How to clean the iron from scum at home

How to clean the iron from scum at home


Before any hostess at least once in my life the question arose: how to clean the iron from scale, in order to maximally effectively do it at home? Scum is a coating of a solid consistency, formed in various heat exchangers, working on the principle of heating water, in which there are hardness salts. The greater the amount of salts dissolved in the liquid used, the faster and more often the sediments form inside the device.


Despite the fact that, in general, all modern models of irons are equipped with special self-cleaning systems, as well as anti-scale systems with anti-lime rods, the cavity of the device is periodically polluted with sediments, and at one fine moment (as a rule, it is the most inappropriate), the iron is simply ceases to work. What can I do if this, unfortunately, has already happened? You must immediately clean your ironing device.


Methods for cleaning the iron from calcareous contaminants

The methods by which you can get rid of the scale inside the iron are quite a lot. Consider the main and most effective of them.

Mineral water. Surprisingly, the most common mineral water helps to solve the problem quite effectively. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • Prepare mineral water and a capacious enough capacity, in which water will merge with the scum;
  • Pour water into the tank and wait for the maximum heating of the device;
  • release steam and water over the cooked capacity with a few steam strokes, using a special button to clean the iron and achieve a complete scaling of the scale that is thrown out together with the water outside, while repeating the process repeatedly;
  • pour into the iron ordinary boiled water and do the procedure last time to complete the cleaning.

Lemon acid. It is also a natural remedy for the descaling of heat-heating aggregates. Clean the device using this substance as follows:

  • prepare a bag of citric acid and a container for draining the water;
  • dilute in hot water a small amount of the product and pour into the iron reservoir;
  • if the holes for steam release are very blocked, add the diluted acid inside with a disposable syringe;
  • maximally heat the iron, shake well several times over the container and press the button to release the steam, while the scum should leave the inside of the iron unhindered.

There is a common opinion regarding this method that citric acid can not only clean the interior, but also affect plastic and rubber parts of the device, so choosing any of the ways to clean the iron at home, it is worth paying attention to This fact.

Antinakipine. A cheap and very popular tool that allows you to effectively clean the iron inside. The method is similar to the previous ones, but instead of citric acid, a certain instructions, the amount of this remedy, and the rest of the procedure occurs under the same conditions as cleaning the lemon acid.


Household detergents and descaling agents. In view of the fact that the world of household chemicals is huge and diverse, among the well-known manufacturers there are a lot of those, which produce special products that help to effectively clean the iron inside of the lime sediments. Methods for decalcifying the internal and external surfaces of the device are indicated in the accompanying instruction of the detergent.

Vinegar. This method of cleaning at home is the most time consuming, but quite effective. To clean the iron, do the following:

  • take a container suitable for heating on the plate, place the device inside it;
  • liter of water mix with two glasses of table vinegar and pour this mixture of iron so that the liquid completely covers the soleplate of the device;
  • Raise the rear surface of the iron so that it is necessarily above the bow, placing a plank or something else under it;
  • steam regulator put on a maximum, place the container on the stove and boil the vinegar solution;
  • Allow the liquid to cool and repeat the procedure for maximum effectiveness;
  • shake the iron, carefully rinse the soleplate and leave it for about 24 hours in an inoperative condition.

Prevention of scale formation

Of course, all of the above methods for removing scaling from the outside and inside the iron in the home conditions are effective and will help you keep the device in working condition for a relatively long time period.

But in order not to create such inconveniences, it is necessary to take care of the prevention and prevention of this problem in time. A few good tips to less often face the problem of iron contamination are:

  • Do not use untreated tap water, use distilled water, it is sold in any auto shops;
  • put a water filter on the faucet;
  • get a reagentless electromagnetic water softener neutralizing the hardness salt.

Follow our advice and your irreplaceable assistant in creating comfort, warmth and cleanliness in the house, will serve you for many more years and please thoroughly and timely with ironed things.

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