How and how to remove scale in the coffee machine

How and how to remove scale in the coffee machine


Many of us like to drink coffee, but very few people know that appliances for its preparation need regular cleaning. In this article we will tell you how to clean the coffee machine from scale, which settles on all surfaces in contact with water.


  • 1Special Tools
  • 2General cleaning rules
  • 3Features of automatic models

Special Tools

Before you start to clean the espresso machine, you need to study the instruction and learn its features. Some machines are equipped with an automatic cleaning function. This means that it is not necessary to apply any additional measures, but should act exclusively within the rules.

If your coffee machine is of a simpler design, then it must be cleaned from scaling up with improvised means, or purchase special cleaning substances. They are called decalcinators, and some coffee makers and coffee makers sell them along with the equipment.

It will also be nice to buy a product that helps to clean the coffee machine from coffee oils. Usually it is a pill instead of coffee. When the machine is started, the tablet dissolves and the substance contained in it is washed with all parts in contact with the coffee.

General cleaning rules

After you have picked up the right decalciner, cleaning any coffee machine from the scum will pass without much difficulty.

  • Check if there are any leftover coffee left in the machine that you have fallen asleep out of habit. It is also necessary to check the waste container and remove cake or used capsules.
  • Pour approximately 1 liter of water into the tank. It should be warm.
  • Add the active ingredient to it, which will clear the scum. Its quantity can be found in the instructions for use.
  • Switch on the appliance.
  • Substitute a deep bowl instead of a cup, open the tap and pour about half a cup of liquid through the hot water tubing.
  • Turn off the coffee machine and after a few minutes turn it back on. The tap should not be closed at the same time.

The cycle of switching on and off is repeated 3-4 times. With this procedure, you can clean the hydraulic system.

To clean the part through which coffee is prepared, it is necessary to prepare several (2-3) cups of coffee on a decalcifying solution.


At the same time, if you clean the carob type coffee maker or you can brew already ground coffee in your coffee machine, then you do not need to fill the ground grains. If the machine only works with grains, then they must fall asleep.


After cleaning, rinse the machine again with plain water. You can also clean the cappuccino by turning it on, so that the remains of scum come out with the steam. Do the final washing, after which the machine can be used, as before.

Features of automatic models

Recall that for each model there are some nuances, and if you become acquainted with the rules of use, you will find out which buttons you need to press to clean the internal elements of the hard scale.

  • Some models have a sensor indicating that it's time to clean the espresso machine. If it flashes red, then get down to business. Usually this happens after cooking 200-300 cups of coffee. The sensor also says that it is necessary to top up the water during cleaning, and that the process has been successfully completed. The flashing of the sensor may be accompanied by a beep.
  • The coffee maker, which has a removable brewing unit, can be cleaned daily. To do this, remove the unit and rinse it in running water, then dry it. In this way, you can clean, for example, a geyser coffee machine or a coffee machine with a separate detachable unit.
  • If you purchased a coffee maker or a coffee machine with a water filter, you will only need to periodically change the filters.
  • After you have cleaned the carob, it is necessary to pay special attention to the Holder (horn and sieve). It can be cleaned with a hard sponge and soda. Use detergent is not recommended, since it will leave a smell, which will affect the quality of the finished drink.

Sometimes for cleaning instead of special means apply citric acid or vinegar. If you decide to stay on these household substances, then remember. That the acid is taken at a rate of 30 grams per liter, and vinegar 9% is poured in the proportion:. However, such methods are not always effective, and applying them to expensive models is highly undesirable.

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