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Back in the 70s, a teacher told her students that a torn flower was garbage. To some extent, she is right, but the bright and fiery godemia retains its beauty in any form. Described by great romantics in songs and poems, it still captivates the hearts of many people. Some associate the plant with a tempting dream, others with a flower of flaming passion. For the third she is a true flower lady. What is this charming earthly creation? We'll try to raise the painted veil to see all the delights of the magic flower.

A look at the flower through a magnifier

Probably no one ever thought of looking at the flower through a magnifying glass. After all, godets look fascinating, attracting more and more fans. But, nevertheless, having looked closer to the plant, you can see its invisible at first glance strokes.

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The flower was first discovered on the American continent in the state of California. This is his "historical homeland". It turns out, to us godetsya got, having overcome a long way through the ocean. Despite this, the plant received its name in memory of the famous Swiss botanist Ts. X. Year.

Godetia belongs to the Kipreiny family and is an annual herbaceous plant. It is characterized by erect stems, which splendidly branch, creating a charming garden bush of maximum height of about 60 cm. It is pyramidal and sprawling. Along the slender shoots in the next order are the lanceolate green leaves with integral edges.

The flowers of the godite are bell-shaped or cup-shaped. They consist of 4 petals, in the center of which there is a pestle surrounded by stamens. These miniature flower elements store important information about this charming plant. Standing on guard, they are the first to meet insects to share with them their sweet nectar. In gratitude to the flowers, the insects pollinate them, so that on the planet there will always be godesses.

Considering the many colors of the state in the photo, think about the magnificence of the shades and the delicate "tissue" of the petals. Try to plunge into their sweet scent and imagine that the flowers are already growing in your summer residence.

Satin petals of the buds of the goddess are simple and terry, which are collected in small bouquets or brushes. Especially amazing is their magnificent coloring:

  • snow-white buds on the background of greenery resemble the magnificent decoration of a happy bride;
  • bright red tones are comparable with a glowing volcano at sunset of the day;
  • Peach shades cause a sweet association with ripe fruit;
  • carmine color of petals reflects many shades of red and pink variations;
  • gently pink inflorescences inspire good deeds, love and joy;
  • Lilac buds reflect the proud greatness of a true flower lady.
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Also I would like to mention two-color variants of a garden beauty. A harmonious combination of pink and white creates the impression that someone specially painted the petals with a brush. Original looking white buds, in the center of which smears of red or peach color. A gentle purple hue is diluted with dark tones of red. Is this charming flower not able to decorate the countryside of the country house? Try and make sure.

It should be noted that the plant is valued not only for lush bright buds. Its main advantage - the flowering period begins in July and lasts until early November. Truly an expensive gift from nature.

Basic principles of care and planting of the state

To ensure that the lady of the flower kingdom has appeared at the dacha, it is important to fulfill a number of basic principles of planting a plant. One of the options to plant a flower on the flowerbed is to sow the seeds in the soil in spring or autumn. On the prepared site, shallow shallow shallow shallow, where the planting material is lowered.Then it is slightly sprinkled with soil and sprinkled with water.

Cultivation of the state from seeds is a rather simple way to plant a magnificent passion flower in the country. If you sow seeds in the fall to frost and first snow, they will have time to absorb moisture from the soil, but they will not germinate. But the plant will bloom 3 weeks earlier than those planted in the spring. A simple secret, and what good!

There is also a variant of cultivation of the state of the seeds, when planting the plant better with the help of seedlings. It is desirable to start work early in the spring. So on the 10th of March, flower seeds are sown in containers or boxes with a fertile substrate. After this, you should provide the plant with moderate watering, without forgetting about balance. Containers are taken to a room where there are no drafts and plenty of light.When the seeds of the godemia give seedlings (after about 17 days) and two leaves appear on the surface, they are dived into separate containers or pots. After 14 days, you need to make fertilizing for flowers.

After the seedlings are strengthened, there is a planting in the open ground of the state and care that meets the basic rules:

  • timely watering as the soil dries out with a spray gun;
  • regular loosening of soil in the root region of the flower for air feeding the plant and uniform distribution of moisture;
  • removal of weeds from the flowerbed;
  • a thorough examination of the foliage in order to identify the flower pests and destroy them;
  • liberation of shrubs from dried buds and leaves.
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The flowers of the godess shown on the photos, planting and caring for which was carried out in accordance with the basic principles, look simply gorgeous. Their buds shine brightly in the sun, the lush greens, and you want to kiss the petals.

