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How to get rid of the smell in the fridge


The refrigerator is an isolated space. Due to the lack of normal circulation of air in it, over time, there are stable odors from the products. And even a new refrigerator can smell unpleasant. Fortunately, solving these problems is not so difficult for any buyer.


  • 1Primary care of the refrigerator
  • 2Causes of the appearance of extraneous smells
    • 2.1Features of the care of the freezer
    • 2.2Video: tips for taking care of the refrigerator
  • 3We get rid of the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator by ready-made preparations
    • 3.1Types of scent absorbers
    • 3.2Reviews of odor absorption products
      • 3.2.1Gel odor scavenger Topperr Pro
      • 3.2.2Odor remover in the refrigerator Faberlic
      • 3.2.3Air purifier-ionizer for Aircomfort XJ-110 refrigerator
      • 3.2.4Absorber of the smell of Selena with coal
      • 3.2.5Odor scavenger for Greenfield refrigerators
    • 3.3Special means for washing the refrigerator
  • 4Cleaning the refrigerator of odors with the help of improvised means
    • 4.1Video: reliable ways to eliminate odor in the refrigerator
    • 4.2Reviews on ways of cleaning the refrigerator with improvised means
  • 5Cleaning of refrigerators of variety no frost
  • 6How to avoid the smell

Primary care of the refrigerator

Immediately after the purchase you will feel the specific smell of new technology. It can even be pleasant, but it's about the refrigerator, where you will store the products. So, any extraneous smell is harm. To get rid of such a smell is not difficult at all, you need to do the following:

  1. Rinse the refrigerator thoroughly after buying. You can use both a soda solution and just a detergent.
  2. Get out of it all shelves and drawers compartments. They should also be washed.

    Pull and wipe each of the shelves

  3. Wipe all parts of the refrigerator with a cloth or towel until dry.

    Dry the refrigerator and leave it open.

  4. Leave the refrigerator in the open for a while. Three hours is enough.
  5. Place the drawers and shelves back.

After that, the smell of the refrigerator disappears and you can start using it.


For washing use the soda solution, as this is a natural, non-chemical agent that nevertheless copes well with dirt and microbes.


Causes of the appearance of extraneous smells

Quite another matter if you used a refrigerator for a long time and then only caught unpleasant odors. Of course, we should get rid of them, but first we need to identify the reasons why they might have occurred:

  • food in an unclosed container - do not put food in the refrigerator just on a plate. Many food has its own flavor and eventually it will go around the refrigerator. Cover any dishes with a lid or at least use food film for storage;

    Keep food in closed condition

  • the problem is in the technique itself - in the refrigerator there is a drain hole, the existence of which can not be guessed. It should be cleaned at least occasionally, otherwise there may be a smell of musty water or mold. How to detect this hole you can find out from the manual to the device;

    Check and clean the refrigerator sink

  • non-compliance with the shelf life of products - do not say that there is no need to keep spoiled foods in the refrigerator. Nevertheless, if you have stale meat, fish or cheeses - this can create a very strong and persistent unpleasant odor.Keep an eye on the shelf life of your food and discard it unnecessarily.

    Keep track of the expiration date of your products

Features of the care of the freezer


In the freezer can also appear unpleasant odors, but the reasons may be slightly different from those already named. About the reasons for the appearance of a similar smell and how to get rid of it you can read here:

Video: tips for taking care of the refrigerator

We get rid of the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator by ready-made preparations

Of course, since there is a problem of the formation of an unpleasant smell in refrigerators, then there is also its solution in stores. And in our case, the solution is the numerous odor absorbers that are now sold in a wide range. But it is necessary to consider, that to remove the reason of a smell all the same it is necessary, differently any absorbers will not help you.

