Filling kitchen cabinets: features and nuances, photos

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The main task of kitchen furniture is functionality. Filling kitchen cabinets is currently the most convenient and ergonomic. In addition to ordinary drawers and tightly fixed shelves, manufacturing companies offer different types of fillings aimed at the upper and lower furniture arrangement. This approach makes the operation process easier.
Filling kitchen cabinets

It is possible to fill and properly organize the kitchen space with a lot more furniture than it seems, even if the kitchen set takes up a lot of space. Internal filling of cabinets affects the cost, it is allocated up to 20% of the total price. But savings on performance are often a source of frustration. The hostess bends low for dishes in a drawer in the lower cabinet, or stands on a chair to get something from the upper shelves. It makes sense not to save money by purchasing furniture, so that later you can enjoy the convenience and practicality. The filling suggestions are varied, as is the choice of headsets.

Choosing kitchen cabinets

What is the filling of kitchen drawers

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When choosing the filling of cabinets, you need to compare the proposed options with your own requests and the location of the headset. Kitchen furniture companies offer the following types of cabinetry filling:

  • dish drying;
  • cutlery storage trays;
  • mesh baskets;
  • rotary carousels;
  • magic corners;
  • lifting mechanisms;
  • columns;
  • devices for storing bottles;
  • garbage buckets.

We analyze the options in more detail

Dish dryers and cutlery storage trays - well-known fillers for kitchen cabinets. Drying is often located in a cabinet above the sink, either metal or plastic. The use of cutlery trays makes it possible to conveniently lay out forks, knives, spoons, distributing them into compartments. The trays are located in the drawers of the cabinets, placed at the bottom. They can also be plastic, wood or metal.

Mesh for the kitchen
In mesh baskets it is convenient to store various kitchen utensils. They are excellent fillers for kitchen cabinets under the sink. Installation is made in the shape of the letter "P", fastenings are made on the door and side walls. Baskets are stationary and equipped with a pull-out system. Here are the place for cleaning and detergents, washcloths.

Swivel carousel - this is an axle attached to the cabinet, on which semicircular shelves are put on. They rotate 270 degrees. The design is suitable for placement in corner cabinets. It is also attached to facades, often in cabinets located on top. Many housewives are surprised at first with this filling system, but after the first use they understand that it is very convenient.

There are 2 mesh baskets in the magic corner. One is located on the front of the cabinet, the second freely walks inside. The baskets have hinged parts. The mechanism works like this: when the door is closed, the baskets are located near the rear vertical rack, when the cabinet is opened, they fall into the doorway thanks to the guides. The facade pulls out the first basket, the second pulls itself up. The design of the magic corner is ideal for small kitchens. The ergonomics of the space are preserved, there is a place for storage.

Lifting mechanisms Is a development for cabinet doors located at the top. Instead of conventional swing doors, manufacturing companies offer practical options for opening wall cabinets. The mechanisms provide elements that fix the open door at any time. It is only necessary to slightly raise the edge of the door, and thanks to the lifting mechanism, it will easily open, frozen horizontally.

Column - option for tall cabinets. The mesh design allows for height-adjustable baskets. Column drawers can be fully extended thanks to ball guides.

Bottle holder makes it possible to store different containers in the form of a bottle. Relevant for the arrangement of narrow lockers. From a bottle holder with high compartments, it will be possible to build a locker for bulk products in special containers.

Trash cans have changed significantly since their inception. They are not just placed under the sink, but built into a cabinet with a door mount. They have pedals to open the lid, they can be easily pulled out of the holders and just as easily returned there.

Pros of retractable internal mechanisms kitchen headset

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All of the above kitchen filling systems have become multifunctional due to the presence of innovative pull-out mechanisms. To make it convenient to store and use the items necessary in the kitchen, cabinet drawers are equipped with ball and roller guides. There are also closers, thanks to their installation, the mechanism works quietly. Closers make it possible to do without handles on the facades, the general appearance of kitchen furniture is improved. Metal boxes are also becoming popular. The boxes are reinforced with steel sidewalls, they can easily cope with significant loads, moving easily thanks to the guides.

It should be said about modern boards - retractable cutting boards and built-in ironing boards. The developers delight lovers of home comfort with original things. Storage trays change in size, turning into movable boxes, additional tiered storage systems appear in cabinets, dish dryers are built into the lower cabinets.

What is suitable for which cabinet / shelf?

Column for dishes in the kitchen
You should strive for maximum rationality when choosing filling for cabinets in the kitchen. When arranging a workplace, the hostess wants everything needed to be available at any time.
  • Lift mechanisms and column are suitable for overhead cabinets. Mesh baskets are also relevant here, because the hostess sees the location of the items. There is no need to place anything heavy on the upper shelves. This is a place for storing spices, small dishes, bulk products.
  • In the lower cabinets, it is preferable to place pots, pans, tableware, which the hostess uses every day. At the bottom there are bottle holders, a trash can.
  • It is better to place bulk products and bottles in high drawers.
  • For corner kitchens, the use of a rotary carousel or a magic corner is suitable. The swivel carousel is placed either in the upper or in the lower cabinets.

Depending on the size of the kitchen area and cabinets, the type of fillers is selected:

  • mesh baskets are solid, with one compartment or divided into sections. Thanks to them, objects do not slip if the box is not completely filled;
  • a narrow box is suitable for trays, it is better to store pots in a deep one;
  • the bottle holder can be placed in a narrow space between the bedside tables, equipped with a pull-out mechanism.

Thanks to the variety of internal content of the kitchen, it becomes a modern home, giving positive emotions. Drawers, spacious storage baskets, hanging shelves create a comfortable working environment in the kitchen. Numerous photos of kitchen fillings on the Internet make it possible to visually represent the benefits of kitchen innovations. It becomes easier to cope with cleaning the room: everything that got in the way is now inside the cabinets in the drawers. In this case, the price for a kitchen set, which at first seemed overpriced, no longer scares.

Photo: how to properly organize additional lockers

Dish boxes
Wine box
Drawer in glass fronts
For the trash can

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