What to look for when choosing a bike computer

What to look for when choosing a bike computer


If a person finds money to purchase a rather expensive sports bike, then it's just silly not to to buy a bike computer - an innovative device that provides a very useful bicyclist information. Thanks to a number of advantages, this device is very popular, and the question of how to choose a bike computer is becoming more important.

Today bike computers are in demand among professional bicycle riders and ordinary fans of two-wheeled vehicles. The simplest instruments measure only the speed of a distance, advanced analogs differ in advanced capabilities. In addition, many brands are engaged in the release of this product, so the choice of a specific model is a difficult task and requires a serious study of many aspects.


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The first thing to be analyzed when choosing a cycling computer is the functional. A responsible approach to this task will ensure a serious cost savings. The functionality of the device directly determines its cost, therefore it is very important to assess objectively its own needs.

If the bicycle is used as a vehicle that delivers a person to work and allows perform periodic bike tours then six or eight basic functions of an entry-level computer will enough. The list of similar functions includes:

  • travel time;
  • current speed;
  • speed for a given period;
  • distance traveled for a specific period of time;
  • total distance traveled;
  • date;
  • time.

To mount such a device, one sensor located on the plug is enough. The cost of such models is low, they are durable and easy to configure, which is very important for a simple user.

If cycling for a person is a professional occupation or a very serious hobby, then the minimum list of functions will not be enough. Heaped models are able to calculate to compose graphs, motion diagrams, determine the speed increase, track tracks through GPS navigators. But their necessity and, accordingly, the expediency of buying an expensive bike computer should be well analyzed. For most people, these options are simple toys that get bored after a week and are not used trivially.

Types of cycling computers


There are two fundamentally different types of bike computers: mechanical and electronic. If a person thinks about how to choose a bike computer, he needs to immediately decide which type of device suits him more. In general, the choice between electronic and mechanical is a matter of personal taste. However, according to the opinion of most experts in this field, electronic analogues are more preferable.

In turn, more popular electronic models are divided into two subcategories. They can be wireless and wired. Here, the wireless bike computer is considered a premium device. In it, information is transmitted through its own frequency in online mode.

Wire electronic analogues are much simpler and have lower cost, therefore they are considered more in demand. At the same time, they do not lose wireless functionality by functionality. The only thing they lose is in the presence of wires, which can create a certain inconvenience. Also, wireless devices are less weighty, often have more functions and will not break when dropped from a bicycle.

Characteristics of a good device

The bicycle during operation is subjected to very serious external influences. This is especially true for sports bikes, which can be used for traveling on difficult terrain. Therefore, a good bike computer must have a number of performance characteristics that will allow it to remain durable. The main characteristics are:

  • dust protection. This property provides protection of the device from dust, which is a lot in ordinary city streets, not to mention the mountainous country outside the city;
  • water resistance. In the absence of reliable protection from moisture, the bicycle computer may become unusable even from shallow rain or dew, which can lead to the breakdown of the electronic components of the device. A sports bicycle refers to all-weather types of transport, and its use only in good weather seldom suits the owner. Often, the higher water resistance of the device corresponds to a higher class of equipment, which naturally increases the cost of the device;
  • impact resistance. The bicycle regularly experiences serious vibrations, therefore the computer for it should maintain them, without occurrence of failures. Also, you should always remember about possible falls. Therefore, the device must be different than the shock-proof;
  • reliability of fastening. The reliable fastening of the cyclo-computer is understood as the presence of vibration damping rubber gaskets, high-strength bolts, a high-quality plastic housing;
  • "Legibility" of the screen. When riding a bicycle on a cycling computer, glare may appear, dust may form. Also, do not forget about the vibrations. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand what is written on the screen of a cycling computer. It will not be superfluous to highlight.

Video: overview and installation of the Sigma bike computer

Leading manufacturers

The modern market of bike computers abounds not only in a huge variety, but also in the large number of firms whose products are represented here. Below are the leading brands of this product, which should be closely watched.

One of the most recognizable is Dutch firm BBB. It has been manufacturing equipment for bicycles for several decades. Its main advantages are high quality and a huge range of products. Dutch developers offer budget models, premium models, etc.

The company Sigma (Germany) is favorably distinguished by a responsible attitude to the smallest details. At once it is necessary to note the design offered by this manufacturer of devices. The average model of the Sigma cycling computer is equipped with eight functions: a speedometer, a clock, an odometer, The top models of the brand are distinguished by high cost, which can not be mastered by everyone. However, the purchase fully justifies the money spent.

Cateye is a Japanese manufacturer who constantly tries to provide the cyclist with the maximum list of functions for a minimum cost, which, in fact, is inherent in all Japanese brands. The democratic value, multifunctionality and good quality of Cateye cycle computers make them very popular in this segment of the market.

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