How much is the dishwasher, what is the price for?

Most buyers of dishwashers are important not so much their parameters, so much value. This does not mean that many are ready to buy the first cheap PMM - they just want to get a decent functionality for their money. How much does the dishwasher cost today? Prices, depending on the brand and characteristics, can range from 1, 00 rubles to 25, 00.

Considering such a wide spread, it is worthwhile to figure out what makes cheap models different from expensive ones and whether it is worth paying more. This is the subject of our review.

Content of the material:

  • 1What affects the price of dishwashers
  • 2Popular variants from the low price segment
    • 2.1Indesit DSG 2637
    • 2.2Bosch SMS 40D02
    • 2.3Bosch SKS 41E11
  • 3PMM from the middle price category
    • 3.1Bosch SMS 53N12
    • 3.2Bosch SPS 68M62
    • 3.3Kaiser S6086XL
  • 4Dishwashers of premium class
    • 4.1Smeg STP364S
    • 4.2De Dietrich DVH1180GJ
    • 4.3Miele G 6583 SCVi K2O

What affects the price of dishwashers

It seems that everything is simple. This technology used for the body and parts of materials, labor, the cost of equipment for the production of PMM, as well as its depreciation. To all you can add costs for logistics and other expenses, which are included in the cost of equipment. From this, marketers are repelled, calculating the final cost of the product.

In fact, everything is much more intricate. The cost of making dishwashers of famous brands is only 30% of the final prices. All the rest is a net profit. Experts say that Bosch spends up to 28% of the market price of machines for their production, and advertising takes 17%. At the same time, brand owners are watching that the price of PMM "Bosch" does not exceed the limits set by marketers.

But we should never forget about the intermediaries between the plant and the consumer - they too can throw a significant percentage. There are vivid examples of how intermediaries can "wind" the cost of dishwashers (let's take the data of online stores):

  • Candy CDCF6 - this compact machine, according to YandexMarket, can cost from 1, 30 rubles to 1, 90 rubles. But 3000 - this is still far from the limit of running prices, see below, as it happens.

Important! We do not call online stores and do not give links to their sites so as not to advertise. If you wish, you can check the data yourself.

  • Bosch SKS 51E22 - another compact dishwasher, can cost from 2, 90 rubles to 3, 00 rubles. Here the difference is almost 4000.

  • Bosch SPS 50E42 - the price of a narrow stand-alone machine varies from 26 970 to 33 900 rubles, and this is a difference of almost 7000!

  • The full-size floor Hansa ZWM 646 IEH costs from 2, 90 to 2, 79 rubles. The difference is in 5489.

This list can be continued for a long time. It is easier to go to any online electronic catalog of products of online shops of runet and visually get acquainted with the price difference in order to find the most favorable options and avoid overpayments.

Often the inflated cost is explained by rent, advertising costs and other nuances. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study the proposals in several outlets at once, so that you do not accidentally overpay 2 times the real cost.

Popular variants from the low price segment

Cars from the affordable or "budget" price category - the most purchased. It is believed that the quality of parts, assembly and washing themselves is an order of magnitude worse than that of more expensive PMM. But it still needs to be proved.

Important! In this part of our review we will consider machines costing up to 3, 00.

Indesit DSG 2637

Stand-alone PMM in this price category is represented by the machine "Indesit". This is a narrow dishwasher, 45 cm wide.

Classes of drying, washing and energy efficiency - A. The hopper holds up to 10 dish sets, while the water flow per wash cycle is 10 liters. Noisiness - 49 dB. This is an economical dishwasher with 5 programs and the same number of temperature regimes. The design is complemented by condensation drying.

Its average cost is 1, 00 rubles.

Bosch SMS 40D02

The representative of the Bosch concern was included in the rating of cheap cars. With a price tag of 2, 90 rubles, this full-sized stationary PMM has good characteristics. Higher classes of drying and washing, A-class energy efficiency. The capacity of 12 sets corresponds to the flow rate of water, which is 12 liters per wash cycle. Electricity consumption 5 kW / h.

The machine is noisy at 48 dB. From the functional: 4 washing programs (ordinary, express, economy and soaking) and 3 temperature modes. The full leakage protection is implemented, and there is also a turbidity sensor for water.

Bosch SKS 41E11

Small cars are convenient and practical, such as this compact desktop model "Bosch". Dimensions are 55h50h45 cm (width, depth and height, respectively).


  • capacity for 6 sets of dishes;
  • 8 liters - water flow;
  • noise level - 54 dB;
  • 4 programs and the same temperature modes;
  • drying of condensation type;
  • partial protection from leaks;
  • The use of 3-in-1 universal tools is acceptable.

At the same time, there is no display, turbidity sensor, half load, auto hardness of water and a sound signal at the end of the washing cycle. Perhaps, all these little things would make the construction of a tiny "helper" more difficult.

As for the cost, at the moment there is a run-up from 19 950 to 27 190 rubles. Is it worth overpaying more than , 00 rubles for such a limited functionality? We think: it's not worth it, so look for retail outlets with the most reasonable price offer.

As you can see, judging by the described options, "cheap" - this does not mean "bad". If you look at the lowest prices and correlate them with the functional, you can choose an inexpensive and quite worthy option for a house or villa.

