How to choose the right screen for the projector

How to choose the right screen for the projector


Whatever your projector is, you can achieve excellent image quality only if you buy a good screen for it. If you show even a very "cool" presentation on a white sheet that you inherited from your grandmother, hardly anyone will take you seriously. However, all this you yourself know. But how to choose this very screen for the projector is not entirely clear. What should it be? It's time to sort it out.


  • 1Stationary or portable?
  • 2Choose the size and format
  • 3Surface is dense
  • 4What kind of beast is an extradrop?

Stationary or portable?

This is the first thing you need to start from when you buy. The general rule is simple: the less touch the screen of the projector, the longer it serves. Therefore, if possible, you need to choose a stationary option, which can be fixed to a wall or ceiling, as it is more reliable. Of course, if you intend to use the projector in different places, it is better to choose a portable (mobile) version.

Types of stationary models:

  1. The roll-up screen for the projector is convenient in that it can be hidden in a special tube and pulled out only when you want to show a presentation or watch a movie. This option is easy to fit into any design of the room. Since the canvas is stretched under its own weight (the lower bar pulls it down), the side pieces just hang in the air. In this case, the control can be mechanical and automatic.
  2. The tensioning screen for the projector is fixed to a special frame and occupies a permanent place in the room. On the one hand, it is not as convenient as in the case of a roll. On the other hand, the roll models have one significant drawback: since due to constant folding their lateral edges are stretched, the web becomes wavy.

Important: if possible, it is better to select a stationary tension screen for the projector. It is guaranteed to last longer.


If you want to purchase a mobile version, you will have to choose one of the following options:

  1. The screen on the tripod is stored in a special tube. If necessary, it is suspended from the tripod support, and then turns down. It turns out a kind of easel. Take into account that the tripod was stable, it should have the appropriate dimensions, and this is not always convenient in small rooms.
  2. The screen with the support body has small legs directly on the body. It rises and is fixed with a barbell. It is more stable than the previous version, but it is heavier and bigger than it.

Each type of support has its own characteristics. However, to choose a good screen for the projector, remember the main rule: the fewer details, the longer the design. In this case, the legs on the body are more reliable, although by tradition, tripods are much more often used.

Choose the size and format

The size of the canvas largely depends on the projector itself. But in general, the following rules are recommended:

  • the distance to the first spectators should not be less than three height of the canvas;
  • the distance to the last spectators should not be more than six heights of the canvas;
  • From the floor to the bottom edge should be at least, m.

All this refers more to the stationary version. If you want to select a mobile screen for the projector, its size should be convenient for transportation.

As for the format of the canvas, then everything depends on the purpose of the device. For office presentations use the format and for home theater is more suitable 1:. There are also models that can change their format with the help of special curtains, but they are not cheap. Alternatively, you can buy a roll screen for the projector and open it to the desired height.

Surface is dense

The surface of the canvas can be of two types:

  • matt;
  • glossy.

The first is more suitable for offices, since it can easily display the image even in a bright room. However, for such a canvas, it is better to buy a more powerful transmitting device so that the picture does not turn out to be too dim.

The glossy surface is capable of giving a much brighter and more contrasting image. However, it is more sensitive to light: glare can spoil a picture. Glossy canvas is more suitable for home theaters located in a darkened room.

What kind of beast is an extradrop?

Extradrop is a black edging around a white cloth. It allows you to cut off the light behind the screen field. The edge of the frame is clearer, and the image itself is contrasted. Also, the black bar does not give a ray of light falling on the canvas, again to reflect on it. That's why it's worth choosing a model with edging.


Important: it is desirable that in the room where the device will stand, there were no light details at all. Try to pick up a dark wallpaper or velvet drapery, dark armchairs and tables. Even clothes for watching a movie in a home theater is better to take a dark one, since bright light can cause glare on the glossy canvas.


Let's sum up. Before selecting a screen for the projector, be sure to consider the following:

  • the cloth must correspond to the apparatus itself;
  • type and design depends on the place of use of the device;
  • the size of the canvas should match the room and capabilities of the projector;
  • Choose a surface depending on the light intensity of the room.

We wish you successful purchases!

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