Modern wall-mounted kitchen in the studio with a wall cabinet

This is my first independent home and I wanted to furnish it in a fashionable and modern way. The modern style wall-hung kitchen from the SKYDI collection was perfect for this idea. The set is ergonomic and functional, with built-in household appliances. The space of a studio apartment with an area of ​​150 sq. m (kitchen 30 sq. m) looks unusual and incredibly impressive.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Kitchens from SKYDI

G. Moscow

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Suspended kitchen SKYDI

Suspended models are the current trend in the design of the kitchen space. With their help, you can fill the room with air and space, visually enlarge even a small room. Using a special technology, not only the upper cabinets are attached to the wall, but also the lower modules at a height of 20-30 cm, which creates the effect of floating in the air and makes the interior light. During installation, only reliable connecting fittings and additional attachment points are used, which increases the strength and durability of the product.


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Suspended kitchen SKY

The color combination is typical of modern styles. Deaf, glossy white facades against the background of a gray porcelain stoneware wall (marbled) are perfectly combined with the texture of wood on other elements of the kitchen. Wooden facades, behind which are hidden household appliances, add warmth and comfort to the monochrome interior.

Kitchen area in the studio

The kitchen is characterized by a combination of textures - gloss, chrome, stone, glass and wood. A striking element of the decor was a niche in the apron area made of fine gold mosaic, which favorably set off the gray porcelain stoneware. The leg of the bar counter is made of mosaic, as well as an element of the kitchen zoning on the floor.

Mosaic on the apron and bar leg

The kitchen body is made of laminated chipboard EGGER, facades are MDF lacquered. The wooden panel on the adjacent wall, behind which the refrigerator is hidden, is a solid façade. The kitchen is complemented by a massive shelving unit with open wooden shelves extending into the aisle to the kitchen. All fittings inside the cabinets from BLUM are reliable and durable.

Wooden wall pencil case with refrigerator

Black top made of quartz agglomerate made in Israel. The width of the working surface is 800 mm (not 600 mm), which greatly increases the functionality of the tabletop. Agglomerate is a super strong and durable material, resistant to mold, fungi, dirt, various acids, and requires minimal maintenance.

Kitchen area in the studio

The refrigerator and other built-in appliances are in a wooden wall case. I bought household appliances at a special price when ordering furniture - the company provides this service to its customers. The cost of the headset was 850 thousand. rub.

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