How to make your own hands refrigerator

Choice, to be honest, a little, when it comes to how to make the fridge with your own hands. Today, frost is produced by two methods. Using the four states of Freon or electrical Peltier elements. Important to keep the cold. It requires a sealed compartment holding the correct insulation measures to prevent exchange with the environment. Consider methods, prepare: a simple way will not appear. Let's think together, from which one can make the refrigerator.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator

The principle of operation of the refrigerator

Principle of generation of frost refrigerator

Before you make your own refrigerator, surveyed the existing structure. We offer below a brief thematic tours. We apologize for the absence of adsorption models are also working on freon. Hardly able to get there necessary materials, substances, contributing to the realization of the concept.

Firstly, know that 99% of household refrigerators operate freon. Peltier devices can be found in an automotive freezers. Electric current flows through the junction of two different semiconductors, resulting cooling forms a single material. Another, on the contrary, it is heated. The external cooler radiator for the Peltier elements requires intensive cooling. It is achieved by selecting a large-sized rugged aluminum parts or fan introduction, forced ventilation. We see the idea in the modern personal computer system units.

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Who wants to make their own refrigerator, you can start with this. Find a Peltier element for cooling the CPU, preferably two or three. Actually, a very interesting detail.

The heat brings the temperature of the processor is easy to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, as an improvised device suitable coolant. The problem is limited to a small volume. Think! Power typical processor is 80 - 100 watts. Half of the heat generated. Therefore, not so powerful cooling Peltier element processor (100 W).

Outset: the power of ice cream (refrigerating capacity) and consumption from the electrical outlet - two different things. In refrigerators efficiency reaches 200 percent. As for most of the samples of HVAC equipment:

  • air conditioning;
  • heat pumps.

The ability of the Peltier elements is not known. Cooling capacity is not given. Peltier elements are designed for fixed capacity, the manufacturer offers trust. Problem one: you can not judge a parameter, too many unknowns on the CPU temperature drop rate. Found online Figure resulting dependence refrigerating element 72 Frost-Pelletier. Schedule line, allows to calculate the necessary parameters to create your own hands refrigerator.

The dependence of the cooling capacity of the Peltier element

The dependence of the cooling capacity of the Peltier element

With an increase in the supply voltage to 16 V (maximum allowable) increasing the cooling capacity in parallel. You can slightly improve the result. Let's think about what the performance of the refrigerator Stinol 102:

  1. The cooling capacity of the refrigerator compartment - 75-100 watts.
  2. The cooling capacity of the freezer - 100-120 watts.

What is displacement?

  1. The refrigerator compartment - 200 liters.
  2. Freezer - 120 liters.

We see how many you need to Peltier.

Not rush-consuming filing according to figures 75-100 and 100-120, the cooling capacity depends on the temperature. But what it is? T - the temperature difference between the plates.

We better remove heat from the hot side, will work efficiently Peltier element. Lazy to take measures, the temperature difference reaches 68 degrees Celsius (12-volt power), cooling ceases. Consequently, powerless to predict in advance. Assume, room temperature is 22 degrees Celsius, the refrigerating compartment - plus 5 degrees Centigrade, in an ideal cooling power of 38 W is obtained. It is easy to see: for Stinol 102 will need at least two to three Frost 72.

As for the freezer, the power can not be realized with loss imaginable. Article specified site explains the peak efficiency of the device is 62% (the ideal case), creating a self-made refrigerator in terms of stunt not a good energy efficiency. Lost the need to fill the freon, quiet system. Those who wish to build a freezer to give a brief account. The temperature difference will be 22 - (-18) = 40 degrees, the power is 20 watts. Purchase Frost 72 6 cells. Let's look in terms of money.

Peltier elements Frost 72

Peltier elements Frost 72

According to the site, a Peltier element 72 Frost worth 1500 rubles. Do I need a freezer for 9000 rubles (subtracting the cost of a box of material), decide for yourself. The thermostat will need. Plus device: able to work on the heating. Just change the polarity of the power supply. Homemade refrigerator will be air-conditioned, inside you can warm your food. To defrost perfect. By the way, the fact needs to be clarified. Peltier effect is reversible. Passing a current in the opposite direction, achieve heating. The operating principle of the cooler is limited to one side effect of lowering the temperature of the Peltier element, the effect is reversible.

We make the refrigerator body

Avoid using polyurethane foam: need special clothing. Buy cartridge heater (foam). There will be no need to look for a respirator. Polyurethane foam expands, gaining volume is relatively slow. Airbag material - qualitative insulation.

For polyurethane foam insulation required to manufacture a box with double walls similar to the door (lid). Not an easy task, because you need to fill the bottom of the insulator. You decide how best to proceed, be sure to leave a hole in the technological slozhnodostupnyh places. After curing, polyurethane trim unnecessary, unneeded patch holes. It solves the problem of insulation. Avoid contact with the polymer product.

Refrigerator polyurethane foam

Refrigerator with their hands

Terminated Polyurethane slit places Peltier elements in the input chamber. Perfect insulation, which is difficult to achieve in any other way. Peltier elements are expensive. The refrigerator should be less insulation - better. We offer to pay attention penofol with double-sided foiling. The presence of the material, learn from the details of the manufacturer, dealer, take a two-sided foil, ignoring the complexity of installation. The material can be glued, nailed, avoid, create heat leakage bridges.

Outside trim box with polyurethane foam, eliminating the slightest gap. Peltier elements are not included inside the compartment. Fenced off food aluminum gasket. Avoid contact of food with polyurethane foam as in the factory the refrigerator. Thermostat is recommended to take an ordinary, passive measuring pressure. You can buy on the market at the request "of the refrigerator thermostat", removed from old equipment. It looks small metallic cube with a long thin tube whose end is necessary to dock to the cold side of the Peltier element.

Choose a position sensitive detector area to modes incubated. Plus the fact that such a device switches off the power at the right time, in itself is configurable. Purely passive element, as mentioned above, consisting only formed membrane and the contact group. The design is tight, not much wonder device. The whole story, how his hands to make a refrigerator. Products are best kept on shelves, decorate the insides food aluminum. Avoid plastic.

Do not forget to ground, can not hurt to install Thermal Cutoffs in the right places. The story, showing how to make a refrigerator with his hands, over. Hopefully, the text came useful. We believe every reader will be able to make their own hands refrigerator.

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