How to Install a Dishwasher

To buy household appliances is half the battle. It is important to know how to properly mount. If you want to save on the services of a master, we will tell you how the installation of the dishwasher "Electrolux" is going on. You will learn the details of doing the work yourself, which you will not find in the manual.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of the installation
    • 1.1How to avoid loss of warranty
    • 1.2Wiring
  • 2Connecting and placing dishwashers
    • 2.1Working with a plum
    • 2.2Connection to water

Features of the installation

First, determine the size of the dishwasher. If you have a small family, then boldly choose a compact version for 6-8 sets of dishes. Embedding PMM "Electrolux" in a ready-made set, it is important to choose the right place:

  1. Compact model. Excellent fit under the sink, only have to installspecial siphon. The proximity to communications is a big plus. Also, the machine can be placed on the countertop, because its dimensions are no more than a microwave oven.
  2. Embeddable narrow PMM. Fits in one of the kitchen cupboards. It is advisable to choose a place on the right or left of the sink. If you buy equipment and order a new kitchen, then in advance a cupboard for the dishwasher is provided.
  3. A stand-alone model. Place in a convenient place. You can push the thumbs and install the equipment or put in an open corner.

It is important to place the Electrolux dishwasher evenly. The slope to one side should not exceed two degrees.

You can independently change the cabinet in the headset. To do this, remove the door from the hinges, remove all the shelves and the back panel. Or, make holes for the hoses in the side wall.

How to avoid loss of warranty

Before you install the machine yourself, carefully read the instructions. Each manufacturer indicates the permissible standards when connecting equipment. Most dishwashers can not be connected to hot water. This leads to spoilage of hoses and filters.

If the PMM breaks due to the connection to the hot water pipe, then the warranty repair can not be counted.

Another dangerous moment is the connection to the mains. It is forbidden to connect a powerful technique to ordinary old sockets without a voltage regulator, and also to include in one outlet with an electric stove.

It is not recommended to use tees and extension cords.


If your network is not prepared - call a specialist, do not yourself deal with electricity. What works are coming:

  1. Shtroblenie walls. The perforator prepares a groove, where a copper three-wire wire is laid.
  2. Installation of the euro outlet. Since the PMM cord is rather short, it is recommended to place the socket at a level of 45 cm from the floor. It must be waterproof and grounded.
  3. Connection of a 16A automatic power unit. It ensures the stable operation of machinery.

The electrical part is mounted. Then get to work on your own.

Connecting and placing dishwashers

Before starting work, prepare the components:

  • Siphon with two or three drainage. Additional fittings are useful for connecting other devices. As unnecessary, one choke can be closed with a plug.
  • Tee made of brass, bronze or metal-plastic. 3/4 inch thread. If there is no stopcock on the tee, then buy it separately.
  • Filter. It is installed to purify water from impurities.
  • Hoses of the required length, if the standard is not enough.
  • Fumku. Fum tape of high-quality waterproofs joints.

Tools require a wrench, pliers, a screwdriver.

Operate in the right sequence. First you need to connect the drain, then the water supply and power supply. Judge for yourself what is more convenient for you: immediately connect all the outputs and install the dishwasher in the cabinet or place it in place, and then do the connection.

Working with a plum

Secure the drain hose to the siphon outlet. At the top it must bend so that the waste water does not reach the PMM bunker. The lower bend (which goes from the car) should be short and deep.

Connection to water

Have you decided which water connection to connect?About connection to hot waterread in our article. First, close the shut-off valve. Remove the kitchen faucet and old insulation from the water outlet. Install the brass tee. Connect the mixer, the coarse filter, the dishwasher hose to the outputs (it is possible through the connecting tube - a hank). All connections are carefully insulated with a fum-let (wind at least 10 times by thread).

Additionally install the ball valve if it is not on the tee.

It remains to plug the plug into the outlet. Now you can perform a trial run and check the dishwasher in action. Open the shut-off valve and perform a test run of the PMM without the utensils. Look, that there was no leak anywhere.

To connect the dishwasher "Electrolux" with their own hands is easy. The main thing is to act consistently and follow the instructions. Related videos will help you:

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