Modern bright kitchen made with nanotechnology

Choosing a set for a spacious kitchen-dining room in a country private house, we opted for a modern and luxurious NANOkuhna. A lot of light enters the room through large windows with black frames, and the best solution was to complement the furnishings with laconic blank facades. Their original surfaces and split-level kitchen units are attractive in themselves and no additional decor is required.

The kitchen is made in the company:

NaNo Kitchens

G. St. Petersburg

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Modern nano-kitchen with an island

The developed project includes a U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula, a system of built-in tall units and a freestanding cabinet with glass showcases.

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Wall panel FENIX
Small wardrobe

The U-shaped layout has become a universal solution, since it is ideal for our home, where the kitchen and dining room are combined. Such a kitchen is very convenient in the process of cooking, since the sink and the hob are located close to each other. Another advantage of the project is a lot of cabinets for storing food and kitchen utensils, a maximum of work surfaces.

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U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula

The body is made of material from the manufacturer EGGER (Germany). The material embodies a successful combination of innovative technology and guaranteed reliability. The modules are made in a tone of beige sand. This color successfully complements the woody tones present in the headset, creating a warm and neutral atmosphere in the room.

Chipboard EGGER

The main material for the facades of the pencil case and the peninsula is the modern FENIX ntm nanoplastic from the Italian manufacturer Arpa Industriale. It is a perfectly matte surface (color CASTORO OTTAWA 0717), pleasant to the touch.


The fronts of the top three beige sections of the headset are made in BEIGE 0719. Fingerprints and other marks are not visible on the velvety surface of the nanoplastic. Another advantage is the ability to repair minor scratches when exposed to steam. The plastic has anti-static properties, does not fade when exposed to sunlight. The material is environmentally friendly and safe, hygienic, not susceptible to mold.

Facades in Wenge color

The fronts of the lower kitchen cabinets are made of EGGER laminated chipboard in the color Gladstone Oak tobacco. This elegant shade looks great in combination with beige, giving the headset a modern look, emphasizing natural beauty and sophistication.

Chipboard EGGER

The table top is made of HI-MACS acrylic stone (40 mm thick). It is a durable and practical surface with a homogeneous structure. Pastel beige (article S201 Nougat Cream) belongs to the warm palette, filling the interior of the room with a special comfort.

Modern nano-kitchen with an island

The wall panel from the Italian company FENIX ntm (article number CASTORO 0717 and BEIGE 0719) gives the interior a complete one-piece look.

Wall panel FENIX

The kitchen with integrated handles continues the idea of ​​laconic furniture with a minimum of additional details. Facades without protruding brackets look spectacular in the composition of the room, provide aesthetic pleasure, create a simple, functional and comfortable interior.

Kitchen with integrated handles

Cabinet doors open with a gentle push thanks to Blum's mechanical tip-on system. To open the door, it is enough to lightly touch the front at any convenient angle. Closing is even easier - you just need to press the door with your hand. A special advantage of Blum mechanisms: the TIP-ON system will not fail, even if you open the cabinet door manually. Closers and other fittings are also from Blum.

Blum fittings
Tip-on system

The project provided for the use of a “smart corner” system from Kesseböhmer (Germany). Smart storage systems make it possible to achieve maximum convenience and capacity in modern multi-purpose kitchens, since items can be placed in the most difficult to reach places.

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