How to choose a kitchen table for a small kitchen: tips, ideas

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For a small kitchen, standard dining table models, as a rule, are not entirely suitable. It is important to equip the room in such a way that it is comfortable, therefore, an original approach to the choice of a kitchen unit is required here.

Small kitchen table

Varieties of small kitchen tables (photo)

Varieties of kitchen tables
Today, various manufacturers produce compact furniture for small spaces, among the many options you can choose a suitable design:
  • glass;
  • transformer;
  • folding;
  • folding;
  • mobile;
  • bar counter;
  • corner;
  • retractable.

Glass table

Glass table in a small kitchen
Take a close look at the offers from leading brands - glass tables. Such furniture is not very conspicuous. It does not clutter up the space and creates a feeling of weightlessness. At first, a tabletop is usually perceived as a fragile product that requires careful handling, but if the furniture is of high quality, then it is able to withstand significant loads, and after a meal it does not remain on its surface scratches.

Some consumers who bought this option for their kitchen note that at first they were embarrassed by the contemplation of their own legs while eating, but the discomfort quickly passed.

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The dining table can be not only transparent, structures can be made of textured, frosted and colored glass.


Table transformer
In this model, the tabletop is divided into two equal halves, which can be easily moved apart. A special panel is installed between the two parts of the structure, the surface expands, more people can fit.

A square countertop transforms into a rectangular one, a round one becomes oval. The multifunctional design is an original solution for rooms with limited space.

Table transformer
The assembled transforming table can accommodate a family of 2-3 people. If you are waiting for the arrival of guests, then you will need to expand the structure so that the newcomers also have enough space.

Each model has a special mechanism. You need to know how to use it and check it in operation. It must function properly and be easy to use, so that you yourself can unfold the structure without assistance, if the need arises.


Folding kitchen table
This design is convenient in that its edges can be folded into a vertical position, then it takes up a minimum of space. The other model of a folding table, in addition to the central panel, has side panels that can be pulled out if necessary. Multifunctional products are easy to use, when folded, they do not interfere with movement in the kitchen, at the same time, 2 or 3 people can sit on it. If there are more people, then in order to move the tabletop apart, the owner literally needs to make one movement with his hand.


Folding table in the kitchen

The model is installed near the wall. Its table top, which is shaped like a rectangle or a semicircle, does not take up much space. After the meal, the table is folded, it is firmly pushed against the wall.

If guests unexpectedly come, then it will not be difficult to prepare a dining place for everyone - you just need to install a spacer or a leg. The model allows the hostess to move freely while cooking and quickly prepare the table for dinner. 5-6 people will feel comfortable behind it.


Movable kitchen table
This small table is easy to move. The most common models are with casters. If it is not needed, it is simply placed in a corner so that it does not occupy a useful area. When it's time for dinner, the piece of furniture is moved to the center of the room, then several people can fit at the table.

There is also another version of the mobile table, which is also popular with consumers. This movable structure is fixed with a special rail to the cabinet in the kitchen. One side is fixed in the guide, along which it moves, and the legs on wheels serve as a support for the other side. The model is easy to move.

A bar counter in the kitchen instead of a dining table

Bar counter in a small kitchen
The design of the bar is in length, it is suitable for kitchens with any area. In a spacious room, it is placed in the center, and in a small one - near the wall. By correctly placing the counter, you will create favorable conditions for unhindered movement around the kitchen. The result is a compact dining area for 5 people or more. The bar counter, located on the same level with the furniture, looks much more impressive.


Corner table in a small kitchen
The design allows you to equip the space rationally, in the kitchen it will be convenient for you to prepare food and receive guests. The corner option is usually placed in a corner. The installation makes it possible to save useful space, but it also has a minus - a small capacity. Only 1 or 2 people can sit at such a table at a time. If you do not move it to the wall, then the possibilities of the dining area expand - it can accommodate 8 people. Place a seating area and chairs next to it.

The table is presented in different modifications, each of which deserves attention from the side of consumers. There are models made in the form of a cabinet with a countertop, it is convenient to use them for cutting meat and other products. An alternative version with increased functionality is the design with a pull-out table top. Another interesting option is a solid tabletop combined with a furniture set.

Manufacturers produce a corner table in a large assortment, it can be floor-standing and hanging. In the first case, it can withstand more weight than in the second.


Pull-out kitchen table
The dining table model expands the useful space of the kitchen area. It will not be difficult to expand it, it will take no more than a minute. The retractable version can withstand significant loads, manufacturers of high-quality furniture guarantee that items with a total weight of up to 60 kg and even higher can be placed on products. Install it instead of the top drawer in the base cabinet.

Features of the choice of compact models (photo)

The dining table must be chosen with many factors in mind. The landlord must think over everything, the criteria in this case can be:

  • room dimensions;
  • the number of people living in the apartment;
  • often large companies gather in the house or not.

If this is your first time making such a purchase, consult a store manager who knows all the nuances when choosing furniture and will be able to advise a suitable model.

The form

Rectangular kitchen table
Manufacturers produce furniture in all sorts of shapes: they are semicircular, round, oval, square, rectangular and angular. The most popular countertop shape is rectangular. Such furniture can be conveniently located in the corner of the room and against the wall.
Square table in a small kitchen
A square table is more compact compared to a rectangular one, it is suitable for small rooms. A round table top is a great option for a central location. Such a model will not seem massive, it helps to visually expand the space. The round table has no sharp corners, so it does not create inconvenience in the kitchen. Stylish product fits perfectly into any interior design.
Oval kitchen table
A semicircular table can be placed close to the wall, in this position it will take up less space than a round one. The oval model can be equipped with a cutlery drawer. An oval worktop is also considered a good option for a kitchen in a small apartment. This corner dining table is perfect for a family of 2.


Dining table for a small kitchen
Color solution, if correctly selected, will make the room unusually cozy. The shade of the table should be in harmony with the colors present in the decorative finish. It can also overlap with a range of other pieces of furniture. First of all, light colors should get into your field of vision: pieces of furniture look noble and stylish.


Modern kitchen table in a small kitchen
If you live alone, do not like to invite guests to your place and you rarely have to cook at home, then it is better to take a table that you can just put and not lay out. When there are more people in the family, and you can wait for a visit from relatives almost every weekend, you will need a folding, folding table model or a transformer. Avoid purchasing massive structures: they are not at all suitable for confined spaces.

Where is it better to arrange

kitchen table for a small kitchen
The size of the room affects the location of the dining table in the kitchen. If the room is large, then the furniture is usually placed in the middle, and in a small kitchen the best option is a corner table or a table of compact dimensions, which can be easily moved to the wall.

Where to place the chairs

Arrangement of chairs in a small kitchen
For two people, you can put 2 soft chairs opposite each other, and place a table between them. This arrangement is ideal when there is a niche in the kitchen, otherwise such arrangement is impractical. Padded seating can be made with an opening structure, which is used as additional storage space. In a small kitchen, you can buy folding chairs, if they are not needed, they can be taken out to the balcony.

If you have chosen a bar counter for arranging the dining area, then appropriate chairs are needed. There is a wide choice of them, so in the catalog you will definitely find original models that can interest you.


Try different experiments, as long as you feel comfortable and comfortable.

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