Top 10 mistakes when choosing upholstered furniture

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Our home is our fortress, so you need to carefully approach the purchase of upholstered furniture.It is so nice to relax on a soft sofa with a book and a cup of tea after a hard day. But sometimes it turns out that instead of the desired item, we get an expensive thing that absolutely does not fit the original wishes. How to avoid annoying mistakes when choosing upholstered furniture?

Mistakes when choosing furniture

An example of the 10 most common mistakes

The content of the article

  • An example of the 10 most common mistakes
    • 1. Unsuitable dimensions
    • 2. Random color
    • 3. Blind following fashion
    • 4. Responsive to marketing and salespeople
      • A couple of marketing gimmicks:
    • 5. Rough choice of fabric material
    • 6. Do not compare prices and buy "blindly"
    • 7. Trust only your intuition
    • 8. Don't listen to advice from experienced friends
    • 9. Ignore the details
    • 10. Neglecting the transformation system

1. Unsuitable dimensions

Perhaps this is the top of all charts! First of all, before going to the store, you should take a tape measure and measure the place where you plan to put the sofa. In the trading floor, we boldly approach and take all measurements from the model we like. It is also necessary to remember that the furniture still needs to be brought in through narrow openings!

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Mistakes when choosing furniture

It is necessary to take into account all the errors of decorative ornaments, backrests and handles. They often add volume and interfere with standing in the allotted corner.

The dimensions of the furniture must correspond to the parameters of the room.. Too large or small items look out of place, even if they are at the peak of trends and coincide with the main range.

2. Random color

He is obliged to approach the general concept of the room, without getting out of the interior. Otherwise, the sofa becomes an annoying stain, even the most expensive item against the wrong background loses its uniqueness and elegance.

Mistakes when choosing furniture

The colors of the furniture should be selected based on the color scheme of the room. For example, you can take a photo of an apartment and estimate how the selected model will look in it.

3. Blind following fashion

Mistakes when choosing furniture

Quite a common mistake.What is in trend today will become history tomorrow, and the sofa will remain for a long time, so it is the first the queue should be practical, functional, match the interior and personal taste owner.

4. Responsive to marketing and salespeople

You should not easily take the words of consultants on faith, they are interested in making a sales plan.Of course, there are true professionals who really help, but it's better not to take risks and independently check all the mechanisms, the quality of the seams on the upholstery and be sure to sit on the sofa to evaluate comfort.

Mistakes when choosing furniture

A couple of marketing gimmicks:

  • Advertising with a product at a very low price.She lures the buyer to come to the store, and already on the spot it turns out that the goods are sold. In return, sellers will happily offer another option at regular cost. The scheme works as many people do not want to leave empty-handed.
  • Reduced price when buying a kit. But due to the difference in pricing, the client will still not save.

5. Rough choice of fabric material

For families with pets and small children, they buy models with upholstery made of non-marking fabrics, which are quickly cleaned of wool and drawings with felt-tip pens. For example, a baby, unknowingly, is able to spoil a white leather surface with plasticine, out of a desire to "help mom" or by showing creative inclinations.

Mistakes when choosing furniture

Modern technology allows you to choose practical options, there are series of fabrics suitable for owners of animals and parents of restless kids: velor, flock, microfiber, artificial suede and wool.

6. Do not compare prices and buy "blindly"

Mistakes when choosing furniture

Furniture is an expensive purchase, there should be no rush.Experts advise to first go shopping, look at sites on the Internet, compare models and prices on various resources. Whenever possible to read reviews, people are very willing to share their impressions of their purchases. So you can find your favorite model for several thousand rubles cheaper than the original version.

7. Trust only your intuition

Mistakes when choosing furniture

Not the most correct approach, there is a risk of impulsively buying the first thing that comes across.It is better to study the information in advance, make a list of requirements, and then begin the selection process.

There are many design sites on the Internet that offer options for color combinations in the interior and modeling in various styles of premises.

8. Don't listen to advice from experienced friends

Mistakes when choosing furniture

If you have a friend who is an expert in this matter, then you should definitely take him with you!He is not interested in selling at a higher price, his advice will be more valuable than the advice of the store seller. But if there is no such acquaintance, then you should contact the hall manager for help. In any case, employees will help you understand the mechanisms and answer basic questions.

9. Ignore the details

Mistakes when choosing furniture

The seams should be straight and the threads should be free of knots and breaks.On expensive models, all parts are covered with main fabric. The budget versions combine basic and technical fabric. The strength of the sofa depends on the wooden structure, the more elements, the stronger the furniture. All fasteners must be made of strong steel and not bend when pressed.

10. Neglecting the transformation system

It is important to immediately check the functionality of the mechanisms. The sofa should unfold as simply, easily and effortlessly as possible.

Mistakes when choosing furniture

Attention to detail and thoroughness of the approach will help you choose the best option that will delight its owner for a long time with practicality, comfort and beauty.

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