Types of scent absorbers

A type of scent absorber Description of the principle of work Approximate price in rubles
Helium absorbers They work very quickly, as they contain citric acid and special algae. The applied gel in some cases will also provide protection against bacteria 200
Ball-shaped absorbers made of plastic with silicogen Very cheap option, as one package will last for almost a year. Sufficiently effectively cope with the absorption of odors 380
Ionizer Electronic device, operates from a separate power source. Purifies the air in the refrigerator and kills the harmful microbes. The most expensive variety of sinks from all 2000
Dispenser cleaning system Dispenser air purifiers use special cartridges with coal. It is enough to hang this on a special fastener and for several months your refrigerator will be protected from unpleasant smells 50-290
Freshener in the form of eggs The subspecies of a dispenser cleaner. Using all the same coal, it provides a level of cleaning like dispenser cleaners, but it looks nice and does not stand out among the products 50

Reviews of odor absorption products

We study the feedback on different means for absorbing odor along with their images.

Gel odor scavenger Topperr Pro


They delivered the refrigerator to me, put it into the network after the due time. I put the container with the scent absorber Topperr Pro 3108 on the shelf. And I myself am twitching - the meat and fish on the balcony are rapidly unfrozen, although they are wrapped up and covered. And after half an hour she could not stand it - she opened the door. And a miracle happened - the smell of heated plastic and other "fragrances" - there is absolutely. In the refrigerating chamber does not smell anything - no nasty smells, no lemon. Everything is absolutely normal - you can lay food for storage.

Gel absorbers are very effective and durable

Odor remover in the refrigerator Faberlic


If you got the smell from the refrigerator and you want to elegantly and aesthetically cope with the unpleasant ambre, then safely acquire the beads of the Faberlic. True, they are hunted by others, so they are not always available.

Ball-shaped odor absorbers can be expanded on each shelf

Air purifier-ionizer for Aircomfort XJ-110 refrigerator


Now, thanks to the ionizer, the refrigerator is dry, fresh and always smells good, it's fresh. Of course, when the cleaner is in the room, then its effect is not the same, since there is more space. Nevertheless, I noticed that the air became cleaner, there is less dust. How does the ionizer work?! Out of the grate that is on top comes oxygen and ionized air.

Ionizers should be switched on for a while to clean the air

Absorber of the smell of Selena with coal


The jar does not smell anything. Shurshit. We put it in the refrigerator. Really. After a couple of hours, there was no trace of the smell. In my case, coal helped more effectively than coffee and salt. Although just the smell may have become less powerful. Therefore, coal is so easily cleaned up.

Signora Cherry
Absorbers of a smell with coal can be the most different form

Odor scavenger for Greenfield refrigerators


Put one such egg in the refrigerator, the second under the sink (there I have a trash can and accumulate different smells, but do not think that I take out garbage once in the five-year plan, I do not bear it everyday). It seems that I do not observe the smell, not in the refrigerator, not under the sink. Of course, I follow the hygiene measures. In the refrigerator I try to put all the containers with a closing lid and mine it very often. True, if we put the fish on a day, we assume that everything will smell of fish and these container-eggs will not be saved from the smell. In principle, I'm satisfied with them, I do not observe the everyday smell of food in the refrigerator.

The scent absorber in the form of an egg will look appropriate on the shelf

Special means for washing the refrigerator


What is better to take care of the refrigerator? The main thing is that the product itself does not have too much smell. There are many killer microbes, chemical cleaners for cleaning the refrigerator. Their use is effective and safe, and they do not leave foreign odors after themselves.And do not forget to defrost the refrigerator before washing it from the inside.

Cleaning the refrigerator of odors with the help of improvised means

In fact, any of the cleaning devices works as a container with a certain scent absorber inside. So you can make a cleaner and with your own hands or just use their filler "by itself". The most popular are the following tools for cleaning refrigerators:

  • cleaning with vinegar - dilute a 10% vinegar solution and wipe them with an empty refrigerator from the inside. This will help get rid of contaminants and smell, which has not yet been eaten. Be sure to ventilate the refrigerator after use;

    Work with a bite solution is in the glove

  • cleaning with a soda solution - soda is used more for cleaning contaminants and regular care of the device, but it will also eliminate a faint smell.

