How to check the dishwasher before buying: tips buyers

Many people want to quickly forget about washing dishes and go to the store for the miracle of home appliances, which will save them from this unpleasant procedure. However, not everyone even imagines how to check the dishwasher before buying.

Hope for consultants is not necessary. Their main goal is to sell, so far from the fact that the buyer will receive exactly what he wanted. How to make everything right? We'll figure out.

The content of the article:

  • First steps before buying
    • Comparison of the dimensions of the PMM and the size of the kitchen
    • Determination of optimal capacity
    • Choosing the best connection option
    • A set of programs and features
    • The specificity of the drying
    • Determination of the classiness of the dishwasher
  • Attention to detail
    • Design of container
    • Availability of additional accessories
  • Visual inspection of future property
    • Quality of impellers or sprinklers
    • The state of the baskets for laying dishes
    • No mechanical damage
    • Components of the model you like
  • A bit about security systems
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

First steps before buying

The first thing to do is to find out if the model you like has all the necessary characteristics. To do this, we define:

Comparison of the dimensions of the PMM and the size of the kitchen

Make it very easy. Even before going to the store, you need to carefully measure the place where the unit will be installed. The manufacturer offers full-size appliances with a width of about 0.6 m, among them there are models up to 0.9 m. The second group of dishwashers are narrow. Their width is not more than 0.45 m.

For rooms where there is no space for floor installation, you can purchase desktop equipment. It is very compact and in size comparable to a microwave.

Another important point - the type of dishwasher. It can be embedded or detached. In the first case, there are two options. Fully built-in equipment is distinguished by a door prepared for hanging the facade. The control panel in this case is located at the end. Putting such a device without finishing will not work, it will spoil the interior of the kitchen.

Partially built-in machines are designed to be installed in furniture niches, so their doors have a finished finish. In addition, here is the control panel, which is very convenient. Separate devices can be placed where it is convenient for the owner. The main thing is that the installation site was equipped with a water outlet.

Built-in dishwasher

Fully built-in dishwashers have doors that are prepared for hanging the facade. For this reason, they have a somewhat unpresentable view.

Determination of optimal capacity

The dimensions of the device determine its capacity. Compact tableware can wash 4-6 kitchen sets, narrow 8-9, and the most voluminous full-size 14-16 sets. Often these numbers say little to a potential buyer. First of all, you need to decide what is this notorious set of dishes.

Table Top Dishwasher

Each of the dishwashers is characterized by the number of sets that one at a time enters the working chamber. Desktop appliances, for example, are not able to hold more than six sets at a time.

Manufacturers believe that for one meal a person uses:

  • three plates of various sizes;
  • cup and saucer;
  • a glass;
  • fork and knife;
  • three spoons.

These 11 items are considered to be a set. However, in addition to this dishware, many other items are used in the kitchen during the day: frying pans, pots, stewpans, trays, etc.

All this also needs to be washed somewhere, which should be taken into account when determining the desired capacity of the device. Optimally, the dishes accumulated during the day, and in the evening her car was washed.

Choosing the best connection option

There are two connection options. Standard - to cold water. The main disadvantage is the need to heat the water entering the apparatus.

To do this, it is equipped with heating elements, which consumes quite a lot of electricity. It may seem that the second option is to connect to the pipeline with hot water, much more economical. Machines in this case are not equipped with heating elements, respectively, spend less electricity.

Partially built-in dishwasher

Perhaps the best of the existing options for connecting the dishwasher, is the installation of a special mixer, which will allow the machine to work alternately from cold and hot water. But it will cost a little more.

However, you need to understand that choosing a device of this type, the user becomes completely dependent on the supply of hot water. If there are frequent interruptions, it is worth thinking about it. Units that work with hot water, optimally installed in homes with independent water supply and heating.

As an option, you can consider buying a special mixer that allows the machine to work with both hot and cold water. But it will cost extra money.

A set of programs and features

Practice shows that basically all dishwashers perform approximately the same operations. There is even such a notion “basic function”, that is, what any aggregate performs. These include four modes:

  • Standard. This is a daily wash, the temperature of the washing solution is 50-60ºС.
  • Intensive Used for very dirty dishes. It assumes a stronger heating of the composition up to 65-75 ° C and a longer washing process.
  • Express. Shortened cycle It is used for dishes with a small amount of dirt.
  • Soak. It is used to soften food debris.

Actually, these functions will be quite enough for effective and economical washing up.

Dishwasher chamber

As practice shows, several basic modes are enough for effective dishwashing, but the presence of additional programs makes the operation of equipment more convenient.

However, the manufacturer did not stop there. It offers all sorts of additional modes that may be useful to the consumer. These are programs for washing brittle glass, using enzyme products for cleaning, automatic detection of contamination levels, etc. Whether it is worth overpaying for them is up to the buyer.

