly beer for buddies, try another option: large framed mirrors or a vintage wall map. An interesting option might be a shelf with old books and figurines. A TV would be a bad decision as it distracts guests.

3D wall paintings or tiles are another way to create a striking backsplash look. Found in most home decor stores, textured panels often come in a variety of colors and patterns. Even a few square feet of panels add another dimension to the home bar counter.

With a few easy steps, your home bar will look trendy and beautiful. It will appeal to guests and households, and your home will be a favorite place for Saturday night.

Video: how to make a bar jay yourself 

Photo: bar counters in the interior 

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