    Soda will help clean the surface and remove the odor

  • lemon and citric acid - when washing the refrigerator add a little lemon juice to water or use citric acid. Then put a quarter of lemon on each of the shelves. This will allow you to keep your fridge free of odors, although lemon, of course, will have to be replaced when it dries;

    Lemon absorbs odors well, and cleaning with citric acid effectively removes them from the surface

  • for regular use often use products like black bread, onions, potatoes in raw form or rice - these products will absorb unpleasant odors in the refrigerator. Although they should not be used for food after this, of course, it is not worth it;

    Black bread and other products will help you in absorbing odors

  • activated carbon and coffee - coal effectively absorbs even very strong odors. A similar effect can have and coffee. A cup of ground coffee is suitable for permanent protection of the refrigerator, and to get rid of the smell Put the freshly brewed hot coffee in the disconnected device and wait for them all will smell. The smell of coffee will not remain for a long time and is easily ventilated.

    Ground coffee will absorb the smell, and cooked - will eliminate a strong flavor

Video: reliable ways to eliminate odor in the refrigerator

Reviews on ways of cleaning the refrigerator with improvised means


... Another means - ground coffee, you can buy the cheapest, put in a glass, and preferably in two (top and bottom), and forgot about any smells.

Yuliya Gavrilina ffset = 0.

Proven method. Take a gram of 200 alcohol, squeeze three lemons there and this solution wipe the entire refrigerator from inside and under the door seals

Alexander Alexandrov ffset = 0.

It was so. He treated me with black bread and wiped it with vinegar. To get rid of the smell to the very end is very difficult - while the fridge is open like and does not stink, it's closed and the smell again is (


Cleaning of refrigerators of variety no frost


Now there is a variety of refrigerators, which, it would seem, can not be defrosted and, as a consequence, disconnected altogether. It's a delusion. No frost in the name means exactly the absence of large ice build-ups, but you may need to unfreeze such a device. These are modern models with air purification and the smell in them should not stagnate.Nevertheless, they still need to look after them and without cleaning for a long time even such a refrigerator will start to smell in a not the best way.The solution here is to observe a number of conditions during defrosting:

  • refrigerators no frost can still be thawed, but it is not recommended to subject it to temperature changes. Install the cold sensor in the middle position and only then start defrosting;
  • the defrost itself must occur with the refrigerator doors closed at room temperature in the room. It will take only two or three hours;
  • Do not attempt to remove ice from the walls or the top of the unit. This will lead to a breakdown of the refrigerator, so just wait until the ice melts yourself. However, the appearance of ice in a refrigerator like no frost itself is a sign of some kind of malfunction in its operation .;
  • Wait for the refrigerator to dry before proceeding with cleaning.

The cleaning procedure itself does not differ from cleaning any other refrigerator. You just need to understand that such refrigerators require care much less often, but it is still necessary.

Refrigerators no frost do not form ice on the walls

How to avoid the smell

It is better not to let a problem happen than to try to deal with it every time. Here are some simple tips for taking care of your fridge:

  • carefully dry the refrigerator after washing. If water remains, this can lead to a number of problems;

    Dry the refrigerator thoroughly after cleaning.

  • use at least some scavengers of the smell from those described above - it does not matter if it's a tea bag, a jar of rice or an orange slice - any of these sinks will help you avoid a repetition problems;

    Using lemon to absorb odors will help you

  • Do not forget to defrost and wash the refrigerator at least once every six months. This is a mandatory preventive measure. Rinse all wrinkles and check the drainage;

    The refrigerator must be thawed and cleaned at least once every six months

  • In a timely manner, discard spoiled foods and keep them closed and not tainted.

    Pay attention to the freshness of the products in the refrigerator

Compliance with these simple rules will reduce the concern for the smell of your refrigerator to a minimum.

The easiest way to eliminate the unpleasant odor in the refrigerator is to prevent its occurrence. To achieve this is not so difficult, the main thing from time to time carefully wash it from the inside and make sure that the food does not fall for the elastic band. Well, if an unpleasant smell still appeared, now you know how to get rid of it in one way or another without much difficulty. Take care of the fridge and your food will always be mouth-watering and fresh.

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