The specificity of the drying

To get dry dishes you need to choose the type of drying. The cheapest and the least effective option is condensation drying. The last rinse in this case is carried out by highly heated water, almost steam.

It is assumed that colder than the vessel walls of the chamber will become a place where water vapor will condense. The resulting moisture flows through special grooves and is removed.

Such drying takes time and there is no guarantee that the kits will be perfectly dry at the end of the cycle. Hot blow drying is more efficient. It is assumed that the fans supply heated air into the chamber, thereby drying the dishes.

In this case, only dry objects are taken from the dishwasher. You need to know that machines with this type of drying have a higher price and consume more electricity.

The specificity of the active drying will be presented by the video:

Determination of the classiness of the dishwasher

Each machine is characterized by a class of washing, drying dishes and energy consumption. These indicators are determined by special industrial tests, on the basis of which the device is assigned a class.

It can be seen as a lettering on the case or in the technical documentation. The quality of washing can vary from A to F grade. Wash appliances labeled A or B are best.

They must clean up any impurities. Class C aggregates can already leave some dirt on the dishes. Machines belonging to lower classes wash even worse.

The classification of drying quality assumes that the aggregates labeled A completely dry all objects and, depending on the model, can heat them. Such quality provides only drying by blowing.

Classification marking apparatus

The information necessary for proper selection of a dishwasher focuses on the labeling of the appliance. The capacity of the device, its energy efficiency class, water consumption, etc. are indicated here. (+)

Class C and B is condensation drying, respectively, the dishes may remain wet or even wet. The energy efficiency class shows how economically the device consumes resources.

The higher the class, and it can be not only A, but A + or A ++, the less the equipment will spend resources on the working cycle. This applies not only to electricity, but also to water, the high consumption of which entails an increase in energy use.

Attention to detail

Finding out that the device you like has a set of all the necessary and desired characteristics, you should pay attention to its practicality. That is how the machine is suitable for your kitchen. Only the owner knows what kind of dishes to wash in the machine.

Perhaps there is a lot of fragile glass in his household, there are big frying pans and pots or pans of complex shape. All this will be washed in the dishwasher, which should be able to ensure the cleaning of all dishes.

Design of container

Standard equipment dishwasher - two baskets. The bottom has a maximum capacity. It is designed for plates and large items. The top one is used for laundering smaller dishes.

Here you can wash glasses, if you fix them with special holders. Some models of machines are equipped with an additional third container, which is intended for cutlery.

Dish Container Design

Very good, if the holders for plates, located in the lower container, have a folding design. In this case, if necessary, large items can be placed in the basket.

You need to know that the quality of washing dishes by the unit is largely determined by the design of the container. Competent download gives you the opportunity to get rid of all the pollution.

What you need to consider. Very good, if the lower container is equipped with folding holders. This will make it possible, if necessary, to “tune” a basket for washing any dishware in size, including large trays and dishes.

The presence of a third basket is also highly desirable. Practice shows that cutlery is washed much better if loaded in a tray designed for them. In addition, knives, washable with plates, can scratch and spoil the latter. In addition, in the third basket you can wash and small dishes, which is convenient.

Some more significant nuances. Very good, if there is an opportunity to change the height of the upper container. Thus it will be possible to increase the height and capacity of the bottom.


The working chamber of the dishwasher is made of stainless steel, but some of the accessories can be made of plastic. The latter are not very resistant to aggressive environment, so the less plastic there is, the longer the construction will last.

The plastic inside the working chamber should be as small as possible. This applies to trays, various holders and clamps. Plastic in a hostile environment, namely such is the washing structure, quickly deteriorates, becomes fragile. Which leads to breakage of parts.

Availability of additional accessories

The manufacturer can complete the device with all sorts of additional accessories, the use of which makes the operation of the machine more convenient. What could it be:

  • Holders for small items. Most often they are made in the form of hooks of various sizes and shape, on which the lids of containers, baby bottles and any other trifle are fixed.
  • Holder for tall glasses. Rack where four glass glasses on a high leg are fixed. Allows you to wash such dishes without the risk of breaking it.
  • Bottle holder. Brackets, giving the opportunity to securely fasten baby bottles and other similar dishes.
  • Box for folding type devices. A peculiar symbiosis of boxing and tray. It is equipped with clamps that turn the structure into a closed container. In this case, you can wash the cutlery. If necessary, folds into a flat tray.
  • Nozzle for cleaning trays. A special type of sprinkler is put on the standard one. Gives the opportunity to clean the largest kitchen utensils as clean as possible.

These accessories may be present in the instrument package, it is possible that they will not be.

Racks for washing glasses

Stand for washing glasses can be very useful if the family has glassware on a long leg. They can be bundled with the device, but more often they have to be purchased separately.

In the latter case, if necessary, they can be purchased separately.

