Modern graphite kitchen with white floor and backsplash

Charcoal or graphite kitchens are very popular today. This shade, a mix of gray and black, is characterized by depth and coldness. It fits perfectly for a modern urban interior. And in operation, the graphite matte showed itself only from the best side.

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G. Kemerovo

Graphite modern kitchen

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Such furniture always looks expensive and solid. Another advantage is that depending on the lighting, all kinds of lighting effects can form on furniture surfaces, and the interior will look different every time.

Facades foil graphite matt

Gray is the main color in the interior. It was complemented by a white brick apron and a white-gray floor, which added air and some lightness. An apron with a hog tile and a floor in the form of honeycomb-hexagons do not attract much attention by themselves, but together with the headset everything adds up to a spectacular and harmonious composition.

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Gray hafite kitchen

The linear kitchen is small, 2600 mm long. The body is made of laminated chipboard Lamarty (volcanic gray). Facades produced by the First Facade Factory (matt graphite film). A matte shade is considered warmer and more restrained in comparison with gloss. On such surfaces, dirt and mechanical damage are practically invisible.

Facades foil graphite matt

Tristone dark forest V 105 acrylic stone worktop, translated as Dark Forest. The deep gray color with small light blotches goes well with both light walls and dark facades. The dark countertop did not make the room smaller at all, but only emphasized the dignity of the headset.

Tristone dark forest acrylic stone worktop

A retractable outlet block is built into the tabletop, which turned out to be not only very convenient during work, but also safe.

Socket block in the worktop

The illumination in the area of ​​the hood further softened the dark shades. It is fully reflected on the glossy work surface, creating a whimsical play of light.

The backlight is reflected on the table

Blum fittings (hinges and lifters with door closers) are installed inside the cabinets, and a Tip-on mechanism is located in the upper facades. High-quality fittings will last at least 15 years, and the absence of visible handles in the upper tier has made the cabinets more stylish. The lower modules are fitted with white mortise handles.

Graphite modern kitchen

We have got an up-to-date and pragmatic interior, very harmonious.

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