Refrigerator works, but freezes

Refrigerator works, but not frost. It happens. There are several reasons. Often leaking freon. As the gas passes through copper (steel, aluminum) forming the path? Sutures sometimes crack. Eye fatal imperceptible signs, the molecules pass freely out. The pressure is reduced, the technique ceases to perform its function. The reason is not the only one.

Leaking Freon refrigerator

Modes of operation of the refrigerator accurately calculated. First of all, ensure the correct pressure refrigerant. UNITY - art, with artists. The car repair refrigerant cylinder weigh scales, filling in as needed. Grams said. With refrigerators difficult. Is replacing the old freon new, safe to the ozone layer, dangerous in terms of fire. Isobutane provides better performance, require less. Had the leak, the concentration does not reach the explosion limit.

Pressure refrigerant is not enough - the compressor is running, controlled launch protection relays. Frost is formed poorly, the effect will be zero. It depends on the degree of neglect. Control pressure indicator carried by a special process used repairers pipe. It is easy to notice detail: clogged copper contraption sticking out near the compressor. Bypassing the input (or rather two entrances) freon is discharged, dressed, spontaneously follows. Sales service will require the acquisition of a special kit. Perform the following steps need to:

freon leak

  1. Locate the leak. The leak detector is difficult to identify breakage - inside the system is supplied with compressed air. First you need to make sure: failure affecting the refrigerant circuit. One problem: rare leak detector capable smell air. Directed sharpened models, to detect various types of freon. You have to use good old-fashioned soap foam, similar folk remedies. Having finished dressing, ready system check factory leak detector.
  2. It was possible at first to localize the leak - trouble corrected replacement portion welds seams. After the system is necessary to remove the oxygen, in addition, will have to wait 15 minutes, keeping the zero pressure inside the compressor: the remaining water will be released gradually. Why is it important to follow the instructions below for example, believe me: a pair of water droplets can seriously disrupt the operation of the device. Through the indefinite freezing problem again ejected, taking the forefront. Sensing the zero pressure, the ice starts to evaporate. The process is called sublimation. glacier disappearance fact found a couple of centuries ago, began to actively use emerging technology. Master, who values ​​personal time, wants to immediately begin refueling, chase in the neck, paying part of the work done. Going through a capillary tube, freon is discharged for a long time, the evaporation of ice water - a long process. Take some time.
  3. Draining the system, start refueling. Car use balance, a refrigerator has an individual volume. Focusing amount of pressure, remember: made to measure mass. From standard cans the isobutane (30 grams) is recommended to remove excess sauce. Precious substance is harmless to the ozone layer, it is acceptable to play off the street. The remaining weight is the filling weight. Is determined by the balance. We consider an approach obsolete. Today evince kitchen scales accurate to 0.1 g, enough to fill the fridge with isobutane. Each model is available zeroing feature weight. Put connected to the tank on the scale system without zeroing. Gently forward, tucking, until the mixture reaches the desired. It is desirable that the elastic force of the hose does not distort the measurement. And how to do it, decide for yourself, gentlemen!
  4. During the process of filling the system should check the leak detector, are pressed after service connections, soldered evenly to the next time. Forgot to mention: it is required to change the filter drier. Tell us what you need.

Filter drier

Filter drier and water: the link with the correct operating mode of the refrigerator

Idealizing, no water, the air inside the refrigerant circuit. To fall randomly. Basically, during installation, it seeps through microcracks. As a result of disrupted mode. If from the air into a huge disaster does not befall falls efficiency, water will be a real disaster. That's what is needed inside and filter drier. Catches of the passing of the jet pair.

What happens when inside there was free water? Fridge works without frost, the compressor may be a little whine. After the condenser Freon passes the capillary tube, which is necessary for the implementation of the refrigerator expansion phase. At the output of the evaporator, a relatively low temperature. The capillary tube is made of copper, but, first, long, it is difficult to be frozen evenly, and secondly, the flow goes, I'm sorry for the populism of warm edges where the compressor and condenser. Water freezes, overlapping output, forms an ice plug. Liquid freon evaporates easily, the ice at the current state of affairs tends to sublimation will not. So path gradually becomes clogged, the refrigerator works, does not produce frost.

Refrigerator works, but freezes

A typical sign that the refrigerant circuit is exposed to water. If the appliance is switched off, then on again, the problem disappears until namerznet new tube. Only one way out - call the master. You have to replace Freon, incidentally - filter drier. How do I described above.

Typical damage to the refrigerator

Refrigerator provided with special temperature sensors. Bimetal plates, but the thermistors may be applied in new models. Then it depends on how many circuits. If one setting are set once both chambers (according to some reports, there are devices where the restriction has been lifted). In the case of two loops it is possible that when the refrigerator freezes but does not work freezer, or alternatively, frozen freezer and refrigerator warm.

In the latter case, the reason is due to the breakdown of one circuit. May refuse:

  1. Compressor. Blown engine.
  2. Compressor control scheme. Disease inverter refrigerators.
  3. If puskozaschitnoy relay fails, the compressor turns on.
  4. Possible Freon leakage in circuit.
  5. The presence of water causes the same effects as mentioned above.
  6. Failure thermostat or sensor causes elevated temperature, refrigerator peremorazhivaet.
  7. NoFrost system is present, the problem will be explained fan malfunction (s). Also (already less likely) may become clogged with ice airflow channel. Given that the supply is often just below the refrigerator compartment, the situation is possible if you forget to clean the drainage time.

The temperature in the refrigerator

In the single-circuit refrigerator does not work at once both chambers. Due to the reasons listed above. Refrigerators with NoFrost combined, where one evaporator immediately works on both cameras are very common. They have one refrigerant circuit, but the break is cooling and individually. Because either two fans or air flow regulators. However, there is another reason that it is the lower compartment can deny.

If the freezer is at the bottom, the moisture is given directly through the channel, the passage of air, just at some stage branches separated. Clogged drainage - slowly begins to accumulate ice, because the air is icy. Between sections should evaporator, from which two for each camera channel laid:

  • air intake;
  • air supply.

Each loop operates fan; or the fan may be one, the air supply is regulated by dampers. The condenser of the low temperature collects frost. That is why there is a perception: NoFrost system dries food. When you need to thaw refrigerator, a special condenser coil heats until the moisture drain. Ice clogs the path of the lower chamber when the drainage is clogged. In severe cases, a real ice age on the bottom. We'll have to thaw the unit manually clean the drain, remove excess moisture.

What if no freezes refrigerator. The answer is - wait for the wizard. Prior to joining try to determine the cause, control the actions of the craftsman. Many try to make faster, quality suffers. There is nothing wrong in that, in order to understand the manipulation of the master. Knowledge will be useful in other areas. Similarly dressed freon circuit a vehicle air conditioning system. There is a specificity, are often required disinfection of the condenser, leaving the salon, the meaning of the former.

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