Dishwasher Korting KDI 45175: review, features, reviews

Narrow built-in dishwashers do not in vain occupy the first positions in the ratings: they are not inferior in functionality to full-sized models, and require less space in the kitchen. For example, a Korting KDI 45175 dishwasher is only 44.5 cm wide.

It is easy to integrate into the kitchen furniture module, right under the countertop, which allows you to conveniently load the dishes and provide care.

The content of the article:

  • Device and features
    • Design features and accessories
    • Dishwasher specifications
    • Programs and options
  • User opinions
  • Comparison with similar dishwashers
  • Presentation of competing models
    • Competitor # 1: Electrolux ESL 94320 LA
    • Competitor # 2: Flavia BI 45 DELIA
    • Competitor # 3: Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00
  • Recommendations for use and care
  • The best deals on the market

Device and features

Körting home appliance manufacturing has a long history. However, the modern buyer needs to know one thing: now the German brand is part of the Gorenje Group.

Since 2011, Körting appliances have poured into the market, with the result that in every major city in Russia you can find service centers of the company and retail outlets that sell kitchen equipment.

Design features and accessories

Every dishwasher manufactured under this brand has passed the mandatory EU certification and is distinguished by a high energy efficiency class.

However, the plants are located in China, and Curort RUS LLC is responsible for importing into Russia and selling products.

Dishwasher Körting kdi45175

Modern Körting dishwashers are comfortable and multifunctional devices that are conveniently built into the kitchens, with a variety of modes and protective options (+)

The body of the dishwasher is designed to be embedded in a specially fitted cabinet. The dimensions of the machine are 445x540x815 mm, and the mounting bay is 450x580x820 mm.

Before ordering a kitchen set, it is necessary to clarify the parameters of the dishwasher in advance so that it can easily fit into the allotted niche.

The optimal place to install a dishwasher

The most convenient place to install and connect the dishwasher - near the kitchen sink, near the plumbing and sewer pipe

On the top, end, side of the door is a touch control panel. With the help of buttons and indicators located in one row, you can set the selected mode of operation, track the presence of detergents, change the program if necessary.

Touch control panel

In a prominent place is the Baby Care button, which is in demand in young families, through which it is possible to turn on with one touch an intensive program for disinfecting and washing children's dishes

The detailed instructions in Russian are attached to the dishwasher, having studied which, it is possible to use various programs, make timely cleaning and, if necessary, replace some the details.

The diagrams in the technical documentation help to carry out the installation correctly and deal with the design of the machine.

Dishwasher parts

Part of the machine parts is replaceable. If the seals wear out, the lock breaks, or the electronics fail, you can contact the service center or make a replacement yourself by buying spare parts in the store (+)

Under the metal mesh baskets, in the lower part of the body, there is a filtration system that delays food residues and other garbage so that they do not get into the pump. It consists of three parts and is collapsible. About once every 1-2 weeks the filters need thorough cleaning.

To get them, you need to unscrew the top fine filter, after which you can access the rest of the parts. Dirt and grease are removed with a brush and detergent. At the end of the procedure, all elements must be rinsed with clean water.

Sprinklers and filtration system

In addition to filters, plastic sprinklers (rocker arms) also need cleaning. The holes through which water gushes with fountains should be free from sediments and small particles.

Before washing the dishes laid out in the cells of the basket, cutlery is placed in a separate small compartment.

Then choose the desired mode of operation and turn on the machine. A blue beam lights up, which is projected on the floor. If the beam is gone, the wash cycle is over, you can get the dishes.

Dishwasher specifications

With the basic functionality and additional features of the machine can be found all in the same technical guide, on the official Körting website or in the online store that implements technique.

Dishwasher dimensions Korting

Among the data are the required dimensions for embedding the machine. The open door has a length of 70 cm - this figure must be considered when placing furniture (+)

The list of technical parameters of the narrow embedded model KDI 45175:

  • the capacity of all baskets - 10 sets of dishes;
  • number of baskets - 3 pieces + basket for cutlery;
  • energy class - A ++;
  • water consumption and drying classes - A;
  • type of drying - active + extra-drying;
  • control type - electronic, Touch Control;
  • digital display - present;
  • the number of washing programs - 8 pieces;
  • half load - is;
  • the ability to load detergents All in 1 is;
  • sprinklers S-Form - is, 3 pieces;
  • internal LED lights - there is;
  • additional functions - beam on the floor, delayed start;
  • noise level - 45 dB;
  • power - 2 kW;
  • water consumption - 8.5 l / cycle;
  • leakage protection - maximum;
  • energy consumption - 0.74 kWh;
  • TEN - flowing.

