Connecting a washing machine do it yourself

All ingenious is simple, but a brilliant solution does not always occur. After reading the articles in the network, they understood that people are concerned about the independent connection of the washing machine in the village without any signs of plumbing nearby. We briefly list the recommendations, we give our own idea. The idea is universal. Use it, connect the washing machine yourself, and let the luck accompany the inventors.

As recommended to connect a washing machine, people experienced

Let's start with a recommendation that is suitable for men. An experienced repairman from the service center excels in the review: the idea is simple to implement, others require some knowledge, not everyone is able to solder the simplest circuit. .. It will take a pump. The master advises to take a trinket in the gift section of the store, the main requirement is to download. We advise you to look at the pump of the German company Bosch worth about 300 rubles, half the price offered by the master, specially adapted for pumping water.

Pump is designed for 12 V power. In the village of children, cats, rats. If the latter gnaws through the wire, the short circuit is inevitable. The power used for the idea will not sustain a large load. Consequently, the washing machine will burn, and it’s good if it doesn’t take anyone’s life. Let's get down to the idea, and then tell you how to use a 12V pump.

So, the idea:

  1. In washing machines, there is an electromagnetic valve at the inlet, sometimes double, powered by 220 V. When the washing machine needs water, a signal is given to the valveadmits flow by gravity. A number of products are required to have a pressure in the range of 1-1.5 atm.(10-15 meters).For comparison: in homes in normal conditions there is about 3 atm.
  2. It is proposed to remove the top cover of the washing machine, disconnect the solenoid valve wires, measure the voltage, connect the socket to the desired pair. Now it remains to plug in the pump from the souvenir department so that the washing machine already controls it, not the valves.
  3. The pump is lowered into a large container with clean water, awaiting instructions from the automation. The water is not poured through the inlet, as is done in the city, but through an ajar tray inserted into the powder compartment. We consider the method complicated.

Many will be afraid to rebuild the washing machine as needed. One thing - makes the master, another - to connect independently. The advantages of the construction are obvious: there is a basin, it is not difficult to pour water. Estimate on the passport the amount consumed by the washing machine per cycle and go on personal affairs. Pyaterochka master for the knowledge of technology, he brought a certain contribution to our own knowledge of the washing machine.

How now to adapt the pump to 12 V. Here a transformer with a diode bridge and a filter will replace the power supply. .. Take a computer system unit. It is powered by 220 V, and it gives out 12 V. Internal consumers will have to be turned off, otherwise the washing machine will burn. The above is written - it will not pull powerful devices.

How else to connect a washing machine in the village

It is recommended to use a relay. The pump connects to the inlet of the washing machine and waits for the washing machine to need water. When the water supply 220 V are fed to a step-down transformer, ending with a diode bridge. The filter eliminates harmonics, the voltage is applied to the relay shutter, closing the pump power supply. Water hammer should provide a shock absorber. Pump, creating pressure, take any. Pay attention: the problem is solved through. The previous author made a more cunning way: he poured water into the washing machine's tank through the detergent tray. Connecting the washing machine to the plumbing was abolished.

Consider a transformer circuit as superfluous. It is easier for 450 rubles to take the relay RK 1P 220 V by measuring in advance the current supplied by the washing machine through the control output. Not the fact that there is enough to trigger the relay, the result - money down the drain. Beforehand, it is worthwhile to carry out an experiment in kind: cut the light bulb into the control circuit and measure the current. The resistance of the helix can be found according to Ohm’s law( power is known), but it is better to measure with a tester. Recall a method by choosing a control method.

The listed methods have a disadvantage: it is necessary to open the case of the washing machine. In some cases, the step may void the warranty.

Connecting a washing machine without busting the internals

We offer a simple way to connect your own washing machine. Need a barrel of 50 liters, located in the attic. The idea is clear: the hose goes down, punching the ceiling, or through the attic hatch. Water is under pressure created by water.

Good luck if the washing machine is in the basement. In this case, a couple or three meters will be added to the column, and there it will be up to 10 close. Eyewitnesses say: the technique is viable, everything works fine in practice. It is worth finding a big barrel in the attic.

A lot of good ideas and with a hydroaccumulator. The tanks for 100 liters pump the pumped water for a full cycle, then household appliances work on the stock. No control is needed. But you need an expensive large accumulator plus a pump equipped with a pressure switch. The idea is expensive and not too attractive.

How you can still connect the washing machine

Please note - no one cares about connecting the washing machine to the sewage. .. The problem is the lack of the required inlet pressure. The solenoid valve of the washing machine opens, but the flow does not dial at the required speed, the program breaks out of the normal mode, fails. .. There is a need for water - you just need to spur the process. Recalls the principle of action of flow-through water heaters, supplied with a shower. Therefore:

  • Take to the country.
  • We find a water flow switch.
  • Instead of the heating element we short-circuit the pump.

Water heater is a necessary thing. The pump is useful in nature. Do not need to buy anything. Consider how to create a pressure washing machine. .. At the dacha we take a shower - there is a non-pressure water heater or a tank. If so, the problems are solved. Only one drawback is security. You can not just disassemble the flow water heater. Suddenly the water gets inside, someone hit with a current?

In nature, there are booster pumps with a flow sensor. But the instruments are scolded and costly. Therefore, not so-so. How to connect the washing machine yet? Pull out the duct sensor from the old water heater. .. In the workshop nearby you will find at a reasonable price. Equipment turns on when there is a flow of at least 1 liter per minute, this is slow. Well, and when the solenoid valve of the washing machine closes, the flow will be equal to zero, the power will be cut off. If pulsations occur when you turn off, put the filter capacitor, let it smooth it. ..

There is no sense in connecting the washing machine to the power grid. Note, many, risking, strive to install a socket in the bathroom, where it is forbidden to use appliances with power from 220 V, so that someone does not kill. To the washing machine should go three-core cord, grounding should be used reliable. Do not interfere with the differential protection device in case of breakdown of the washing machine body.

Hope that helped by advice.

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