How to choose a refrigerator Gorenje: reviews, specs, models

The Gorenje refrigerator is the brainchild of a Slovenian company that deserved a decent success in the international market of household appliances. This brand is obliged to designers and engineers who promote the latest ideas and technologies. We bring to your attention a review of refrigeration technology "Gorenie" with a description of models from various rulers.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where the Gorenje technique is assembled
  • 2Advantages of Gorenje refrigerators
    • 2.1Ion Air
    • 2.2Multi Flow 360 °
    • 2.3Adapt Tech
    • 2.4Energy saving A ++
    • 2.5No Frost Plus
    • 2.6Mini bar
    • 2.7Crisp Zone
    • 2.8Simple Slide
    • 2.9Touch Control
    • 2.10Frostless
    • 2.11Slot In
    • 2.12Dynami Cooling
    • 2.13Space Box XXL
    • 2.14Snack Bin
    • 2.15Inverter type compressor
    • 2.16Xtreme Freeze
    • 2.17LED backlight
    • 2.18ECO mode
  • 3Browse popular models
    • 3.1RI 5182 A1
    • 3.2NRS 85728 BL
    • 3.3F 4091 AW
    • 3.4NRK 6201 MX
  • 4Typical malfunctions of Gorenje refrigerators
  • 5Summary of the review

Where the Gorenje technique is assembled

Often, the producer country of refrigerators sold in the domestic market is Slovenia, but occasionally the options produced in Serbia can be found. Representation of the company already exists in Russia.

The main efforts and developments are invested in popular dual-chamber devices with a top or bottom freezer. For the company, this narrowing the target audience, but for the buyers themselves a big plus - after all, engineers are focused on every detail, bringing their designs to impeccable quality.

In each line you can find different in cost and design models. Our review includes the most worthy options from "Burning".

Advantages of Gorenje refrigerators

Ion Air

The technology creates ideal storage conditions for products with the help of negatively charged ions. They destroy up to 95% of pathogens, remove odors and dust particles, while regulating the humidity in the chambers. All this has a positive effect on the shelf life of products and the preservation of their freshness.

Multi Flow 360 °

This system ensures intensive air circulation through the chambers. The compartments provide 14 ventilation openings to maintain a uniform temperature in all parts and across all shelves. In conjunction with Ion Air the system is installed in all models with No Frost of the last generation - together they create a healthy environment for food storage.

Adapt Tech

Sensory technology that can "remember" your habits in a week and mark the most active periods of using the technique. Calculating these periods and composing the template, the system lowers the temperature before intensive use of the refrigerator. This prevents the camera from raising the temperature, when you start to open the door often. Also beneficially affects the freshness of products.

Energy saving A ++

An impressive volume of compartments should not pour into huge bills for electricity. Therefore, the engineers improved the insulation layer, strengthened the sealant, adding the design of some models to the inverter compressor to reduce costs. Thus, the energy efficiency class models of A ++ consume up to 40% less than class A analogues.

No Frost Plus

It's not just "No Frost but an improved version that helps reduce the time to freeze to a minimum. This technology is one of the best cooling systems on the market, recognized by experts and users. Thanks to No Frost Plus, ice and snow "fur coat" do not accumulate in the freezer, and in the main compartment the optimum temperature regime is maintained. Products do not dry up, preserving their nutritional value and useful properties.

Mini bar

Of course, the bar is difficult to call this shelf, but it is designed specifically for bottles that are better to store horizontally, so as not to clutter up space.

Crisp Zone

It is a large box for vegetables and fruits. The slider provided in the container design allows you to control the humidity and create optimal storage conditions.

Simple Slide

This shelf, designed for small cans, and for large bottles. They are easily adjustable in height and can withstand an impressive weight - up to 5 kilos.

Touch Control

Refrigerators in the premium segment are equipped with a touch-screen interactive display, which is tuned to any language convenient for you.


The technology reduces the likelihood of frosting of walls with frost or ice, and the need for manual defrosting occurs less frequently. It is also one of the energy-saving developments.

Slot In

Special option for built-in refrigerators. The design of the door is such that when you embed it, you can open it at an angle of 90 degrees. This will make it easy to get shelves, containers, boxes. Slot In is especially convenient when the refrigerator is close to other household appliances.

Dynami Cooling

This system uses a special fan to maintain a static temperature inside the enclosure. Together with Ion Air, it provides a microclimate that is close to natural conditions while eliminating microbes and odors. All basic models from the latest rulers have a complex of these two technologies.

Space Box XXL

In this box, according to the manufacturers, even a huge turkey will fit. Also, you can safely place large pieces of meat, whole pizza or cake.

Snack Bin

In this box, you can safely place products that are prone to rapid drying - cheese, sausages, fresh sandwiches, pates, margarine and butter. The container is supplemented by a tight lid, which does not allow the passage of excess air.

Inverter type compressor

Refrigerators equipped with an inverter motor, almost noiselessly work and serve many times longer than usual. Another plus - consume less electricity.

Xtreme Freeze

Instant freezing or, as we used to call it, "super frost". Having included it and placing products in a special compartment, you will freeze them twice faster. The process takes place at -30 degrees, so the quality of frozen foods is also several times higher. The option is automatically deactivated after 24 hours, after which temperature marks return to normal.

LED backlight

Most models are equipped with LED-type lighting for organic and economical lighting. LED light bulbs are much more efficient than any others - they last longer and consume few resources.