The manufacturer gives a warranty of 12 months, if you comply with the terms of delivery, installation and operation. During the warranty period, repairs must be carried out exclusively by employees of the service center. Independent intervention threatens loss of warranty.

Programs and options

For modern dishwasher 6-8 programs - not uncommon. Their presence allows you to select the desired temperature and mode of washing, navigate over time, use the maximum capacity to clean a particular type of dishes.

Usually, after several experiments, housewives stop at 2-3 comfortable programs, and the rest are used in rare cases.

Korting KDI 45175 software

The table compiled by the manufacturer indicates the features of the programs. With the help of data it is easy to understand which one is more economical or fast, and which one allows you to clean even the dirtiest pots and pans (+)

When choosing a program, PMM owners are guided by their own preferences - some criteria are more important for them, others fade into the background.

The most popular is “Eco”, which really saves water and electricity. An average of 8 liters of water and 0.74 kW of energy is spent on one sink. At the same time, the cleaning of dishes is complete and is carried out in 4 stages - from pre-washing to drying.

The program "Glass" is designed for the gentle washing of very fragile objects - glass cups, dishes made of porcelain, glasses of crystal. But you need to understand that it exists for a thorough, albeit neat washing.

If you just need to rinse the cups after tea drinking, a half-hour “Quick” program, specially created for dishes with light “fresh” contaminants, will do.

Layout of dishes in baskets

No program can cope with the fat and dried pieces of food stuck to the dishes if plates and salad bowls are not positioned correctly in special sections of the baskets.

One of the most lengthy and costly programs is Baby Care, designed for washing baby bottles, plates, and drinkers.

But the consumption of excess electricity and 13 liters of water justifies itself: the dishes undergo effective disinfection, almost all microbes are destroyed. After such a wash for the health of the child you can not worry.

The options that are already traditional for most dishwashers may also be useful. For example, “Delayed Start” - the ability to autostart the machine not immediately, but after a while.

Thanks to the delay timer, the washing starts either at night, when everyone is sleeping and no one is in the kitchen, or during the day, when everyone goes about their business.

Indication on the control panel

Child protection is a useful option if there is a small child in the family. Blocking the ability to control saves the car from damage, and the baby from trouble and injury.

There is another possibility that is not recommended. It is about connecting the unit to a pipe with hot water.

Provided that the water temperature in the network is higher than that programmed in the machine, or the water turns out to be of inappropriate quality, an emergency stop will occur.

User opinions

The KDI 45175 dishwasher is an up-to-date model, it is actively sold in chain supermarkets and on the Internet, but there is no video material about it yet. Conclusions about the attitude of buyers to the home assistant can be done only on the basis of written reviews on various sites.

Much has been written about the advantages of the model. The points listed below are often positively evaluated.

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A photo of

Excellent cleaning quality of various contaminants

If you choose the right program, the dishwasher easily removes stains from tea and coffee, sticky pieces of food, a thick layer of fat

Ability to choose an effective program

No need to manually adjust the parameters, just load the dishes according to the degree of contamination, select the appropriate program and start the unit

Bargain purchase at a reasonable price

The cost of the model in stores is about 27 thousand rubles. Famous brands with similar functionality are more expensive.

Silent operation of the machine - only 45 dB

The noise level of the dishwasher does not drown out a quiet conversation, allows you to watch TV or listen to music

Excellent cleaning quality of various contaminants

Excellent cleaning quality of various contaminants

Ability to choose an effective program

Ability to choose an effective program

Bargain purchase at a reasonable price

Bargain purchase at a reasonable price

Silent operation of the machine - only 45 dB

Silent operation of the machine - only 45 dB

The machine is one of those kitchen appliances that outperform popular brands due to its affordable price. If two dishwashers, the same in design and function, have radically different price tags, the buyer is more likely to choose a cheaper model.

Among the negative reviews are many complaints about insufficient rinsing of dishes. This problem is solved by the correct selection and dosage of detergent.

Sometimes with a quick wash on the cups stains from drinks. It follows from this that dishes with persistent dirt should be washed using Eco programs, normal or automatic.

Comparison with similar dishwashers

To make sure that the Körting model is attractive, let's compare its characteristics with the parameters of one cheap model and one road.

All machines are designed for embedding, narrow (45 cm wide), the volume of baskets is designed for 10 sets. As samples for comparison, take the dishwasher famous brands - Indesit and Bosch.

