Small corner classic kitchen made of solid oak

Our kitchen area is quite small. But this does not mean at all that it is impossible to create an exquisite and solemn atmosphere in it. For this, we have chosen a set made of solid wood and a countertop with an imitation of stone.

Made in the company  Salon of kitchen furniture VicFort ,
G. Permian

Corner classic solid wood kitchen

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The duet of wood and stone will always be attractive in interiors. Natural materials have transformed the room, and due to the small area they did not cost us very much. Classic facades, as an example of luxurious furniture, combined with the natural naturalness of materials, make an incredible impression.

Stone look countertop

Light furniture does not weigh down the space of a small kitchen. The brown countertop embodies comfort and stability, the light wood, which is now on the wave of its popularity, soothes and gives warmth. The result is a symbiotic interior, in which all the details organically complement each other.

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Solid oak kitchen

Tall top cabinets and moldings added solidity to the furniture. At the entrance, in the top row, we have a small sloped shelf and one below. This was done for the convenience of passage, and the open niches in their own way revived a continuous row of facades.

Frame oak facades

The facades are made of natural oak with a light patina on the top, which conveys the spirit of the times. The structure of the breed is striking in its sophistication and beauty. At the same time, oak is very durable and resistant to all types of influences. In such a kitchen, it is cozy and homely good.

Washing machine in the Khrushchev kitchen

The hood is inclined, black. We moved the gas surface to the next wall so as not to place it next to the sink. There was a place for the refrigerator in the corner set, but at the entrance it would look more cumbersome than now at the window. Our refrigerator is small, just above the edge of the upper facades, does not break their straight line.

Corner classic solid wood kitchen

The table top is moisture resistant, 38 mm thick. She shaded light wood surfaces. The natural warmth of wood and stone coolness well compensate and complement one for one.

Frame oak facades

The sink is corner, there are gas burners at a short distance from it. We installed a washing machine between them. Its light façade does not stand out against the furniture and is in harmony with the small white refrigerator.

Stone look countertop

The legs of the furniture are chrome-plated. We decided not to remove this part behind the plinth. The distance from the floor is very small, and for natural wood (even processed), air access is better than a complete lack of ventilation. Fittings: full extension guides, hinges with a closer.

Our kitchen lacks the falsity of modern plastic, harmonious and graceful restrained lines, laconic and refined, reign.

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