Kitchen corner for the kitchen: sizes, features, tips

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Kitchen corners for the kitchen have gained popularity for a long time. Everyone wants the house to have a cozy place where loved ones can gather. The designers have made this desire a reality by coming up with an angular design. What is the advantage of this furniture in comparison with other? What functions does it perform and what types are presented on the market? We will understand these and other issues.

Kitchen Area

What is a kitchen corner

To many, this concept seems unfamiliar. But everyone has definitely seen this design. It used to be standard, but now there is a wide variety. Therefore, everyone can choose a set to their liking. So, the kitchen corner includes:

  • Small corner sofa. This is the main feature of such furniture. Among the various options, it is the sofa that is of key importance. It is found in almost every corner of the kitchen.
  • Chairs or stools. You cannot do without them in any case. Sometimes they are not included in the package. Stools that come with a couch often contain storage space.
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  • Table. Tables in the shape of a circle, oval or triangle look better. Of course, it should be in harmony with the sofa in size. Otherwise, it will kill all the design aesthetics.

In addition, you can purchase additional accessories: pillows, ottomans, benches.

Kitchen corner with chairs

Pros and cons of kitchen corners

Let's start with the merits:

  1. Multifunctionality. The sofa can act as an extra bed. Various cabinets with drawers as part of the design will help you fit your kitchen utensils. Plenty of storage space on models with a cavity under the sofa seat.
  2. All elements of the set are designed in the same style, so the kitchen corners look very harmonious (provided that they fit into the overall interior of the room). Thus, you save time on the selection of individual components.
  3. If you look well, you can find very comfortable and roomy configurations.
  4. This is a great way to furnish a space as useful as possible and tastefully at the same time. You can plan a design even after purchasing a corner structure, i.e. start from its color, style and texture when choosing a kitchen set.
  5. The kitchen corner can be used as a workplace, or for free time.

This furniture has its drawbacks:

  1. If you have already made repairs, finishing, and all that remains is to buy a suitable kitchen corner, then difficulties may arise with this. It can be difficult to find the ideal option in all respects: material, shape, size, color, etc.
  2. The kitchen corner is a rather conservative option, so it is not always and not relevant for everyone.
  3. Takes up a lot of space (not all kits are capable of providing the functionality of the entire occupied space. Cleaning and moving objects around the kitchen becomes difficult.
Wood grain kitchen corner

Which kitchen corner to choose

Now let's turn to specific criteria for choosing a corner for the kitchen. The first thing that you need to realize and keep in mind is the general parameters:

  • Kitchen area. In confined spaces, we only pay attention to compact designs.
  • Number of residents. Needed to select the size of the table. The standard option is a table for 6 people.
  • Installation configuration. Depends on the selected dimensions.
  • Which kit is preferable.? There are models with several ottomans, for example, if you are often visited. Tables are also different: solid and unfolding.
  • Finishing method. Here, fashion trends and existing stylistic trends are taken into account.

We advise you to write down these points, and when buying, check whether the furniture you like matches them. Didn't find a suitable model? Kitchen corners and kitchen furniture, in general, can always be made according to an individual sketch by contacting a custom-made furniture company.

Next, we will consider the specific characteristics of this corner furniture.

Brown kitchen corner


The first classification that we will consider is by type of construction.

Monolithic construction

With its help, you can advantageously separate the dining area. Suitable for a kitchen where the entire space and the kitchen area, which is combined with the living room, needs to be zoned with the apartment. The result will be an island, a "podium". The constructed cavity is filled with concrete. Not the most economical, but effective option.

You can also create a monolithic structure in the form of an empty frame. That is, the remaining cavity is not filled with concrete, but is left. It can be adapted for a small warehouse, hide the wiring here.

Please note that the height of the podium is not chosen arbitrarily, but taking into account the height of the ceilings.

Monolithic kitchen corner

Folding corner

This is a kitchen corner design for a small kitchen. Suitable when there is too little space. This design is simply disassembled when needed and reassembled when not needed. Typically, this type of model has a folding table. The chairs are also foldable.

Space is saved, the composition looks neat.

Folding kitchen corner

Multi-module dining area

Additional modules are added to the standard modules: a sofa, chairs, a table: adjoining ottomans and benches.

The form

The shape of the kitchen corner means the characteristics of the sofa itself. Obviously, it will have a "G" -like shape. But there are also nuances here. One side can be longer than the other, or they can be symmetrical.

If the sofa is symmetrical, then the general view of the corner will be square. If one side is longer, then the corner looks like a rectangle.

