How to use liquid detergent powder: rules and secrets

An alternative to the traditional powder is liquid detergent. Due to its gel structure, the product is consumed quite economically. Because he does not need extra time to dissolve, it is effectively rinsed out of clothes, leaving no white marks.

But not all users know how to use the liquid gel correctly and in what doses, and also in what compartment to place it.

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  • 1What does the liquid powder for automatic machine consist of?
    • 1.1When to use liquid powder
      • 1.1.1Where to pour liquid detergent for washing
    • 1.2Instructions: how to use liquid detergent
    • 1.3The rating of liquid detergents in the washing machine
    • 1.4Advantages and disadvantages of liquid powders

What does the liquid powder for automatic machine consist of?

The composition of the liquid laundry detergent includes not only components that remove stains, but also components for softening water and fabric. Consider what additives the manufacturer uses in liquid detergents.

  • Surfactants. The transcript is "surfactants". Their amount in ordinary powder is about 20%, whereas in liquid powder it can reach 50%. During washing, water can not penetrate inside the stain and is collected on the surface. The surfactant allows impregnating the fabric with water and loosening the contamination contact with the fiber. After the cleavage of the substance, dirt is retained, not allowing them to again sink onto the fabric. It is recommended to use a drug with this composition at 60 degrees.
  • Phosphates. They are SAW aides. Phosphates break down salts in water, making it less rigid. Decreased stiffness has a positive effect on the effect of surfactants, therefore, laundry is better washed.
  • Optical brighteners, included in the composition, return the whiteness of things.

Interesting! These "bleaches" do not actually bleach things. They contain fluorescent substances that reflect light. Due to this effect, it seems to you that the underwear became snow-white.

In addition, the substances do not wash out when rinsing. It is important that they are not in the composition of children's products or hypoallergenic powders.

  • Enzymes. These supplements can eliminate complex stains. There are several varieties of enzymes, and each performs its function. In liquid powders, a complex of enzymes is added, which allow splitting the spots from protein, fat, starch, and also to freshen the color and prevent the appearance of the pellets. It is recommended to use at 40-60 degrees (see the packaging).
  • Odor. They give a clean, fresh fragrance to clean linen.
  • Foam stabilizer. Used in powders for automatic machines, preventing the appearance of excessive foam.
  • Polymers. Are capable to keep pollution, not allowing to settle on linen. But the main function is protection from molting. They prevent the removal of dye from the fabric or delay it, preventing sedimentation on other things. Therefore, if you are not sure that clothes do not shed, it is better to wash it separately.
  • Ballast. This is a useful basis, helps to maintain the enzymes in working order.

Thus, liquid powder is a concentrated gel for the care of laundry. Before buying, read the label on the label.

When to use liquid powder

The product is suitable for daily care at a water temperature of up to 40 degrees. It is then that all the enzymes that cope with pollution remain. Of course, this powder can not cope with difficult spots. But if you need to refresh or wash a lightly soiled laundry, then you can buy a liquid gel.

Where to pour liquid detergent for washing

What is the correct way to fill the product? In a conventional washing machine, the dispenser is divided into three parts.

  1. The first section is marked with the number 1 (I) or the letter A. It contains a soak or prewash.
  2. The number 2 (II) or the letter B denotes the second compartment. It is intended for basic washing, so both normal and liquid powder are poured into it.
  3. The third compartment for rinse aid is equipped with a special shutter.

However, some manufacturers prohibit the liquid gel from being poured into the second department for the main wash. Therefore, before pouring the product, read the instructions.

The way out of the situation will be the use of a dosed substance in sachets, which are thrown into the drum.

Let's consider the device of a tray-dozatora in several models of the machine-automaton.

  • Electrolux EWW51486HW. The standard device of the container: three compartments. If there is a damper in the main wash compartment, then a liquid gel can be poured. If there is no flap, the tool is placed in the drum.
  • Samsung WF1602YQR. There are also three sections of the cuvette. The second section is intended only for dry powder. The liquid can be placed in a compartment with a flap or in a drum.
  • Bosch WOT24455OE. Stiralka with a vertical load on the lid provides three compartments. The second one is used for liquid and dry powders.
  • Hotpoint Ariston AVSL-109. Unusual structure of the container. The semicircular shape of the tray is divided into three compartments. The largest outer compartment is designed for normal and liquid detergent. Pour it right before running the program.
  • Atlant SMA 35M101. The picture describes in detail how to use a detergent in this case. The manufacturer has provided three main compartments, the largest of them is divided by a shutter (blind) into two parts. There and poured liquid gel.
  • Miele WMG120WPS.This technological machine is different even in the structure of the tray. Depending on the set mode, the system automatically measures the amount of detergent and takes it out of the dispenser. Also there are compartments for special capsules with liquid preparation. Place capsules should only be special, designed for this stylalki.

Instructions: how to use liquid detergent

The detergent label always indicates how and how much to use. Buying a gel in a bottle, in addition, you get a cap-dispenser, which allows you to measure the product.

Usually 75-150 ml of powder are used per wash, as specified by the manufacturer in the instructions. But users have long been convinced that you can use a smaller amount, since liquid gels are concentrated.

