My husband made me a comfortable place for needlework - a wardrobe room

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I am engaged in various types of needlework: I sew, weave with beads, make boxes and decorate them using decoupage technique. I needed a place for needlework for a long time. And then my husband hurried up and made me a whole wardrobe room! I'll tell you about the process today.

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Where everything was stored before

It is clear that I have a whole bunch of various devices, gizmos, beads, pieces of paper, rags, threads and the like.

To store all my "wealth" I use containers, jars of mayonnaise, sour cream and cheese, ordinary bags, cardboard boxes and much more, where a piece of fabric, a ball of thread, beads, beads and accessories.

And all this I kept until recently in closets (and we have two at home), bedside tables, on the mezzanine. The main problem was not even storage, but finding - where and what is stored. When I was going to sew a new thing or make a bracelet, I began to shake up all my treasures. Of course, there was no order in the house after that.

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The husband cursed, saying, keep your rubbish somewhere in one place. I would be glad. Yes, there is not enough space. And then he decided to make life easier for me and for himself at the same time. And he made a whole room for needlework out of a closet.

Creating a room

This wardrobe is incomprehensible at all for something - either a pantry, or a dressing room. At first, there was an option to use an ordinary three-door wardrobe for my "handicraft" room. But we thought and decided that the pantry is especially useless for us, and therefore we can use it for more useful purposes.


First of all, the cabinet was renovated. In it we kept various household implements, buckets, rags, rubbish. In general, everything that is a pity to throw away (suddenly come in handy), but was not used. My husband is a resolute man - despite my sighs of regret and ahi, he threw out broken mops, loose brooms and torn rags.

Then they made repairs in the "room" - they glued the wallpaper and painted the doors from the inside. And the husband set to work setting up a corner of needlework.

We kept old furniture at our dacha. We didn’t use it, but it’s a pity to throw it away. So it came in handy. Not all, of course, but only a desk and pencil case. Although some parts of the old sideboard came in handy, of which my husband made separate drawers instead of "bedside tables".

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First of all, the boxes were made to size. Then the husband attached the guides. By the way, I don't like modern metal ones with wheels. I got used to the usual wooden ones. And new ones break quickly - then the drawer cannot be closed. Therefore, the guides were made from slats.

Then all surfaces were sanded, painted and varnished, and new fittings were attached to the boxes. It turned out modern and stylish. Then we set about the situation.


First, a desk and a chest of drawers went into the closet. They fit perfectly in my closet room. A stool is very well placed under the tabletop. By the way, a chair with a backrest fits perfectly here, but I'm not comfortable sitting on one. Therefore, I chose a stool with height adjustment.

A sewing machine and a netbook fit on the tabletop. I sometimes "spy" on others. And in general I like to do needlework, watching some kind of TV series.

Then came the time for the shelves. Since we needed a place above the table, there was no question of any rack (as I dreamed). Therefore, one long shelf was made for boxes and large containers, and two smaller ones on the side, for various little things. The shelves are made of wood planks, also sanded, painted to match the table and chest of drawers, and lacquered. I was still worried that something might fall from the lower shelves, but everything fit perfectly.

If someone is engaged in needlework, they will understand me: how difficult it is to store ribbons so that they do not wrinkle and do not open. For this purpose, the husband attached roll holders to the doors themselves. Well, you've probably seen these in the store. These are now on my every door. I also hung organizers for small things on these holders, which I use all the time.

At the bottom are rolls of paper, which I use to create boxes, postcards, bags, boxes, and so on.

The same holder is attached to the wall above the table. Various organizers also hang on it. The needlewomen will understand me - there are no many little things, and even more places for their storage.

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On the other door, besides the holders, a surprise awaited me - a real chalk board. I can't imagine where her husband got it. But now you can immediately sketch the models and erase if you don't like something. In sight and the sizes required when sewing clothes.

An important component of a needlewoman's room is light. My husband made two lamps for me - one hinged under the ceiling for general lighting of the room, and the second - a table one. You simply cannot do without it when working with small details - beads, beads, rhinestones. When sewing, there is no great need for it, since the machine has its own backlight.

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