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Useful properties of gooseberries have long been well studied. The healing berries help to restore the body after serious diseases and surgical interventions. In addition, regular consumption of such fruits helps to improve hemoglobin, normalize blood pressure and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Juicy, slightly sourish gooseberry berry in the people has other names - northern or shaggy grapes. Few know that the use of gooseberries has not only preventive, but also therapeutic effect.

In our region its fruits have been grown for hundreds of years. Having a rich composition of vitamins and elements necessary for the body, it is recommended for the elderly, children, pregnant women and everyone who wants to improve their body. Regular use of gooseberries can adjust the nervous system, blood pressure and improve the body's defenses.

Useful properties of gooseberry

Today, the question of the benefits and harm of gooseberries for human health is fully disclosed. In the composition of berries there is pectin and especially important dietary fibers that absorb toxins. Recommended for use in acute viral diseases and serious poisoning. In addition, pectin and vegetable fiber eliminate digestive problems, contribute to the loss of excess weight.

In 100 g of berries contains 44 calories, so this product is recommended to add to the menu for those who are on a diet.


Useful properties of gooseberry berries consist in a rich composition in fruits of vitamins and especially important minerals.

Composition of gooseberry:

  • Folic acid, vitamin C and rutin have a general strengthening effect on blood vessels, enhance the immune system, and set the whole organism to work;
  • Potassium, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc are involved in the synthesis of hormones, set up the work of the heart system, have a beneficial effect on mental activity.
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Gooseberries contain a plant component, which is analogous to hormone serotonin.

Another useful property of gooseberries is a beneficial effect on the nervous system: eating about 100 g of berries a day, you can easily cope with stress, get rid of the depressive state.

Benefit of gooseberries for health

Adding to your diet regular use of berries of northern grapes, you can recover from many pathologies. But, the beneficial properties and contraindications of the leaves of gooseberries differ slightly from the qualities of the fruits of the plant. Their benefits are almost the same, but broths based on its foliage are contraindicated for people with gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, if a person suffers from a digestive system disorder, before applying leaves of gooseberries, you should consult your doctor.

Curative properties of gooseberries will help get rid of diseases:

  1. Adjust digestion, speed up metabolism.
  2. Get rid of depression.
  3. Helps to normalize blood pressure. The composition has anthocyanins, which have an anti-sclerotic, capillary-strengthening effect on the body.
  4. Suitable for those who struggle with excess weight. Has a low calorie content, it is allowed to eat while sitting on any diet.
  5. Rapidly increases hemoglobin.
  6. Has a laxative effect.
  7. Helps in the treatment of eczema, and similar skin diseases. Accelerates wound healing.
  8. Gives a mild diuretic effect.
  9. Refers to good prophylactic means of oncological diseases.
  10. Improves liver function, has choleretic effect.
  11. Increases working capacity.
  12. Leaves of gooseberries are useful to people who are sick with tuberculosis.
  13. It is used for cosmetic purposes.

Benefits for women

Few know what good gooseberry is for women, and what kind of action it possesses with the regular use of its fruits. Useful berry can normalize the menstrual cycle, it is recommended for menopause. Helps in the treatment of cystitis and pyelonephritis, has a diuretic effect. Often, it is used in cosmetology for the treatment of acne and similar rashes.

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Benefits for men

Gooseberries are of great benefit for men when treating quite a lot of diseases. Refers to diuretic herbal remedies that have a mild effect on the entire body. Helps in the treatment of urogenital infections, especially useful in urethritis.

Benefits of pregnancy

Doctors recommend including in your diet gooseberry pregnant women. Useful properties of gooseberries help prevent the appearance of anemia of pregnant women, the development of edema, and also replenishes the lack of nutrients in the body.

What kind of berry to choose

Not many people know that the useful properties of gooseberries depend on what color berries will be bought. For those who seek to cure inflammation and infections, you should buy red gooseberries.

Yellow gooseberry is useful for women to improve the functioning of the genitourinary system. Often, such berries are used in cosmetology to care for the face and body.


Green fruits are consumed during periods of catarrhal diseases: they improve the defenses of the body well, help to recover faster after the disease.

Useful properties of red gooseberry

In addition to all the useful properties that has a shaggy vinogod, red gooseberry is more useful. Such berries have a lot of routine, which has a strengthening and therapeutic effect on the vessels. It is especially useful for admission to elderly people who have problems with high blood pressure.

How to choose the right gooseberry

The use and harm of gooseberries for health can replace each other in an unexpected way. If you wrongly choose, cook and preserve the berry, you can damage the body. Inattention to the choice of shaggy grapes can provoke poisoning.

How to choose the right fruit:

  1. When buying gooseberries, you need to pay attention to its ripeness. This berry has a transparent peel, elastic, without stains and dents on the surface.
  2. When buying frozen berries, you should pay attention that they are not frozen clod. Do not forget to look at the expiration date. Three months after freezing, it loses its useful properties;
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How to eat gooseberries

To achieve maximum benefit from eating berries of gooseberry, you should use it with cottage cheese for breakfast. It is also useful to cook from it compote, jelly, mors, decoctions based on leaves and fruits.

Benefit of gooseberry ice cream

If you correctly freeze the berry, you can save all vitamins and beneficial properties. Frozen gooseberries are especially useful. In winter, the body needs additional protection. Using frozen fruits of gooseberry in the period of colds, its usefulness for the organism will be quite large. It perfectly helps in the treatment of viral diseases, increases the body's defenses.

When buying gooseberry for freezing, you should choose dense berries, too soft to take whole ice is not recommended.

Harm from the use of gooseberry

Like any product, the berry of gooseberries has contraindications. Northern grapes are not recommended for people suffering from diseases:

  1. Duodenal ulcer.
  2. Renal stone disease.
  3. Enteritis.
  4. Intestinal carcinoma.
  5. Individual intolerance of its components.
  6. Lactation.
  7. When gout is not allowed to consume unripe berries.

Gooseberries are a curative vitaminized product. The properties of a useful berry have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. Only a small handful of such berries a day can provide a person with useful vitamins and important microelements.

The reception of fruits of gooseberries is a good alternative to medicinal vitaminized preparations. It removes salt from the body, eliminating it from cholesterol, quickly establishes metabolic processes. Such berries are especially useful for children, pregnant women and often ill people for prevention.

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