Accessories for dishwashers: holders, cleaners, fresheners

It is known that the dishwashers are constantly being improved, functional is updated in them, new options are added. Also, dishwashers produce a lot of accessories that make their use easier. In this review, we will look at how to pick up accessories for dishwashers and which ones are particularly useful.

Content of the material:

  • 1What manufacturers offer
  • 2Additions to the Bosch and Siemens MMC
    • 2.1Cleaner Protect
    • 2.2Cup holder for Bosch SMZ 5300
    • 2.3Hooks-holders
    • 2.4Bottle holder
  • 3Accessories for dishwashers Electrolux
    • 3.1Hose
    • 3.2Means for fat for a dishwasher
    • 3.3Refresher for dishwasher
  • 4Accessory for machines Kuppersberg
  • 5Accessories for cars Neff
    • 5.1Nozzle for washing trays (for new models)
    • 5.2Extension hose drain / water fill (2 m)
    • 5.3Set for installation of dishwasher in a furniture set
    • 5.4Trash basket for 3 compartments
    • 5.5Microfilter
    • 5.6Mounting kit
    • 5.7Holder for small items
    • 5.8Bottle holder
    • 5.9Protective plate from steam, 60 cm
    • 5.10Grid from large contaminants
    • 5.11Cassette for washing table silver

What manufacturers offer

Under the accessories to PMM are meant the accompanying details that help in the operation of the dishwasher. Means for washing dishes to them usually does not apply, although they can often be found in the relevant section on the sites of dishwasher manufacturers. About,what detergent to choose, we wrote separately.

Usually these are the details:

  • test strips determining the degree of water hardness;
  • door facades;
  • sprinklers (nozzles) for washing trays;
  • additional impellers;
  • details of fasteners for models of built-in type;
  • holders of small dishes, glasses / wine glasses, bottles;
  • purifiers of the internal surface of the hopper;
  • deodorants, scent absorbers;
  • Extension pieces for hose;
  • microfilters;
  • a compartment for knives, appliances, etc.

Further we will consider what accessories the manufacturers offer for specific brands and models of dishwashers.

Additions to the Bosch and Siemens MMC

As you know, dishwashers Bosch and Siemens belong to the same concern, their design is similar, so accessories are one for two. Consider what the manufacturer proposes to complement the machines.

Cleaner Protect

The cleaner is delivered in the format of a liquid product packed in 50 ml bottles. Used to control the fat coating inside the washing hopper, it is suitable for descaling. Can be used to process the seal on the contour of the loading door. The application is simple: open the bottle and place it in an inverted position in the empty PMM, then start any washing cycle. With regular use of the Protect cleaner, unpleasant odors will disappear. One bottle is enough for one application.

Important! Interested in other cleaners? Read the review"How to clean the dishwasher from scale".

Cup holder for Bosch SMZ 5300

Guarantees reliable fastening of wine glasses, their high-quality washing and drying. In the 60-centimeter models, four similar metal holders will be placed, which means that 16 cups can be washed at once. In 45-centimeter models, there will be 2 holders, that is, you will put 8 wine glasses (this number is quite enough if you collect small companies).


Suitable for especially small dishes. The holders are attached to the sides in the upper basket.

Bottle holder

For those who wash bottles, it will be useful to install this supplement in the lower basket.

The most purchased accessories with the highest demand:

  • impeller for trays;
  • test strips of water hardness;
  • extensions for increasing the length of the hoses.

Important! Filters and rockers often fail. Usually they are on sale, and their replacement does not require the involvement of a master - acting by instructions can be handled on their own.

Accessories for dishwashers Electrolux

The choice of accessories on the official site of the Russian division "Electrolux" is small, but still it is worth paying attention to them.



  • width 330 mm;
  • depth 430 mm;
  • weight 67 g.

Means for fat for a dishwasher

This degreaser is specially designed for Electrolux PMM. Suitable for removing grease from the inside of the dishwasher. To correctly use the product, place the contents of the bottle (200 ml) in the hopper and run the dishwasher idle, canceling the pre-rinse. The temperature of the cycle is 50 degrees.

