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Individual irons can straighten and curl your hair. However, among those who like to look good, hybrids are not popular due to their design, are easy to get burned. It is better to buy a curling iron alone or set 2 in 1, both at the site Ga-Ma. In this case, for an amount slightly in excess of 3,000 rubles on the counter are safe and convenient devices. Professional iron for hair - a vague concept, today will try to outline the picture clearer. The most expensive models do not get the price up to 5000 rubles.

What is a hair iron, their varieties

The first thing you need to know the fair sex, this is the true name of the device. Called iron or straightener when it is only about straightening curls. Renamed for hair curling irons when adding features.

Hairstyle with utjuzhkom

There are two classes of devices, allowing to straighten or curl your hair:

  1. Hair irons like a... nutcracker. In fact, for this reason the device has received the second name. Both halves flat forceps, from the inner side comprise a heated plate. If to heat up to 200 ° C and pass the plate, lightly squeezing hair, we get the effect of straightening. Hairstyle looks gorgeous even before the first rain or washing the hair. However, advanced models (for example, hair iron GaMa) allow not afraid of bad weather.
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  2. Curling is more like a radio amateur soldering. The device consists of a round rod portion of the lateral surface is heated and allows to obtain better whorl-curls the hair dryer and a brush applied together. The temperature is adjustable between 200 ° C and above, the main thing is not to overdo it and do not burn the hair. Twirling hair on curling, gave her hair an intricate shape. Good tools are supplemented by elements of security, burn, using them is difficult. For example, the handle is equipped with a curling Garden, allowing the fingers surely find the buttons and not slip accidentally on the sting.

It mentioned that sell and combined appliances. On the outside of the forceps placed rounded areas, hair wrapping. Such an iron for curling hair is produced by Philips. A disadvantage of products that do not have separate switching devices possibility surfaces or protection. For this reason, straightening or curling hair, it is easy to get burned, that girls do.

Hair iron

Since the work is creative, fashionista concentration goes into the process control. In the course of this can easily be accidentally change settings. The result will be an effect far from desired. To avoid this, a good model of the device are provided with interlocks against accidental setting changes. In this case, there is no need to worry about for the set mode and get back to business. The temperature is set to within a degree. Hair is better to put the lowest possible temperature, but not all want curls laid at temperatures below 200 ° C. Ordinary hair irons for the heating temperature constant.

Did we mention that too much heat is harmful for hair. Iron straightener could burn curls! Therefore, the developers of devices are on different measures to prevent such an outcome. Three directions of movement:

  1. The ability to adjust the temperature. The hotter the plate, the better straighten hair, but the procedure is harmful, even with the use of special protective care products. Pick minimum temperature to achieve the desired effect.
  2. The use of laser generators of negative ions. Units are not always provided with tourmaline plates, do not confuse the two concepts. The first relates to the material and the laser is a separate device as a part of the iron or curling iron.
  3. Application of special coatings on the plates for gentle styling. First ironing torn ringlets clung, slipped badly. Thus, the leading role played by the smoothness. To do this, we began to introduce different materials soles, as is done in irons for ironing:

professional hair iron

  • Metal was replaced by light and smooth ceramic, moving better and has a lower thermal conductivity, due to which treatment with the hair becomes much more carefully.
  • The application of Teflon coating makes the surface smooth and gives the product a non-stick properties. Remington S 9901 is provided with ceramic plates coated with nanodiamond, combined with Teflon it allows to achieve uniform heating of the surface, Hair burnout is eliminated even at a temperature of 230 ° C, and the plates are made narrower, which reduces the time of contact with the hair iron, and also the area of ​​simultaneous exposure. This approach increases the slip of 70% as compared with pure ceramic. Iron hair Roventa uses sputtering of copper and silicon.
  • Keratin spray. This protein is inferior in strength only chitin and is part of the nails, the hair of mammals. The developers and thought it best to make the surface of the plates natural! Remington S8590 is not cheap, and one which indicates that the technology is really good. Due to the uniformity of hair and tangling of the plates decreases, improving slip.

Hair iron for hair care

  • Tourmaline coating has antistatic effect, which improves the shape of the hairstyle. Negative ions help retain moisture in the hair and neutralize positive charges caused by heating. This has a positive effect on the condition of hair. The iron hair Gamma 1030 / CP3TO TOURMALINE used great quality of natural semi-precious stones.
  • Titanium is applied as a spray and is a material for producing plates. Lightweight, strong and durable, ensuring long-term reliability. coatings are often used in combination, for example, Remington S1510. This allows both durable and easy to slip anti-static coating. material properties in the soles of the rectifiers are combined.

Steam hair iron

Steam iron for hair, or, as is more commonly called, stimpod (steampod) looks like a typical steam generator design, it is made up of two units:

  • forceps;
  • steam generator, similar to a computer mouse.

Modules are connected with a thick cord, inside pass hose for steam and power cord. L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod costs 15,000 rubles, but available in foreign online stores information, the unit will take a little cheaper. Since the steam generating device Thumbnail, and thick hose to the owner dropped the block on the bottom is 4-5 suckers, with their help the device is attached to the surface. It is extremely difficult without the use of a steam iron.

As in the dishwasher, to the iron comes a piece of paper with the test water hardness. If the test of tap water is not passed, it will have to buy bottled distilled water. Built-in protection against limescale in the unit no. Warm-up time is 90 seconds, which is less than that of the steam generator, but more than that typical irons hair Ga-Ma. The rest of the beauty, of course, already figured out how it works device. During the procedure, the unit produces steam, increasing the straightening effect.

What is called a professional hair iron

Good for hair iron, suitable hairdressers, has a number of qualities:

  1. Small time readiness. On average, the figure is 15 seconds, to reduce waiting time. L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod suitable for these purposes, permanently enabled at the device.
  2. The device must not be less than 15 cm.
  3. It is desirable that the device was not combined because hybrids are worse than highly specialized devices.
  4. The plates are coated with a special and narrow features. This achieves the least harm to the hair.
  5. Choose the automatic shutdown.
  6. Desired lock mode, but the fixation in a closed state, on the contrary, not a sign of a professional designation.
  7. Power and temperature control range is considerable to fit in any type of hair.
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