We take care of health: we choose homemade yogurt

We take care of health: we choose homemade yogurt


Yogurt is a healing ancient product. It is necessary for the health of the intestines and stomach, is a source of protein, calcium and strengthens the immune system. Unfortunately, the products presented in the store are often replete with various, not very useful additives and dyes.


If you want to use the most fresh and natural product, we recommend cooking it yourself. What is required for this and how to choose a yogurt girl that is suitable for your family, you will learn by reading our article.


  • 1The principle of yogurttnitsy
  • 2What does power affect?
  • 3Which capacity is more convenient
    • 3.11. How many people will eat yogurt
    • 3.22. Do you plan to add different fillers
    • 3.33. What is more convenient for you to use - glass or food plastic
  • 4Is the lid material important?
  • 5Do I need to automatically turn off
  • 6Other Functions

The principle of yogurttnitsy

Any yogurt woman functions according to a rather simple principle, based on maintaining a constant temperature of about 40 degrees for a certain time. In the device, place a container or containers with milk contained in them with the addition of a ready ferment and turn on the device.

Heat promotes active reproduction of fermented bacteria, and after the necessary time, which is usually 6-8 hours, the product is ready for use. So why think about what yogurt girl to choose, if they all work on the same algorithm? The fact is that different models have important nuances that you need to know in order to make a choice correctly.

What does power affect?

The standard yogurt has a power in the range of 8 to 20 watts. The only exception is the 8872 Tefal model with a power of 120 watts. For the quality of the product, this parameter is absolutely not important, the only thing that affects it is the energy consumption.

However, for the entire cooking cycle of the product the device operates on the network for no more than an hour, and even a "powerful" Tefal model will spend quite a bit of electricity during this time.


That is why choosing a yogurt girl, focusing on this technical characteristic - the occupation is absolutely meaningless.

Which capacity is more convenient

A much more important parameter is the container for the preparation of a useful fermented milk product. Yogurtnitsa can have in a set from 1 to 12 cups, made of glass or plastic. Of course, the containers differ in size, but the total volume of the finished product is usually about one liter of yogurt. To correctly choose the option you need, analyze the following:


1. How many people will eat yogurt

For a large family it is much more convenient to prepare the product portion by part, distributing it in small jars than using one large container. How many cups will be optimal for you, consider yourself. In addition, models with several jars are much preferable in terms of hygiene and storage of the finished product.

2. Do you plan to add different fillers

If your family has small children, it is better to choose a model, completed with 6-8 jars. As a rule, kids are more eager to eat sour-milk products with the addition of fruits or berries, and adults often prefer natural taste. Yogurtnitsa with several glasses will give you the opportunity to simultaneously prepare different versions of this healthy dish.

3. What is more convenient for you to use - glass or food plastic

Of course, a glass jar can fall and break, but it is still more preferable than a plastic container. When heated from poor-quality plastic, toxic substances can be released. In order not to reflect on how conscientiously the manufacturer reacted to the choice of material, we recommend that you choose a model that includes glass cups.

Is the lid material important?

Usually, the yogurt is covered with a transparent cap, made again of glass or plastic. Is it worth to give preference to glass in this matter?


Despite the environmental friendliness of the glass, it is better to choose a model with a plastic cover. After all, it is not as closely in contact with the product as jars.

If you broke one of the glass jars, you can buy a spare set of utensils or find a suitable container in the size of mustard, mayonnaise or baby food. But replace the broken glass hood is unlikely to work, you will have to buy a new yogurt girl.

Do I need to automatically turn off

Yogurtnitsa is a fairly simple device with a limited set of functions. One of the most significant among them is the presence of a trip in the automatic mode. As a rule, the price of models with this function is much more expensive, so is it worth it to overpay?


If the financial question is not of decisive importance to you, it is more convenient to use a model with automatic shutdown.

You can pour the milk into jars, press the button and forget about the product for a certain time. Since yogurt is prepared long enough, you can turn on the device before going to bed, and in the morning get a ready-made dish.


If the price of the product plays an important role, you should choose a budget model without this function. On the need to turn it off, it warns you with a light or sound indicator, and you only need to react to the signal sent in time.

Other Functions

Reflecting on how to choose a yogurt girl, many seek to find the device with the maximum number of functions. In an effort to diversify the product line, manufacturers add to their products additional features, which include:

  • presence of a control timer;
  • electronic display;
  • automatic winding of the cord;
  • the possibility to indicate the date of preparation on the lids of the jars.

The price of the device is practically independent of the presence or absence of the listed functionality. If you plan to store yogurt for a long time in the refrigerator, it's more practical to choose a model with the date stamp. In all other cases, you can only be guided by personal preferences.

We hope that these tips will help you understand the rich assortment of models and help you find the optimal device, through which yogurt will become a constant and desired dish in your diet.

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