The manufacturer recommends using a degreaser at least once every six months. In the composition there are polycarboxylates, A-surfactants, ionogenic surfactants and perfume. Given that this substance does not come into contact with the dishes, but simply cleans the empty dishwasher, even this is not the most environmentally friendly composition is acceptable. The manufacturer indicates that the facility is suitable for the PMM of any brand.

Refresher for dishwasher

Serves to eliminate the unpleasant odor inside the washing hopper. It may be necessary, if the cycle usually starts not immediately after loading the dishes into the hopper. After use in the machine remains a light aroma of lemon. There are 2 fresheners in the package, each of which will last up to 50 cycles.

Accessory for machines Kuppersberg

The site of the manufacturer "Coopersberg" (Russian version) in the accessories section contains only carbon filters, a variety of which is shown in the photo below.

Accessories for cars Neff

Nozzle for washing trays (for new models)

Water that leaves the nozzle, launches grease and other contaminants from the baking tray. To install the sprinkler, it is enough to remove the top container container and install the impeller on the hole that feeds water from the rear wall.

Now your machine (if you have a model with only 2 rockers) will work with three sprinklers, effectively removing dirt from the baking trays, filters from hoods and other large kitchen utensils.

Extension hose drain / water fill (2 m)

The set includes two extension cords - a drain and a filler hose for Neff machines. Extension of the filler hose in length is 220 cm, drainage hose - 195 cm. Apply for remote installation of PMM from water supply and sewage pipes. Suitable for all Neff models.

Set for installation of dishwasher in a furniture set

The installation kit includes all the necessary fasteners for the hanging of the door: furniture fasteners, nails for securing the steam protection plate, remote bushings, screws and screws (type - Torx T 20). It is actual for machines of partial and full integration, width 45 and 60 cm, from the series SMI, SMV, SPI and SPV.

Trash basket for 3 compartments

An additional basket with three sections and a convenient carrying handle has been repeatedly tested and compatible with any Neff dishwasher. Also on sale are more capacious baskets, designed for 6-8 sets.


The fine filter serves to control small litter, limestone particles and food residues, blocking their entry into the circulation system. There are 3 parts in the set. Compatible with PMM, equipped with the water hardness adjustment function.

Mounting kit

The set includes a right and left corner with screws. Can be used to fix the dishwasher on the countertop or fix it to the side walls (an outdated version of the installation).

Holder for small items

Suitable for washing small light plastic items, such as caps from baby bottles, plastic containers, lunch boxes. The set includes 3 fixing hooks.

Bottle holder

Fastens in the bottom container, allows you to wash bottles, vases and other narrow and high containers, excluding their tipping under the pressure of water. Suitable for washing bottles from baby food.

Important! The use of a holder means only washing bottles and does not provide for their disinfection.

Protective plate from steam, 60 cm

It is necessary that the steam released at the opening of the bunker does not damage the kitchen furniture. The length of the plate is 60 cm, suitable for dishwashers of similar width.

Grid from large contaminants

The protective insert prevents large particles of food from entering the dishwasher. To avoid this, it is sufficient to install the grid in a cylindrical filter. A universal device that can be used for any PMM.

Cassette for washing table silver

The aluminum cassette is inserted into the instrument basket and allows you to wash the silver (although this is not usually recommended,what else you can not wash in the dishwasher, in a separate review). If you wash the silver devices in the cassette, they will be reliably protected from corrosion and color damage.

This is not all accessories to dishwashers brand Neff, but for an exemplary example abound.

Important! If you want to purchase a conventional lower or upper sprinkler, look not in the "Accessories" section, but in the "Accessories" or "Details" category.

Accessories for other brands of dishwashers, such as Beko, LG, Indesit, can differ in their performance and design. But in general, manufacturers offer a full range of add-ons so that each user can greatly ease the operation and increase the efficiency of their dishwasher.

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