How to clean a washing machine with citric acid

Many times I was asked how to clean the crock with a citric acid. Owners of washing machines know that washing things in hard water not only does not bring the desired effect, but it also harms the styaralka. Salts in the water settle on the TEN and other elements of the AGR, forming a scale.

Most experts in such situations recommend as often as possible to clean the stylal from scale. We will give sensible recommendations on how to clean the washing machine with citric acid. You will spend a minimum of time and achieve a great result.

Content of the material:

  • 1We take care of the quality work of the styralki
  • 2Scale in the typewriter: the reasons for its formation
  • 3Prevent the formation of scale "lemonade"

We take care of the quality work of the styralki

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid will prevent breakage of the heater. The process will not take much time, and your machine will be pleased with the quality washing.

Recommendation! Purge three times a year!

You have often heard about the method of cleaning "lemon but do not know why it is so popular among many owners of styaroks? The cessation of citric acid by the washing machine-machine combines several positive factors:

  • "Lemonka" can be safely used to remove scale. It has no negative impact, and it is safe for humans.
  • Powder cleaning is available to everyone.
  • Such a procedure does not affect the family budget in any way, since the acid has a low cost.
  • Minimum of work - no action is required from the user.

You need to know how to clean the automatic machine with citric acid, as this will often have to be used in practice. Those who have at least once tested this method prefer to take care of the stylalk just like that.

Scale in the typewriter: the reasons for its formation

Users when buying a new stylalka are fully convinced that it will last for more than one year. You are mistaken if you think that this is really so. Do not forget that the AGR requires due care.

The most common cause of failure is the formation of a scale layer. Citric acid for a washing machine is the best remedy.

Why is scale formed in the stylalke? In the running water contains a huge number of chemicals, so when heated on the TEN formed deposits (carbonates), from which you can get rid of using acid.

Scaling in large quantities occurs when a high temperature of washing is often used in the stylalk.

Prevent the formation of scale "lemonade"

In the fact that a large amount of scale has appeared on the TEN, the owner of the SM is not to blame. The reason for this is hard water. But sometimes prevent the prevention of washing machine with citric acid.

This method is used even by some workshops that handle washing machines.

You should know the sequence of stages, adhering to the advice of connoisseurs. In order to conduct the correct full procedure, you need to do this:

  1. The answer to the question, how many grams of citric acid to pour, is very simple. If your machine holds up to 5 kg of laundry, take 200 g. How much "lemon" is needed to clean the washing machine, which will fit 3-4 kg of dry things? Enough 60 g of powder.
  2. Pour the substance into the drum. Turn on the longest washing mode, setting the temperature at 90 degrees.

Careful attitude to SM and proper operation is the guarantee of stable work and long service.

When the cleaning process is underway, the user does not need to interfere with the work at all. It is necessary to listen only to occasional sounds.

For example, after hearing a characteristic noise, you will realize that the scale particles have disappeared, creating accompanying sounds. If you hear a loud noise - a frightening knock on the drum, stop the program, open the machine and remove large pieces of scale from the drum.

When the program time has come to an end, open the stylalk and wipe the drum thoroughly, removing moisture and scale particles that have not been rinsed off.

Remember! It does not matter if you bought a new washing machine or used the old one. Carry out preventive actions, applying "limonku". So you will protect the machine from breakdowns.

Negative influence of scale prevents the normal heating of water, so the machine spends a lot of energy. In addition, the formation of mold and fungal infections is possible, and this will have a detrimental effect on health.

There is no need to purchase a new styaralka and a variety of products and powders for it. It is sometimes enough to clean the SMA with "lemon juice" - this method is popular and effective.

Knowing how to clean the impurity from scaling is a guarantee that you will not come across such a problem for a long time. Take care of the washing machine from breakages, because its repair can be very expensive.

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