How to repaint a kitchen set with your own hands: step-by-step instructions for painting a headset

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painting headsetThe kitchen is the most comfortable place in the house. The whole family gathers in this room in the evening for dinner after a working day. The atmosphere in the kitchen affects the mood of the household, so uncomfortable repairs or shabby old furniture spoil it significantly. That is why it is important to tidy up the interior of the kitchen. The quickest way to freshen up your home is to repaint your kitchen set.

Which kitchen set lends itself to re-painting

The content of the article

  • Which kitchen set lends itself to re-painting
    • Choice of paint
    • Choosing a painting tool
  • Instructions on how to paint kitchen sets with your own hands
    • Preparation of tools and materials
    • Work surface preparation
    • Painting headset
  • Tips for painting a headset in the kitchen with your own hands

All MDF facades are subject to painting, except for the Kitchen with an acrylic panel.

Important! The repair of the facade itself requires skills and special care when working with milled and radius surfaces.

Choice of paint

paint for mdfFor repainting MDF facades, you can use acrylic and oil paints. Of course, it is a little better to paint with an alkyd compound. In general, the best option for painting a kitchen is with polyurethane paints and a primer. The water-based soil composition absorbs the top layer of the material well, thereby shrinking the loose wall surface. They become durable and very smooth. Such a coating is easy to sand, which significantly reduces the consumption of the coloring composition.

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Important! If a rather old kitchen is being renovated, it is recommended to apply two coats of primer.

Polyurethane enamels have a wide range of shades and varying degrees of gloss and brightness. Differ:

  • matte with the lowest degree of light reflection;
  • semi-matte;
  • semi-gloss look perfect on pastel shades;
  • glossy ones are most in demand;
  • high gloss provides an almost glossy shine and is suitable for rich and bright colors.

The varnish is suitable for both acrylic and polyurethane. The first is absolutely transparent and colorless, over time it does not acquire a yellow tone, however, the second is more mechanically stable.

Choosing a painting tool

To paint a kitchen set you will need:

  • instrumentsold headset;
  • Scotch;
  • screwdriver;
  • protective film coating;
  • gloves;
  • white spirit (degreaser);
  • several brushes;
  • sandpaper;
  • primer (alkyd or polyurethane);
  • dye;
  • top coat varnish.

Important! A kitchen set of 4 running meters will need about 3 liters of paint.

Instructions on how to paint kitchen sets with your own hands

This is a completely uncomplicated process, if you follow this master class, then the painting will take place quickly, efficiently and beautifully.

Preparation of tools and materials

preparation of instrumentsTo get started, you need to prepare: a tray for brushes, the brushes themselves, sandpaper, a roller, paint, primer and varnish.

Before starting, glue all ceiling and floor skirting boards, window openings with masking tape. Cover all furniture and the floor with a covering material, spread all the necessary tools on a rag. This will prevent the room from getting dirty.

Work surface preparation

The kitchen must be protected from paint stains.

  • kitchen protectionThe kitchen set must be washed and dried before the procedure. The doors should be free of dirt, oil and dust, for the best result, walk with white spirit all over the headset.
  • If you want to decorate the kitchen, you can purchase curly brackets and baluster legs.
  • Before renovation, the kitchen should be covered with vinyl and, if necessary, repaired. Fill all cracks and chips with furniture putty.
  • If there are glasses in the furniture, then they should be sealed with masking tape, the tabletop should be covered with a film, and the facade may not be removed, but it is more convenient to paint them on a horizontal surface.

After all protective manipulations, an alkyd primer must be applied in 2 layers. This mixture will dry for about 12 hours. After each layer, sand the surface with sandpaper, the surface will become even and provide good adhesion to the coloring material.

Painting headset

The ideal option for painting will be matte chalk paint, it will hide all the imperfections, it is difficult to apply glossy paint evenly.

  1. paintingApply the mixture in two layers, each dries for about 30 minutes, you can dry the facade with a hairdryer to speed up the process.
  2. When using a brush with natural bristles, the facade will become more textured and interesting.
  3. After painting, it is necessary to varnish the surface of the headset also in two layers.

Important! Polyurethane varnish dries longer, smells strong and unpleasant, but creates a very durable coating.

Tips for painting a headset in the kitchen with your own hands

There are a few tricks for decorating your redesigned kitchen unit:

  • use of filmInstead of paint, you can choose a self-adhesive film for decoration, and its choice is very large both in color and texture.
  • Instead of a film, photo wallpapers are often used, they are applied to a primer and then varnished.
  • The decoupage technique looks beautiful. Special napkins and pictures are used. They must be glued to PVA glue and covered with colorless varnish.

The updated kitchen set will give you a great mood and bring a touch of freshness to your home.

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