Kitchen hoods: five criteria for choosing a quality model

According to one interesting study, a woman spends on average about 60% of her time within a kitchen. The same report noted that clean air can significantly affect her health. During cooking on the stove the smallest particles of carcinogens enter the air. And their accumulation in the body can cause the development of cancer.

Of course, it may seem that airing is the best way to freshen the air in a kitchen, but this is not entirely correct.

It allows you to remove unpleasant odors, as well as harmful substances that accumulate above the surface of the hob.

In terms of how to choose the right hood, there are four basic rules. And it is better not to ignore them, since the health of the hostess and the household depends on how correctly the choice of the kitchen hood is made.

Five criteria affecting the choice of

How to choose a kitchen hood correctly? It does not hurt to listen to the opinion of professional chefs, who have to spend most of their life in the kitchen, and find out what are the hoods for the kitchen in general. So, according to experts, buying appliances for the kitchen, it is better to pay attention to the following:

  1. Width. It is necessary to choose a hood that is slightly larger than the hob. It is allowed to be the same, but it is highly undesirable to choose a kitchen hood, which is already a stove. The optimal ratio is when a 90 cm kitchen unit is selected for a 60 cm long cooker. If you choose a narrower kitchen appliance, some of the steam will enter living rooms.
  2. Control Method. An important nuance that must be remembered when making a choice of hoods in the kitchen. Switching modes can be carried out using touch and slider control, and using the button. It will be right to choose a kitchen hood that would allow you to manage it as comfortably as possible, and there is no one right decision here. Some hostesses believe that the buttons are better, others - the sensor. But the choice is great, so everyone can pick up a product that he likes. .
  3. The presence of filters. Depending on the model presented, the kitchen hood is supplemented with coarse or fine filters. Dear models, have, as a rule, three degrees of protection. First, the air passes through the coarse filter. This is a reusable mesh that can be washed as it gets dirty. Then it falls on a synthetic mesh, which eliminates the medium-sized fractions. And after that, the air is additionally cleaned with carbon filters. If you choose a built-in kitchen hood correctly, it will both clean the air from harmful impurities and eliminate the unpleasant smell in the room. Therefore, if you decide how to choose a hood for the kitchen, first of all it is worth considering this criterion.
  4. Possible modes of operation of the hood for the kitchen. All existing types of kitchen hoods are aimed at effective purification of indoor air, but different models use different methods for this. If there is no possibility to connect the unit to the house ventilation system, it is best to purchase a model with a filtration mode. For complete air purification, an exhaust filter is required.
  5. Type of hood. This is another important criterion that will help determine which kitchen hood is better to choose. There are classic kitchen models. They are usually mounted on the wall or on the bottom of the cabinet. Since they are cheaper, their efficiency is lower. Therefore, it is better to buy better equipment for the kitchen - such as built-in appliances. .

Standard models, as a rule, are equipped with two motors and replaceable grease filters. And finally, professional dome or fireplace cleaners for the kitchen. Usually these are the most productive models that allow you to quickly remove an unpleasant smell and smoke from the kitchen.

Caution! Although some technical issues do not affect the performance of household appliances, they allow using them as comfortably as possible. Regarding the hood for the kitchen, this criterion is the noise level.

An important parameter - the noise level of the exhaust

The principle of operation of exhaust equipment is to create a circulating air flow inside the device. For this purpose, powerful electric motors are used, which produce noise during operation. Therefore, if you are interested in how to choose an exhaust hood in the kitchen, you should pay your attention to this criterion.

Noise Degree of comfort
Up to 35 decibels Noise can be compared to a quiet quiet whisper. He is best perceived by man.
Up to 45 dB Such models are also considered quiet. During operation, a noise arises, as when a person is at a distance of 10 m.
50 decibels and above During operation, noise in intensity resembles a loud conversation of people at a distance of about 3 meters. Models with an indicator above 70 dB are generally not recommended to purchase, as their operation has little to do with comfort.

To determine these criteria, you can pay attention to what kind of noise is created, for example, at work when two employees talk, and the work of the hood will also sound. You can ask to test this device when buying, it can also help to choose and buy the right model. And yet, if you need a kitchen hood, which will fit into the design and meet the wishes of the owners who are ready to pay for such convenience, it is possible to make it on an individual order.

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