Before planting seedlings in the open ground, it is hardened for 14 days. To do this, in the room where the containers of flowers are, every day open the windows and doors. As a result, the seedlings of the state are adapted to the street temperature and practically do not get sick after the transplant.

Since godemia is a herbaceous plant for open soil, seeded seeds germinate quickly enough. The distance between future bushes should not exceed 20 cm. Otherwise, adult plants will have little space, which will lead to serious diseases of the state. Some gardeners prefer to sow flowers in the winter, which is no less effective than in the spring. From this it can be seen that the cultivation of the year does not require much effort. The main thing is to listen to the basic rules and carry them out. In any case, a true flower lady will blaze in the flowerbed of the villa site.

Short tour of popular varieties

Many of us like to shop, looking at colorful goods. Let's imagine that we are surrounded by multi-colored godets, inviting them to choose them. How in this to understand? To get acquainted with each of them.

Today the garden flowers market offers a huge selection of varieties of this flower. Almost each of them has a unique splendor, which is necessary for decoration of the homestead territory.

Majestic large-flowered beauty

Back in 1867, gardeners cultivated large flowers in the flowerbeds and enjoyed its beauty. Despite the fact that in the courtyard of the 21st century, this compact beauty remains at the height of glory. Its slightly pubescent shoots can grow from 20 cm to half a meter. There are recumbent or erect character. Closer to winter, they become lignified. The lanceolate leaves are located along the entire length of the stem, which gradually taper to their base.

Buds are usually large in size - up to 10 cm in diameter. In shape resemble bells or wide cups. Flowers appear on the tops of erect stems in the form of bouquets or brushes. Satin petals are painted in such colors:

  • intense pink;
  • bright red;
  • the color of ripe raspberries;
  • gently lilac;
  • scarlet;
  • Dark red;
  • snow white.
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Flowering begins in July and lasts until the middle of autumn. On the basis of this species breeders derived hybrid variants of the state. Among them I want to mention the most popular ones.

Variety Weissen Schwan

Flowers are a small shrub of spreading structure. The straight shoots are colored green. Only at the base they are slightly brownish. Leaf plates are wide, lanceolate. Buds are white, cup-shaped. To the touch they are soft, like a satin fabric.

Variety Orange Room

This variety of large-flowered state belongs to the middle layer of the bushes. Shoots near a green flower with a red tint. Foliage narrow, lanceolate. Buds in the form of wide bells red or orange.

Exquisite beauty with terry petals

Another representative of the large-flowered varieties, which I want to mention especially - terry godess. In a natural environment, such colors are not found, but hybrid forms are pleasing to the eye. They can be terry, half-marble or dense-tomato plant variants. Such glamorous bushes are widely used for the formation of landscape areas in suburban areas. One of the most well-known varieties of the flower is the terracotta azaleic flowering. Most often in gardening, such colorful varieties are used.

Sort Sybil Sherwood

The variety is distinguished by low bushes about 40 cm in height with erect shoots of pinkish hue. Leaves are lanceolate, buds are semi-double. Most often are pink or lilac with a scarlet patch inside the bud. It is noteworthy that the petals in the center are much darker than their tender edges. This is the highlight of this variety.

Sort of Rembrandt

This sort of terry godemia has small bushes of a hemispherical shape with pink-green stems. Sheet plates narrow, lanceolate in nature. Buds with double pink petals, on which there is a small red speck. Truly a magnificent sight.

His Majesty the "Monarch"

Many gardeners have grown fond of the incredibly cute dwarfish kind of the goddess - the monarch. In height, it reaches only 20 cm. The bush near the flower is compact enough to decorate the space of the country plot. Buds are miniature - only 5 cm in diameter. The main advantage of the monarch's state is frost resistance. Therefore, it is often used to decorate the dacha landscape in the northern latitudes.

Having considered some grades of the state, one can say with certainty that this fiery passion flower is a magnificent ornament for the garden. In his environment you feel a magical burst of strength and inner joy in your heart. Should I give up such pleasure? The decision is yours.

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