How to calculate the power of air conditioning

When buying air conditioners, you need to thoroughly know the system by which you can correctly calculate the power of the air conditioner. A mindless purchase, during which only advertising slogans and the authority of the manufacturer are guided, will not give the desired result - in a few months you will understand that this calculation did not justify itself. To carry out the correct calculation of the power of the air conditioner, you must be guided by a specially developed system that takes into account every nuance:

  • Power consumption;
  • The area of ​​the room intended for cooling;
  • Ceiling height;
  • The number of household appliances located in the premises;
  • Lighting power;
  • Total power of all household appliances, etc.

In order to calculate the required power of the desired air conditioner, the symbol 1 kW is taken. When you decide to buy an air conditioner, you can get various systems that allow you to calculate the power of the air conditioner, be it an electronic calculator or a special spreadsheet. Whatever system you get, the calculation will be carried out at the expense of the above parameters. But do not forget - a similar calculation of the power of the air conditioner is approximate, and does not claim to be the absolute truth.


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Should I make additional calculations?

So why calculate the power of the air conditioner, if you can follow the standard list of indicators on the box and in the instructions? First, do not forget that the products of all manufacturers of air conditioners are significantly different from each other, and the indicator of the air conditioner of one company will not correspond to the identical indicators of another company. That is why the calculation must be carried out independently, taking into account individual parameters.

It is possible that the seller will try to sell you "stale" goods in the form of an air conditioner of insufficient capacity, which is not enough to cool the entire area. Or vice versa - the sales agent will try to sell you an expensive sample of increased power, which will be useless in the conditions of your premises.

The important point is also the electricity consumed by the equipment( especially when it comes to an office or an industrial enterprise).In a serious business, you can not turn a blind eye to any costs, since every penny counts, and control over the waste of electricity should be as tough as possible.

Circumstances can be made so that you will feel the difference only a year later, when the goods will not be subject to return. That is why an individual calculation is necessary, be it a virtual calculator on the site or another counting system.

Method of calculating

So, how can you calculate the power of the air conditioner? If you want to achieve proper cooling of the entire area of ​​your premises, you need to take into account such factors as the area of ​​the room, the height of the room, the number of people present there, the number of electrical devices functioning in the premises, as well as additional factors( glazing area, the presence of open air vents, etc..).Only with all of the above indicators, the calculation will be correct.

The power of the acquired air conditioner and the cooling efficiency( as is known, this equipment is primarily intended for cooling the room) directly depends on the number of heat gains present in the conditioned area. Heat inflows are working office equipment, people in the apartment and other sources of heat. It is precisely heat gains that can become a tangible barrier to high-quality and complete cooling of the entire area of ​​your office, store or home. If you spend the calculation for the store, better be guided by the maximum number of people in it.

The cooling capacity of air conditioners is calculated in kW.As it is known, kW is a system-wide unit of measurement of the work performed or energy generated, which is why the designation "kW" is so common. According to the generally accepted system, the calculation is carried out for reasons of "1 kW per area of ​​10 square meters".The efficiency of air conditioners is usually 300%, since the energy consumed by them is on average three times less than the cooling produced.

Air conditioner power is calculated using the following formula:

Q( heat influx) = S( room area) * h( room height) * q( average factor 35 - 40 W / sq. M).

The designation q means the total area ratio of a room depending on how much sunlight it receives. After the calculations, we can understand exactly what model of air conditioner we need. The modern market of air conditioners represents goods of various capacities - 2.0 kW;3.5 kW;5.0 kW;7.0 kW, etc.

British Thermal Unit

But in addition to models with such markings, you can get products with marks BTU / h. This refers to such a formulation as a British thermal unit / hour, derived from the calculation of the amount of heat required to heat 1 pound of water at 1 degree Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that 1 Btu / hour means approximately 0.3 W, and it is for these reasons that the calculation of the cooling capacity of the air conditioner should be made.

Do not forget to calculate the heat coming from the additional heat leakage.

Every person in the apartment and every household and office equipment, from the microwave to the copier, emit a certain percentage of heat. And if you do not take into account this percentage, the results of the calculations may be incorrect. On average, one person produces 0.1 kW of heat, computers and other office equipment - 0.3 kW.These results must be added, and only then you will receive the most accurate data. The effectiveness of your equipment depends on how carefully you will select it, and how accurately calculate all the individual parameters.

If you don’t like to deal with formulas, in just a few clicks you can calculate the cooling efficiency at one of the specialized sites. The clients are provided with a virtual calculator that can calculate in seconds. And thanks to the above formula, you can easily check the accuracy of the calculations and assess how this calculator has coped with the task.

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