PMM from the middle price category

In the middle price category, dishwashers cost from 30 000 to 60 000 rubles. Perhaps, the best machines for the ratio of price and quality are in the middle price segment.

Bosch SMS 53N12

Floor standing machine, width - 60 cm. All classes - A, capacity is 13 sets. Management of electronic type, with a convenient display. Protection against child intervention is provided. The water flow per one cycle will be 10 liters. Reduced power consumption will be 3 kW / h. The duration of the regular program is 2 hours and 20 minutes. Noisiness - 46 dB.

There are 5 programs and 4 temperature modes. Drying of condensation type. In their feedback, users respond positively to such modes as "Intensive "Express" and "Economical". For convenience of use, a half-load hopper mode is provided. The design includes a flow-through water heater.

Other features:

  • deferred program start up to 24 hours;
  • protection against leakage of the full type;
  • turbidity sensor;
  • the possibility of using universal capsules;
  • control salt and rinse aid;
  • The inner surface of the hopper is stainless steel of high quality.

The spread of prices is insignificant: from 4, 90 to 4, 40 rubles.

Bosch SPS 68M62

An excellent alternative to the embedded model is a stationary narrow machine. Its capacity is 10 sets, and users appreciated the rather quiet operation of the device (only 44 dB). The economy is determined by the energy consumption class A, and the quality of washing and drying by higher classes is also A. The water consumption is only 9 liters, the number of available modes is 6.

We noticed a shocking difference in value, depending on the outlet (online store): from 4, 50 to 6, 50 rubles. We are at a loss to explain the difference of 2, 00 rubles.

Kaiser S6086XL

This is the usual stationary model of German production. With its dimensions (60x64x82 cm - width, depth and height) the capacity of the bunker is 14 sets. Functionality also at altitude - there are as many as 8 programs (delicate, economical, soaking and others) and 4 temperature regimes. Complete protection from leaks. There is also a delayed start timer and rinse aid and regenerating salt indicators.

You can buy this dishwasher at a cost of 54 990 to 62 490 rubles.

Important! PMM from "Kaiser" seldom occupy places in the middle price segment, as the brand is recognized as an elite brand, supplying exclusively premium-class equipment to the market. This is a vivid example of the fact that sometimes you can buy a fairly good dishwasher at an average price.

In the middle segment, you can also find offers from "Ariston "Electrolux" or "Siemens". But let's move on to the technique more expensively.

Dishwashers of premium class

This is the "elite" in the world of dishwashing equipment. Prepare to the fact that 4/10 of the cost of the MMP you pay for a beautiful logo, not for a set of functions. Although there is a difference in the design, there are special "bells and whistles" in expensive models. The price range of Premium cars is from 60 000 rubles and more.

Smeg STP364S

Full-size and fully built-in machine, the price of which should be announced immediately: 11, 90 rubles.

For what "pleasure" you pay so much:

  • bunker for 14 sets;
  • classes of washing and drying - A;
  • class of energy efficiency - A;
  • the presence of a display;
  • water consumption - 11 liters and electricity 2 kW / h;
  • noise ratio 45 dB;
  • 9 programs;
  • condensation drying;
  • full type of protection against leakage;
  • auto-opening of the door after washing;
  • connection to one phase and others.

Otherwise, this model is not much different from thousands of other dishwashers of less popular brands.

De Dietrich DVH1180GJ

Floor-standing dishwasher 60 cm wide. A little cheaper than the competition from "Smeg" - you can buy for 10, 75 rubles.

This capacious model (14 sets) excites the imagination with a brilliant design. The production is truly German. There are 8 washing programs. Also there is a turbo-dryer, a bunker lighting, a "beam on the floor" and a lot of other "chips".

Separately, we note the low noise level at work - only 39 dB. In this model there is everything that can be requested from the dishwasher, except for the possibility of automatic adjustment of water hardness. This feature is rarely found even in the most expensive models - almost always it needs to be done manually. Turn the knob to the desired mark,hardness test, it will not be difficult, therefore it is difficult to call this shortcoming a minus.

Miele G 6583 SCVi K2O

The price for this "beauty" is set by the firm Miele showroom and is 17, 00 rubles. The full-size and 100% built-in PMM is characterized by the energy efficiency class, the maximum for today is A +++.

Low noise level of 41 dB, full protection against leakage, Knock2Open technology, automatic door opening sensor is not a complete list of its advantages. The parental control function is not provided, since in the built-in models the probability of accidental depression is reduced. Auto hardness is also not available. It would seem, for such money in the dishwasher should be even a built-in Wi-Fi router or, at least, an MP3 player. But we also warned, part of the price tag is a fee for the fame of the firm.

So, having reviewed the most popular PMM, we can conclude that the choice of buyers most often falls on the technique of the brand Bosch. Indeed, dishwashers "Bosch" combine excellent quality, German technology and reasonable price. The other cars are also worthy of competition, just for some reason the situation has developed exactly this way. Expensive cars are the prerogative of wealthy citizens, so the demand for them is several times lower.

Now you know how to choose a machine without overpaying a penny. Good luck!

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