Where to go the old washing machine

There are great difficulties with the refrigerator during the disposal process, there are no difficulties with the washing machine! The opportunity to take advantage of the next action in Eldorado. Regardless of the condition of the old washing machine, it is possible to bring equipment in Eldorado and get a decent discount. In this way it is possible to save within 2 - 3 thousand rubles!

How to get rid of an old washing machine

A washing machine is considered a large-sized solid household waste. It is thrown into a special hefty container.

Often HOAs do not enter into an agreement for the provision of services for the removal of large solid waste. As a result, a person has to spin independently. It is possible even to collect a fine from the local authorities for the equipment exposed at the entrance. There are various tips:

  • give a familiar janitor for 500 rubles;
  • write an ad in the newspaper;
  • view ads;
  • to pass to the point of acceptance of metals;
  • go to the nearest workshop, perhaps workers need an old washing machine for spare parts;
  • to give to neighbors.

If you try to legally remove an old washing machine, you will need to enter into an agreement with a garbage disposal company. A truck will come and take home appliances. Recycling a washing machine at the site costs 500 rubles, export is more expensive. It is permissible to throw the device into a foreign container for bulky waste( although this is not fair).It is possible to apply to the HOA with the request to take the washing machine on bail. Price is negotiable!

In Eldorado, the exchange of old washing machines for new ones is done according to the scenario:

  1. Ordering goods at a discount for the exchange.
  2. Movers deliver the purchase to the address.
  3. Workers pick up and take away the washing machine.

It remains only to get a discount and enjoy two things, a new washing machine and getting rid of old junk. Many users assert that Soviet technology is better than new, more durable and more reliable, but not every Kulibin can revive the old refrigerator. If the washing machine is old and rotten, why keep it?

To hand over an old washing machine is easier than getting rid of a refrigerator with insulation and freon. It is relatively difficult to disassemble and expensive to dispose of.

Foundations for the exchange of old washing machines for new

The Government decided to launch the exchange program for old equipment for a new one. For 2010, it was about washing machines and refrigerators over the age of 15 years. Under the declared campaign falls all Soviet equipment. There was an opportunity to hand over old washing machines to hand over and get new ones. It didn’t work with refrigerators, but in the washing machines the dealers saw a real gold mine. Many stores today are ready to make an exchange, giving a good discount on the purchase.

Initially, the program looked very utopian. Removal of old washing machines carried out specially hired loaders. During the export of old equipment they were supposed to provide the owner with a voucher. ..Then the system changed and everything was laid on the shops. They provide a discount, detach movers for delivery of the purchase, and at the same time take away the old equipment. For a single copy was supposed to pay 1 - 2 thousand rubles. Eldorado went much further in discounts, and helped with the difficulty of further adding a used washing machine.

Why is the process with the refrigerators stalled? It turns out that the hitch is that it is more difficult to hand over cooling units for parts or scrap metal. We have to recycle. The old Soviet freon is dangerous for the environment and the ozone layer, the store may be punished for violating the rules of disposal. In washing machines, parts, with the exception of the tank and the front panel, are made of metal. The metal in the country is popular and easy to dispose of. The engine can be adapted for various needs. Repurchase of washing machines produce many sites. The store receives a subsidy from the state, acquires the right to sell the goods.

Discounts in Eldorado apply only to certain objects of the specified segment. Most washing machines do not provide for exchange. It looks like an advertising campaign for poorly sold models. The most curious thing is that washing machines participating in the recycling program can be exchanged for almost any household appliances. These are dishwashers, TVs, split-systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, stoves. Only certain conditions are incomprehensible. In technical support, Eldorado was not told where to take the old washing machine, and which one can be called such. But there are no restrictions on brands and manufacturers.

Often they are now offering to buy an old washing machine with the help of an ad, or whole sites are highlighted. It is necessary to "evaluate" your product before trying to exchange it. Some stores do openly sell used equipment, as it is advantageous to buy it cheap from people. It is not known whether the Eldorado Disposal program is relevant to the 2010 state program, but if old household appliances are lying around at home, the proposal looks attractive.

For convenience, the washing machines section contains the Recycling item, which should display 14 items at a discount. But when you press a button, nothing happens. Then they found out that they can drop the price on Samsung washing machines with Eco Bubble. Acceptable option, given that at 16,000 rubles it is possible to obtain 3,000 rubles discount. It is easy to check whether this is a marketing move or not - look at the price of similar products on other sites.

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