ECO mode

Going on vacation? In order not to unload all the freezes and not to disconnect the equipment, set it to the energy saving mode (the main thing is that no one opens the door in your absence).

Of course, this is not the entire list of technologies and options that are equipped with modern refrigerators Gorenje.

Browse popular models

RI 5182 A1

Let's start with a built-in narrow single-chamber refrigerator without a freezer compartment. Its body is classic white. Technique is equipped with electronic control with a small display. It demonstrates a fairly confident energy efficiency, since the model is assigned to the class A ++, which is only 113 kW / year. Equipped with one compressor.

The dimensions of the body are 5, x5, x11, cm in width, depth and height, respectively. A relatively quiet model, operating at a level of up to 37 decibels.


  • The defrosting system is drip.
  • There is a "Fresh Zone".
  • The function of "super-cooling".
  • The total volume is 305 liters.
  • Shelves of tempered glass.
  • Weight - 61 kg.

The price in several popular online stores is 5, 19 rubles.

NRS 85728 BL

Stylish blue device Side by Side. Of course, such a refrigerator is equipped with electronics and a display for easy control. Energy efficiency class - A +. The 2 chambers are equipped with 1 compressor. The parameters of the body (WxDxH) are 89x7, x17,


  • Know Frost in the main cell and freezer.
  • Autonomy up to 7 hours.
  • Freezing capacity - up to 10 kg.
  • When the door is open, an audible alarm sounds.
  • There is a function of "superfrost".

Important! The total volume of the cabinet is 537 liters, of which 345 are in the main compartment and 192 liters in the freezer compartment.

Noisiness does not exceed 47 dB. This relatively inexpensive Side-by-Side, costs from 84 000 rubles.

F 4091 AW

A small cabinet-freezer brand Gorenje. Electromechanically controlled. Characteristics of energy consumption - 186 kW / year (class A +). The needs of one compartment are provided by one compressor. Dimensions: 54x60x85 cm (WxDxH).

Manual defrosting. There is a cold storage function autonomously: up to 14 hours. The capacity of freezing is up to 7 kg per day. There is an option of "Super Frost". Total volume: 100 liters. Provided antibacterial coating. You can outweigh the door.


Is it a reliable freezer? I will say from my own experience: yes. Compact size, there is a quick freeze, it holds a lot. Of the minuses only noise. And the price is good.


I did not get the Slovenian assembly. Decoded the marking - it turned out that it was made in Serbia. Here those on! Frost is basically good, but noisy. If you compare with the former two-compressor "Indesite" (worked for almost 13 years), then this baby is probably noisier, probably 2 times stronger. And the relay clicks, his wife always shudders with surprise. The motor turned out to be Chinese, that's why it makes a noise. Fat plus - steel boxes.

NRK 6201 MX

A classic modern refrigerator with a bottom freezer. Silver body with dimensions of 60x64x200 cm (WxDxH). Electronic control with a display makes operation of the device much easier. The energy efficiency class is A +. Rings up to 42 dB.


  • Has a "Fresh Zone".
  • No Frost in the refrigerator and in the freezer compartments.
  • Storage of cold autonomously up to 18 hours.
  • Capacity of freezing - up to 5 kg.
  • There is an indication: LED and sound alerts.
  • Function of "superfrost".
  • The total volume is 338 liters.

The market price starts from 31 000 rubles.


BoughtGorenje NRK 6201 MX exclusively from reviews. I use only a month, and during this time there was no noise, as others wrote. Maybe I just have a very flat floor (tiles) or got the Slovenian assembly. Lack of silver color. Rather, I myself wanted this color, but did not know how it will look stains and fingerprints. Himself to blame. In the rest - everything is super: both ergonomics and quality.


The purchase of a refrigerator turned into a quest for me: it was necessary to meet the 30K, while there was Noou Frost to the color is NOT WHITE (this is important) so that the inside does not smell like dead plastic rats, and that, if anything, you could repair. That is, it was important to find not foamed, so that it was easy to repair. Although it is noisy, but reliable. The engine is not Chinese (my husband said). For such a sum - one of the best options on the market.

Typical malfunctions of Gorenje refrigerators

You can not ignore the possible malfunctions of the "Gorenie" technique. Masters of service centers report that the most common breakdowns are as follows:

  • The motor-compressor does not work or is rarely started.
  • Compressor on the contrary - does not shut down, it works continuously.
  • The lamp (or the signal) of the open door is flashing or lit - it is closed at the same time.
  • Wetting of the heat-insulating layer.
  • Thermoregulator failure.
  • Violation of the fastening of the relay.
  • Breakage of the starting protective relay.
  • Too high temperature in one of the chambers or does not freeze the whole refrigerator.
  • Breakage of the electronic circuit (control module).
  • Freeze food in the main chamber or ice in the freezer.
  • The display does not work.
  • The refrigerator broke down, does not turn on at all.

To find out what caused the breakdown in each particular case, it is worthwhile to call the master-diagnostician. After finding the cause of the breakdown, maintenance or repair should be carried out: small or major. The "Burning" technique is easy to repair, and it pleases. The main thing is to contact the experts.

Summary of the review

Opinion about the brand Gorenje and its products is positive: it looks good, reviews users are predominantly positive, and the possible breakdowns listed above are subject to elimination. These refrigerators are worthy to occupy an honorable place in your kitchen.

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