What is the best detergent for children?

If a child has appeared in your life, then the washing machine is no less tired than you - the basket for dirty laundry is filled daily. Washing is only added: dirty diapers and bibs are replaced by clothes, stained on walks and after the sandbox. Grass stains, fruits, berries, chocolate, earth and much more - all this must be washed.

You need to choose a safe powder for washing, especially for newborn babies - their underwear requires careful care. We will orient you in the criteria for selecting a child powder and present the most popular brands.

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How to choose a children's washing powder for automatic machine and hand wash

Looking at the shelves with washing facilities for children's underwear, it's easy to get lost. The main thing is to remember what qualities the best children's washing powder should have:

  • Bring the result. The main task of any powder is to wash out stains, and with this function it must cope 100%.
  • Do not induce allergies. Doctors believe that the baby's skin is 12 times more tender than the adult's, so it is worth choosing a hypoallergenic powder.
  • Be with a minimum percentage of surfactants (surfactants).
  • Contain BIO components (this may be a soap solution, enzymes, plant extracts).
  • It is easy to wash out when rinsing.
  • To promote soft care of clothes: it is pleasant to smell, not to foam too much, it is easy to dissolve.
  • Be labeled. On the pack must be indicated that the powder can be used when washing newborns (and older children).
  • Provide gentle care - do not paint linen, do not thin the fabric and thread.
  • Have a safe formulation: without bleach, which includes chloride substances.
  • Be convenient: in a sealed package (with a valve and a measuring spoon).
  • Have a tick about harmlessness - this is marked with a special icon.

Important! On the fake there are also such icons, but remember that fake powders are almost always packed in PVC packaging.

  • With a valid expiration date - beware of overdue funds. Do not buy powder or rinse aid, if it has no expiration date at all.
  • Suitable to cost. You should be satisfied with the price, because the powder will need a lot - the childhood is so long.

Having become acquainted with all the rules, you will always be guided in how to choose a good powder.

Rating of children's washing powders

Now you need to understand what kind of powder is worth buying for washing children's clothes and underwear. Based on feedback from customers and the opinions of independent experts from Rospotrebnadzor, we compiled a rating of funds for washing children's underwear.


"Eared Nanny the price is about 50, 250 and 450 rubles per package and, kg.

The eared nanny wins by popularity among all other means.

Well washed out when rinsing. After washing leaves a light aroma of fruit. In this powder, the dust content is minimum %, so the probability of irritation is reduced to almost 0. It can be used for delicate washing at low temperatures. It is used both for washing by hands, and in automatic washers.

Three main advantages:

  1. Available: there are almost any store. Cheaply worth it.
  2. It smells good.
  3. Quickly and easily washed out of the fibers of the fabric.


  • The composition is not devoid of surfactants and phosphates.
  • Do not wash old and complex stains.
  • Do not use when washing woolen products.
  • Known cases of allergic reactions.

Tobbi Kids: the price is about 65 and 300 rubles per packing in 400 and 2400 grams.

The main ingredients are simple substances: household soap and soda. These funds are checked by moms around the world. Of surfactants in the composition of only soft, non-ionic substances. There are no dyes and aromatic additives. It is economical to have a good stain removal index.

"Tobbi Kids" is designed for three age groups:

  • 0-12 months;
  • 1-3 years;
  • 3-7 years.

Tobbi Kids:

  1. It is inexpensive, you can buy almost any store.
  2. Conveniently packaged.
  3. Hypoallergenic properties.
  4. In the composition of safe ingredients.
  5. Not bad removes light spots.
  6. It has no smell.

The disadvantages of Tobbi Kids:

  • Does not eliminate complex stains.
  • Among additives - granules of blue color, which are not always washed out.

"Our Mama" children's soap BIO: cost about 1000 rubles per, kg.

As a basis, manufacturers have taken natural coconut oil and palm. More like a shaving from soap of high quality. Not allergenic, does not dry skin. Suitable for manual and automatic washing. For use, it is better to dissolve in hot water, then pour directly into the CMA drum.

Of the pluses, we note the following:

  1. BIO-composition of natural ingredients.
  2. Does not cause allergies.
  3. Well and conveniently packed.
  4. Without dyes and fragrances.
  5. Removes difficult stains.


  • Dear.
  • Rinsing is not always successful.
  • At excess of an admissible dosage there is a lot of foam.
  • It is necessary to dissolve.

Babyline on natural soap: the price is 650-850 rubles for 2 kg 250 g.

Made of natural soap. The spots disappear even in cool water. Of the active components in the composition of the agent there is an oxygen bleach, a low-temperature washing activator and components preventing the build-up of scale in the SM. Combines with any fabrics, does not spoil the fibers.


  1. Excellent washing.
  2. Not allergenic.
  3. Without surfactants.
  4. Without smell.
  5. Economical.
  6. Used for any fabric.
  7. Prevents the appearance of scale.

Of the shortcomings can be identified only a relatively high price.


In this category, the bestBurti Hygiene disinfectant: the price is about 100 rubles per kg.

Baby disinfectant with bleaching functions. Also can be used for color laundry. This powder is universal: it can wash or disinfect the room (wash the floor, surfaces). Quickly washed off the fibers. Does not provoke an allergy.

Benefits of the tool:

  • It fights against pathogenic microflora and viruses.
  • Can bleach.
  • It cleans up the stains well.
  • Not allergenic.
  • Does not remain in the fibers - lightweight rinsing.
  • In the composition of safe substances.
  • Aromathen.
  • Can be used in everyday life.
  • Economical.
  • Disinfects the drum and the SMA tank.

Out of the shortcomings, buyers only note an inflated price.


In this nomination there is also one "winnerhypoallergenic powder Sodasan "Comfort-Sensitive" (the price is about 100 rubles per pack of 1200 grams).

This means of German production is made from natural soap on plant components. Surfactants and phosphates in it you will not find. The fabric is rubbed carefully, without losing color and properties. The product does not cause allergies, even in the youngest. Copes well with stains of organic origin. Suitable fabrics of any type.

Main advantages:

  1. Effectively erases.
  2. Works even in hard water.
  3. Safe components.
  4. Protection against scale.
  5. Does not smell.
  6. Does not irritate the skin.
  7. Spends sparingly.

Again, there is only one minus - a high price.

On a note! To make the powders work at their fullest, follow the instructions on the package, keep the powder correctly. We wrote about this in the article "Rules for storage of washing powders".

Now you know about the main types of baby powder, and the crowded shelves in the store will not scare you anymore: come and choose an effective and safe compound, because children deserve only the best!

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