Very, very rarely, a kitchen corner is circular. Such models are very difficult to find on sale. They are also designed for a large area, so they are not common. Nevertheless, the round soft corner in the kitchen creates a unique coziness and elegance.

Kitchen corners of different shapes


  • Much attention should be paid to the upholstery of the sofa and chairs. It is important that it fits into the overall interior in style and color, and is durable. Suitable materials: plush, velor, microfiber, chenille.
  • The pile has the property of rubbing and fading under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is wise to choose a Teflon coated fabric.
  • Leather is considered the ideal upholstery. Imitation leather is also not bad, they are practically not inferior in characteristics. Here you need to rely on your budget and desire. Indeed, many modern synthetic materials allow air to pass through well. Moreover, they are very durable and hypoallergenic. A significant disadvantage of leatherette is that it is very hot on it in the hot season.
  • What can be said about the filler of upholstered furniture? Elastic polyurethane foam, better known as foam rubber, is used. It meets environmental requirements and retains its shape well.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the seams. There should be no traces of needles, protruding threads.
  • The material for the frame, optimal in terms of price and quality, is class E chipboard. Chipboard should be varnished, since it is very fragile, sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture.
  • It is preferable, of course, to opt for natural wood. This material is durable, environmentally friendly, presentable. But for its excellent properties, you will have to pay higher than for all the others. To extend the "life" of wood, it is impregnated with various compounds, which also affects its final cost.
  • Metal is an excellent option. It is in demand in many modern styles, is very durable and easy to clean. Differs in a variety of colors. The metal surface can be chrome-plated or painted.
Kitchen corner made of wood


You need to start with measurements. They are carried out from the corner in the direction in both directions. Do not forget to measure the doorway so that there are no problems with carrying. Don't count everything back to back. It must be remembered that there must be room for mobility.

The question arises, how to supplement the purchased kitchen corner? This is very easy to do. Textile products will help to decorate the kitchen corner, to add additional comfort to it: decorative pillows, bedspreads, capes. Such hand-made will help to make a corner for the kitchen inexpensively and exclusively.

Cozy kitchen corner

Small kitchen corner

The question of the relevance of kitchen corners in a small kitchen area is very acute. On the one hand, you need to maintain an optimal amount of space for normal mobility. On the other hand, it is necessary to place household appliances, of which there are a great many. And you also need to leave a small area for the working area (for cooking). All this is extremely difficult to implement.

Fortunately, designers help us with this, coming up with new techniques. For example, you can make functional use of the space around the window frame by placing small pencil cases here or installing a table top instead of a window sill. Large household appliances (stove, oven) are usually built into a tall cabinet, saving space in width. An angle is set on the freed piece.

You need to look for models with boxes so that you don't have to place something extra. This will provide visual "unloading" of the space without losing its functionality and comfort.

Therefore, this is not only a possible, but also a good way out of a situation with limited space. Photos of the kitchen corners with a small area are presented below.

Compact corner for a small kitchen

Sizes of corners in the kitchen

We will present the standard parameters on the basis of which it is usually possible to achieve the desired degree of convenience. One of these parameters, calculated by experts: the average person needs a seating area with a depth of about 55 cm. This is enough for a comfortable fit. There are seats on the market with a depth ranging from 45 to 75 cm, so that the consumer has the opportunity to choose depending on his build.

The height of the kitchen corner is from 0.8 to 1 m. This indicator is influenced by the height of the seat and back of the chair / sofa. The latter is chosen by everyone individually, whoever is more comfortable. The height of the seats is selected according to the average height of the residents, the average value is 40-50 cm.

Have you chosen an “L” -shaped sofa? Its approximate dimensions are 1-1.4 m - small side, 1.5-2 m - large side. Within this range, you can easily find a suitable model and plan in advance the location of all interior components.

Angle size

Kitchen corner or table with chairs

Kitchen corners are convenient in that they create a comfortable environment for communication with guests. You also have extra bed for sleeping and rest. Some structures have niches for storing various kinds of gizmos.

At the same time, such furniture has its drawbacks. First, it collects a lot of dirt on itself. Secondly, cleaning becomes more difficult. Thirdly, many bulky models are being sold, and you still need to find an option that suits the interior.

If all the parameters are calculated, weighed "for" and "against", then only in this case should you give preference for kitchen corners, since despite the positive aspects, it has significant limitations. In any case, everyone makes a decision on their own, because everyone has different needs. When choosing, you need to be guided by your own intuition.

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