For complex spots, the product is applied directly to the contamination before washing, which gives it a better soak. Do not overload the machine with laundry, since the powder gives the maximum effect only with a certain load.

The rating of liquid detergents in the washing machine

Before proceeding to the study of the rating, we will understand in what form the tool is chosen. Liquid powders are available in two versions:

  • In a bottle. Traditional execution. Conveniently, bottles often have a handle, and the cap serves as a dispenser. Today, often use a flapper in the caps, so that the remnants of the gel drip back into the bottle. Such a tool is poured only into a special department in the dispenser.
  • In capsules. When you wash, you put the capsule in a drum with laundry. In each capsule there are different means: universal, for delicate tissues. The packet dissolves in water, so it does not need to be removed from the tank afterwards.

Having studied user feedback, we present the rating of the most popular liquid detergents for washing.


Ariel Complete 7 Lenor is a versatile gel that is suitable for different fabrics. It cares not only for things, but for the washing machine. The composition of the seven elements that perform separate tasks: soften water and things, give a fresh scent and a snow-white look with laundry, protect the elements of the stylal from scale. Enzymes allow you to get rid of dirt at 30 degrees.

Developed gels for different types of laundry:

  • Ariel Actilift for white things. It does not contain phosphate, it has an antistatic effect.
  • Ariel Complete 7 Color & Style for colored things. Protects against discoloration, giving fabrics a bright and rich color.

The bottles are equipped with a handle, and a special cap allows you to pre-clean the stains.

Tide (Tide)

Used in washing machines, automatic and manual washing. It is allowed to apply for colored and white fabrics. Liquid powder is most active at a temperature of 30 to 95 degrees. Concentrated gel provides a small expense with excellent quality of washing.

Liquid powder is well rinsed, leaving no clothes on the stains. It is universal, so you do not need to buy additional products for washing. The bottle is equipped with a handle and a lid with measuring marks. Does not contain bleach.


A dense universal remedy. Rapidly soluble in water, absorbed deeply into fibers, splitting spots. Already at the beginning of the cycle at a temperature of 30 degrees, the agent penetrates into the tissues. Does not leave white traces. Excellent choice for high-quality washing with reduced electricity consumption.

Of the new developments there is a gel for white linen Persil Freshness from Vernel, which has the characteristics of a stain remover. Substance for colored things Persil Color: a special sixth enzyme allows you to keep color when removing stains. And also Persil Sensitive for sensitive skin, without dye content, with hypoallergenic fragrance.

Baby powder "Eared Nanny"

Special development for washing children and newborns. The composition includes substances that allow at a water temperature of 30-40 degrees to cope with stains from juice, berries, chocolate, grass, blood.

Color-saving complex protects colored products from discoloration, and white - from molting. Rapidly soluble and effectively rinsed. The composition does not include dyes and chlorine.

For convenience, the bottle is equipped with a handle and a measuring cap with a double bottom for collection of gel residues.


Manufacturers have developed several types of liquid products. It:

  • Weasel Care & Repair is a restoring tool for clothes. Allows you to remove up to 80 percent of the.
  • Restore the color of 3D. She takes care of linen in three directions: intensity, firmness, radiance. Restores the color of the tissues.
  • Wool and silk 3D. The formula takes care of the delicate fabric of woolen and silk products.
  • Weasel Active & Fresh is a concentrate for sportswear. Gives things freshness and softness.

All bottles are equipped with a cap-dispenser.


Liquid instant powder, which is completely rinsed out of the tissues. The composition without chlorine and phosphate allows to wash the contamination at a water temperature of 20-60 degrees. Can be used for manual and machine washing.

Economical use - only 30 ml per wash. Measure the tool with a dispensing cap.

Gels from Faberlic are divided into several series:

  • For dark things. Used to preserve color and prevent moult dark fabrics. Protects clothing from the appearance of canes.
  • Color series. Gives saturation to colored things. Prevents peeling, provides a quality removal of contaminants.
  • Care for thin fabrics. It is used to care for wool, lace, silk, synthetic, microfiber, as well as for products with rhinestones, beads, patterns. Retains fabric fibers and softens.
  • For white products. Bleach in the composition restores the whiteness of the tissues. Enzymes cleave spots at low temperatures. Protection from greyness.

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid powders

Liquid gels are gaining increasing frequency for the following reasons:

  • Excellent solubility in water, effectively rinsed. Therefore, do not leave traces on clothes, do not cause allergies.
  • Due to local use, they are absorbed better and when the laundry is cleaved, the contaminants are cleaved.
  • Ideal for delicate and delicate fabrics, soften clothes.
  • Even at low temperatures, water is effective, because they do not need to be split in water.
  • Conveniently dosed and stored. Thanks to the dosage caps, you can measure the exact amount of gel, after which they are tightly closed and do not dust.

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • Hard to cope with severe pollution.
  • Cost more expensive and have a shorter shelf life than conventional powders.
  • Concentrated composition requires careful attention and precise dosage.
  • Washing is possible only at a temperature of not more than 60 degrees.

Having considered all the pros and cons, features of the application, you can decide which option is better to choose: traditional powder or liquid.

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