Sparger for gas cookers

Under divider for gas cookers understood people multiple devices not counting devices for water taps, rocket nozzles, diffuser dryer. Firstly, part of the burners, distributes natural gas ejected injector (jet) spinning. Top divider concealed cover, which is a metal disc. Is not the only meaning of the word. Sparger for gas cookers may be a device, the attenuating effect of the flame. It is a double round zharovenku with a swarm of small holes (even fine mesh), will allow for culinary recipes fishermen in winter.

Divider, cover, jet

Dividers and jets

Improperly installed jet will cause the explosion. Replacement parts manufactures specialist. The need arises during the transition to the new gas type. Balloon pressure is much higher than the network, the nozzle hole smaller. conscientious manufacturers apply to the purchase of two sets of nozzles:

  1. Bottled gas.
  2. Main gas.


Manual prescribes: replacement procedure, the kit supplied special key. Ignore replacement? Through increased domestic jet hole bottled gas in the country will enhanced stream. Reducer often powerless to properly adjust the system. Gas will be partially combusted, giving orange flames characteristic pungent smell appears. Accidents close. Crooked jet mounted poison gas. The result is the same - an explosion. The opposite situation installation kit suburban home to good will not.

Internet, web portal VashTehnik publish articles relating to the installation, adjustment, revision jets. The authors are aware, self-taught artists try to do without 04. Do right, have a conscience! Setting after the change shall be set screw Small fire. Detail sometimes need to be replaced.

The important role played divider, distributing evenly. Detail of elaborate forms (often resembles a gear turret) to avoid confusion, the firm assigned to the items of special codes links used when searching for spare parts.

tile gas

Otherwise the hob operation is not guaranteed. In the event of an explosion investigation will quickly show: using the wrong item, the compensation will not be paid.

Alien divider product is not suitable. Function gas-control requires the installation of "candles", which controls the availability of the blazing fire. The product is based on a bimetallic sensor pairs, or other sensing element. The sensor monitors the temperature at the extinction of the fire will turn off gas. Such devices accompany plates with electronic ignition. Mechanical require cock node blocking gas flow regulator valve actuation at the maximum feed gas holding there for a specified time instruction. Discusses the relevant section of the documentation.

Under sensor splitter cut a hole. Protection against foreign improvements. The company specifically seek to sell the original parts. Marketing policy, confidence: the equipment will operate in normal mode. Explosion, escape scandal. Mentioned electrical ignition. Looks automobile "spark." Appointment similar. The spark is supplied from the capacitor, the field strength of the gap is so high that the air is ionized. There discharge ignition gas.

Electrical ignition is automatic, triggered by turning the knob. Semi-automatic: The process requires pressing a button. Candles sensor, disposed near the ignition, changing the shape of the deflector.

Square hot plates determines the power. Copies gas circuit boards. Jet set, I have another option. The power density. We represent a large frying pan. Gathered to roast a pancake, a splitter for a small gas stove. Mid foothills, the sides will remain raw. Pose sparger for gas cookers larger. Cardinality settings former burners. Electrolux sells a set of dividers for gas cookers.

To burner has been the rapid warm-up is controlled by increasing the supply of gas. Is engaged in a professional, modern plates, completes the store one or two sets. Electric hobs provided with the same diameter, the red circle marking surface. It shows the user: rapid heating burner. Power more than any other in half to two times. In electric cookers parameter depends on the size of the pancake. Avoid using a set of dividers for gas cookers Electrolux installed on one burner of the former power.

Gas stove with divider


Cover gas deflector plate just covers the top of the hotplate, to complete the proper gas distribution. It is possible to connect two parts of a single, worsening operational parameters of the equipment. Nothing much in the details there. Cover gas deflector plate is an ordinary steel plate with a curved bottom rim. Provide a secure fit of parts. But cover gas deflector plate is easily removed for cleaning as necessary.

Due to rampant standardization, customer can find a splitter to separate the gas stove, the details will work together with the burner. The most common problem occurs when replacing the need to implement exotic recipes. Sometimes a problem is solved by a flame divider means for gas cookers, submitted circular zharovenkoy ...

Plamyarassekateli for cooking

Introduce frisbee equipped with a long handle, a hollow inside, diameter 20 cm, costing $ 100, studded with small holes. Received plamyarassekatel helps reduce heat, and sometimes required. Typical tasks implemented by the device:

Gas distributor for cookers

  1. Uniform frying pancakes in a frying pan.
  2. Baking of seeds and nuts, to avoid burns. If you put the pan on plamyarassekatel, the result will be stunning.
  3. Boiling jam, the product is constantly running away on the stove.
  4. Boiling milk, dairy cooking oatmeal.
  5. On plamyarassekatele roasted peppers: spicy, Bulgarian. Put utensils without top when charred, wrapped in foil for steaming, then remove the peel (recipe site).
  6. Try to cook barbecue. Better than an open fire. Heat cleans meat from parasites surviving inside the piece of meat, doing harm to consumers.
  7. We do not recommend to melt lead on the stove. Although the fishermen used to do in the Soviet times.

You see how many problems izbegnite what results will achieve by using plamyarassekatel. Some housewives are asked whether the subject does not appear related to the cause of enamel gas stove table brown specks. The correct answer is - no! Just keep enamel perfectly clean. If in doubt, cover with foil before cooking. The recipe reminds cooking pork, consult with cookbooks.

Quickly cooked on plamyarassekatele meat. Wrap a piece of foil, adding vegetables, spices, half an hour will get a juicy roast. Coffee lovers wondering whether to stay Turk plamyarassekatele hurt. Part of the equipment is designed to open fire.

Conversely warming will slow, drink, do not run away. Who brewed coffee, knows the importance of respecting traditions, why Turk extends upward. According to the ancient Arab traditions common to use the hot desert sand for kuharstva.

But how to choose plamyarassekatel. Pictures appear black, stainless steel. Second durable, first serve faithfully for decades. During that time, decide whether the undertaking was a good set divider for the gas stove in the implementation of a prescription. The design is made sometimes of the grid. In this case, we get clean water infra-red heater. Useful for housewives health. Not hard to do divider with their hands. Just 2 mm sheet steel, spiked with numerous holes. Factory war. Home to make difficult, although it is possible to assemble the cake of two sheets, bolted together, so that there is an air gap between them.

Detail explained why there is a divider, what it consists of, what types there are in the world. Adding that some devices have wooden handles, which are faster to crack from the heat. Plastic has not yet met. Maybe better luck readers.

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