Korting KDI 45175 Indesit DISR 14B Bosch SPV 58M50
EN class / consumption A ++ BUT BUT
Power consumption, kWh 0,74 1,01 0,91
Control type electr. / touch electr. electr.
Number of programs 8 4 5
Water consumption per cycle, l 8,5 10 9
Ability to use 3-in-1 Yes Yes Yes
Noise level, lb 45 49 44
Beam on the floor Yes not Yes

As you can see, Curting almost in all parameters overtakes Indesit, and at the same time is not inferior to the Bosch model, although it costs 21 thousand rubles. expensive. The only advantage of Bosch is the noise level, but the difference of 1 dB is not fundamental.

The KDI 45175 model is attractive if we consider the economical use of electricity and water, and 8 programs in reserve are also a big plus.

Presentation of competing models

Consider three models that can compete with the device presented by us. On their background, it is easier to conduct a balanced assessment. As competitors, we take fully embedded models with dimensions as close as possible to KDI 45175.

Competitor # 1: Electrolux ESL 94320 LA

The model from the Swedish manufacturer is designed to handle 9 sets of dishes, consisting of a pair of plates, a tea or coffee cup with a saucer and cutlery. It will take 10 liters to carry out one cycle, the unit consumes 0.70 kW per hour. The measured noise level is 49 dB.

The Electrolux ESL 94320 LA dishwasher offers potential owners 5 programs, washing dishes in the intensive, normal, economy and express modes. To transfer the start there is a timer, using which activation can be postponed for a period of 3 hours to 6 hours. Controlled by electronics, the presence of detergent displays LED indicators. A very useful option is to automatically turn off and dry the extra discharge.

The disadvantages of users include the lack of a system that protects against the intervention of children. There is no display, which can also be considered an inconvenience. Half-loaded car wash is not provided.

Competitor # 2: Flavia BI 45 DELIA

The Chinese machine is designed to handle 9 dish sets. This is quite an economical option on the background of compact rivals. She needs 0.69 kW of energy per hour to work, and uses only 9 liters of water per cycle. During operation, the noise is 49 dB. An individual feature of the model is the presence of disinfecting drying.

Holders of the model Flavia BI 45 DELIA will have 4 programs at their disposal. It washes in a careful, economical and abbreviated mode. An important advantage is the function of a half tank load. This means that you can wash half of the prescribed amount of dishes in the car. This consumes half of the detergent, the volume of water and energy.

Management electronic, working parameters are displayed on the display. There is a timer with which you can delay the start for 1... 24 hours. There is a sound and light indication, the device is turned on, which determines the purity of the water. There is no blocking from the participation of children in the process.

Competitor # 3: Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00

Products of the Italian brand is capable of washing 10 sets of dishes in one session, for which it will need 10 liters of water. Per hour it consumes 0.94 kW of energy. Not the most economical option, and even somewhat noisy. When working will sound at 51 dB.

Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00 owners will be able to use four different programs. The unit washes in standard and economy mode, produces pre-soaking. In the arsenal of technology there is a very useful function that allows to perform washing at half load. In this case, resources are also consumed by half.

Management electronic. Instead of a display, LED indicators are used to track operational data. There is no system blocking at the hands of growing curious researchers. From leaks protects only the body.

All the units presented in the collection dry the washed dishes according to the condensation principle, according to which water from the walls of the device and from the utensils corny drains into the drain pan. Such models are cheaper than vehicles with a turbo dryer. In addition, they do not require energy for the drying process.

Recommendations for use and care

The machine will work long and well, if it is properly installed and connected. Installation requirements are described in the manual.

The rules are universal, that is suitable for other models of dishwashers:

  • It is recommended to turn off the water supply after each washing cycle;
  • taking the dishes out of the baskets, you must leave the door open to avoid the formation of mold and unpleasant smell;
  • Procedures for cleaning parts from dirt and plaque should be performed only when the power is turned off (the machine is in the electrical panel);
  • metal, plastic and rubber elements of the machine can not be cleaned with solvents and scratching abrasive powders;
  • about once every 1-2 weeks, you must thoroughly clean the seals, wash the filters and wipe the elements of the baskets and holders;
  • for washing dishes should use only special powders, capsules and tablets; Hand-held products are prohibited - they foam a lot.

From time to time it is advisable to check the points of connection of the hoses to the connectors of the machine and pipes. If a leakage is detected, the electricity is turned off and the water is blocked - until the accident is completely eliminated.

If replacement is necessary, we recommend contacting a service center. Self-repair removes the unit from the warranty.

Experiments with electronics repair are especially dangerous. If the indicators no longer light up, and the program "skips" the stages, it is better to promptly call a specialist.

The best deals on the market

Körting dishwashers can be attributed to those devices that fully fulfill their value. The KDI 45175 model does not differ in progressive functionality, however, 8 cleaning programs and a high class of energy consumption make it attractive even against the background of expensive brands. The machine is suitable for use in an apartment where a large family lives.

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