Visual inspection of future property

Before you take the equipment home, be sure to carefully examine it. You should not rely on the fact that the device is new, therefore, everything is in order. Factory marriage, unfortunately, has a place to be, and nothing can be done about it. In addition, some not entirely honest sellers for mercenary purposes can replace parts or elements of the device.

Therefore, inspection and thorough inspection of the unit is very important. What you need to check:

Quality of impellers or sprinklers

Impellers are the elements through which water enters the working chamber. In large units, parts are located under the top container and at the bottom of the equipment. In compact and narrow - just below.

The feature of impellers is that they rotate during operation, but they are not connected to the motor. The holes in the sprinklers are made at a certain angle.

Water supplied under high pressure, elastic streams flies out of the holes of the impeller and thereby causes it to rotate. If the sprinkler has a crack or some other defect, the incoming water will tear it under pressure.

It is very important to consider each impeller for integrity. It can be easily removed, so you can ask the consultant to remove the sprinklers and carefully examine them.

Impeller dishwasher

Impeller must be inspected, for this it must be removed. The picture shows a sealed sprinkler that dishonest sellers used to be a new item. Such an impeller will not last long

This is especially important if the model or brand of dishwasher is not the most common. In this case, not the most honest sellers can replace the original impellers with those already used and repaired. Rather, hastily sealed along the seam. It is clear that such details will last very long.

The state of the baskets for laying dishes

It is important to find out how freely they move and move forward. It is worth testing all possible positions. That is, push / pull, lift / lower everything that should move.

Ideally, containers change their position freely, no effort is needed. The door of the machine closes tightly and snaps easily. If you have to push, it should be alerted.

Now it’s worth checking how easily both baskets snap into place. Taking into account that the top impeller is fixed on the container, it is very important that it adjoins the water supply tube as well as possible.

That is what ensures the correct position of the basket. It should snap into place. This must be checked, then remove it and inspect the latch itself. Its petals must be whole, not bent, free from defects.

Dish Basket

So that later there were no problems with the water supply to the impeller, you should carefully inspect the container latches. They should not be bent or damaged, the basket should snap free and easy

If the container is equipped with folding holders, you should check how they work. To do this, it is enough to fold and push the elements once. The rules are the same - everything moves effortlessly and jerks, very smoothly. If there are additional holders in the kit, it is worth trying to fix them on the container. Everything should be easy and securely installed.

No mechanical damage

Before buying, you should carefully inspect the unit for possible mechanical damage. Chips, cracks or dents should not be. It's not even that they spoil the look of the device. The presence of dents, for example, directly indicates that the car fell or dropped something weighty on it.

Inspection of the dishwasher in the store before buying

Before purchasing home appliances, it should be carefully examined. It is possible that any of the elements of the mechanism or body during the period of transportation is damaged, which will result in problems during operation

The power cord must be intact, without tears and creases, all visible parts of the wiring too. You can ask the consultant to connect the machine to the network to make sure that the electrician is working. The LEDs on the control panel should light up; if there is a display in the model, it will also “come to life”.

Components of the model you like

It is very good if the dishwasher has a so-called rich equipment. This means that the manufacturer has added it with several accessories, a water filter, etc., but this is not always the case.

If there are no accessories you need, you should immediately purchase them. It is necessary to examine the equipment of “its” model and make sure that everything listed in the list is present in the package.

Table Top Dishwasher

In the store, be sure to check the equipment package. All that is specified in the technical documentation must be present inside the box. It is desirable that the equipment was as complete as possible.

Another important point. You need to determine what you need to install the device and whether these elements are present in the kit. If something is missing, also buy. It is worth paying attention to the length of the hoses and power cord. It may not be sufficient for a specific connection. If so, you need to correct the situation by acquiring additional elements.

A bit about security systems

The manufacturer builds several security systems into its units. First of all, it is leakage protection. Here are two options. The first involves the protection of hoses and housing, it is considered a complete protection. The second is partial, it “works” only with the body, the hoses remain unprotected.

In the second case, it makes sense to change the standard hoses to double hoses before connecting the device, which guarantees prevention of leakage.

Leakproof Hose

If the model you like is not equipped with complete leakage protection, it is advisable to immediately replace the standard hoses with double hoses. They will help protect the house from the flood.

Another system - protection from children. It involves locking a running machine. This is very important because if a child opens the door of a working unit during a high-temperature working cycle, he can seriously get burned.

For families with children, such a system is necessary. The electrical safety system assumes the maximum protection of the user against electric shock when all the rules for connecting the device are strictly followed.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Dishwasher Tips:

Dishwasher helps housewives save their time and effort. The unit copes with different types of pollution and completely launders any, even the most fragile dishes. All this, provided that the equipment is chosen correctly. In addition to the correct choice, it is very important to check the device upon purchase. Defects that are not seen in time will interfere with the normal operation of the unit and can significantly reduce its service life.

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