Kitchen with a bar counter: photo in the interior, layout rules

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The bar counter in the modern kitchen has already become as commonplace as the usual dining table. Once an attribute of drinking establishments, and after a sign of a rich and large house, today it is a great alternative to a desk, additional work space, and just an original solution interior.

Stylish corner kitchen design with a bar counter

Placing it in a corner kitchen is not a difficult task, but it is worthwhile to think over the zoning of the room, size and location in advance in order to make the room as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Corner count's kitchen with a bar

Pros and cons of a bar counter in a kitchen interior

The bar has gained such popularity due to its versatility. It can be very small and take up little space due to the narrow and elongated table top. However, even behind the smallest bar, you can comfortably sit for breakfast, a cup of coffee or a snack literally on the run. For families in which it is not customary to set a table where all family members live according to their own schedule, a large dining table is rather an excess.

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Stylish corner kitchen with a breakfast bar

This piece of furniture can be used as an additional work surface. This is especially true for small kitchens, where the work area can be small due to the presence of household appliances and other kitchen utensils on the countertop.

Bar counter in the kitchen
In addition, in the corner kitchen, it will help to zone the space - to separate the cooking area from the area where you can comfortably sit and drink tea. In a small kitchen, in this way, you can usefully use every centimeter of space, for example, a place near a window.
Corner kitchen with bar

The design of a corner kitchen with a bar (pictured) has no particular drawbacks. Perhaps only too high a bar and high chairs will be uncomfortable for the elderly. In this case, you can make it low, for example, flush with the height of the kitchen countertop, then it will not need too high chairs for it.

Unusual kitchen solution with a bar counter


First of all, let us note what they are:

  • How continuation of the kitchen set - a single worktop with the kitchen, located at the same height. In fact, this is a part of the kitchen that protrudes into free space, sufficient to approach from either side;
  • Freestanding or kitchen island - this option is applicable only in a large kitchen, as it requires more free space on all sides. But it is very functional - on the one hand, you can use the stand as a dining table, on the other, as a working area;
  • Wall - it is a stylistic continuation of kitchen furniture, but is attached to the wall. Often the design uses a single leg or support that holds both the countertop and the cornice above it. Such racks are usually the most compact and perfectly zoning the space.
Corner kitchen set with a bar counter for a small kitchen

The most common arrangement of the counter in a corner kitchen is perpendicular to the countertop, that is, the set forms the letter P. on the plan. This arrangement is the most convenient, as it allows you to organize a working triangle - the area between the refrigerator, sink and stove. For the same reasons, you should not divide the countertop with a perpendicular bar or put the refrigerator behind it. This will lead to the fact that the hostess will be forced to bend around this rack all the time, “winding” extra meters.

Kitchen set with a bar counter by the window

If the rack is separate and space allows, it is reasonable to place it parallel to the main working area, which contains the refrigerator, stove, oven. Then the hostess just needs to turn around to cook something or serve food.

Kitchen with the letter P with a bar

Dimensions (edit)

If the bar is located on the same level with the kitchen countertop, then its height will be from 85 to 90 cm. Choose chairs for these sizes from 55 to 60 centimeters high. If the bar provides that you can work behind it while standing, then its height should be 110 or even 130 cm. Choose chairs with a footrest, backrest, and even armrests for maximum seating comfort.

Kitchen with bar counter white

The width of this piece of kitchen interior should not be less than 30 cm, but at least 50 is better, then you can place a laptop on it or serve lunch on it. An island that allows working on both sides at the same time must be at least 70 cm wide.

Corner kitchen with bar counter in shades of green

The length can be any, it all depends on the dimensions of the room. In the interior of a small corner kitchen with a bar table, a stand of 60 cm in length is possible - this is enough for one person. But more often they count on two, that is, the length is at least 1.2 meters. Be sure to provide a free space for the approach - from 1 meter on each side.

Design of a small kitchen with a bar

How to use a kitchen window wisely?

The kitchen window is an often unused area. The bar attribute will help you make the most of the wall along the window. So, the racks created on the basis of the extended window sill look very original - you can sit at the table and admire the view from the window. If the wall is long enough, order a long, narrow stand that can be used as a workspace by simply rearranging the chairs along the counter.

The countertop in the kitchen design can go at right angles to the window, replacing the window sill, and form another right angle, making the countertop look like the letter P. This technique will allow you to use the maximum space along the window and around the perimeter of the room.

Corner kitchen with bar

To save more space, instead of chairs, purchase stools that can be completely pushed under the tabletop.

Bar counter in the kitchen

Design solutions (PHOTOS)

Very often, elements of a bar interior are not just a piece of furniture, but also a design object. A very popular solution is a table top, which is mounted on a chrome support. On top of it, a cornice is reinforced, repeating the shape of the table top. Often it has LED lighting or a glass holder mounted in it, and the support has additional baskets or shelves.

Corner kitchen with bar

This counter looks light and does not clutter up the kitchen, which is ideal for small spaces.

White glossy corner kitchen with bar counter

The two-level countertop also looks original, that is, high bar paraphernalia, as if resting on the main countertop.

Corner kitchen with bar

Also, the rack can, instead of a leg, lean on a small cabinet in which you can arrange drawers, shelves or a bottle (pull-out or open cell for wine)

Kitchen interior with a bar

The island stand is usually made in the same materials and colors as the kitchen set. This will add rigor and streamline the overall look of the room.

Bar kitchen

The worktop itself can be different - straight or curved, giving more space. It can be multi-level and made of different materials - chipboard, plastic, stone, wood, even glass.

Bar counter in the corner of the kitchen

Corner glossy kitchen

Corner kitchen with bar

Nice and modern ...

Corner kitchen with bar

Small kitchen interior with a bar counter

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Kitchen with a bar counter: photo in the interior, layout rules

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