How to clean the glass-ceramic plate in order not to damage the surface

How to clean the glass-ceramic plate in order not to damage the surface


No matter how hard you try to be as accurate as possible, when cooking, the cooker or hob inevitably gets dirty and has to be cleaned and washed. How to clean the glass-ceramic plate from milk escaping from the pan, drops of sprayed fat and other contaminants?


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What can and can not be

For all its functionality, glass ceramics are fragile enough and vulnerable, and attempts to wash and clean the ceramic glass ceramic hob in the wrong ways can ruin it.

You can not:

  • Begin cleaning the glass-ceramic panel when it has not yet cooled completely. This can lead to burns on the hands. In addition, from the temperature difference the glass ceramic panel can simply crack. It is best to monitor the cooling with the residual heat sensors on the panel.
  • Apply hard metal wool, brushes, scrape the surface of glass ceramics with a knife.
  • Use for cooking improper dishes with an uneven, rough bottom, capable of scratching the surface of glass ceramics. It is better to buy a set of new pans and saucepans.


  • Clean with special liquids and creams for glass ceramic surfaces, simple dishwashing liquid, wipers, melamine sponges, baking soda.
  • Use a special scraper to remove burnt residues.

How to wash the ceramic glass hob

  • Disable the panel from the network.
  • Wipe the ceramic surface with a soft sponge.
  • Apply a little liquid to the cleaning cream on the stove.
  • Wipe the surface, paying special attention to places of accumulation of contaminants.
  • If you can not clear the entire panel, you need to use a special scraper. Scraper removes burnt residue.
  • Wipe the ceramic panel with a clean sponge, and finally wipe it dry with a soft towel.

If not all the stains have been removed, you can apply baking soda for the most persistent contaminants. Washing the ceramic surface with soda is not dangerous, since it does not damage it, despite its abrasive properties.

How to clean a glass-ceramic cooker with soda? Soda slightly moisturize and apply to the most persistent stains for several minutes. After this, you can simply wash it with water, before flushing off the remaining soda. In some cases, to clean the stove, you can drop a little vinegar or lemon juice on the soda gruel. The beginning of the reaction with the formation of gas helps to clean the surface of the layers.

Avoiding time-consuming cleaning can be a simple way: do not allow food to splash or splatter on the surface of the plate of glass ceramics. If this still happened, you must immediately clean the plate from spilled liquids or drops of fat. True, you can do this only after the glass ceramics has completely cooled down. The more often you wash your stove, the easier it will be to clean it of fresh dirt.

How to wash the glass-ceramic plate from the old layers of fat? Clear the adhering fat will help special fluids and creams. Usually they are quite aggressive and can damage materials that are not sufficiently resistant to the action of strong acids and alkalis. However, it is usually possible to clean the glass ceramic plate without any fear. On the packaging means it is usually indicated whether it is possible to wash them with glass ceramics and ceramics.


When working with strong chemicals and very active detergents, do not forget to put on gloves to protect your hands from aggressive substances.


If you have a melamine sponge, then any dirt you can clean off your panel completely without hassle. You just need to moisten the sponge with water and thoroughly wipe it with all the soiled areas. Efforts to apply is not necessary: ​​the melamine sponge copes with the removal of dirt quite effectively and without it. Then you need to thoroughly rinse the panel with water and wipe dry with a towel.

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